Sauna Tent Stove With Chimney


Upgrade your sauna experience with the stainless steel North Shore Sauna Tent Stove, offering rapid heating, a compact design, and a complete chimney set for optimal performance and portability.

*Now shipping V2, the latest version of the North Shore Sauna Tent Stove

Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove


Experience the gold standard in sauna performance with the Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove. This stove is designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and reliable, with a sleek and modern look that adds to the beauty of your sauna.  It won’t take long to see why the M3 is the best selling sauna stove in the world.

Harvia M3s are in stock and shipping out daily.  Order yours today.

Saunum AIR and AIR L Pro | Air Circulating Sauna Heaters for US and Canadian Market

5 KW
5 KW Stainless
7 KW Stainless
7 KW
10 KW Stainless
10 KW
10 L Black
13 L Black
15 L Black

You should come out of the sauna feeling better than you did before.  In traditional smoke saunas of Finland and Estonia, that’s how it was.  Today, people “endure” the sauna for just 10-15 minutes at a time.  That’s because stale heat in electric saunas settles at head height, making you feel dizzy while your feet stay cold.

Saunum blends the hot air from the ceiling with oxygen rich air near the floor and creates a more even, comfortable environment.

Say goodbye to hard-to-breathe and burning steam, and join the thousands of customers around the world who say they would never go back.  Saunum Air is UL-approved for North America and ship daily out of greater Chicago.

The built-in Himalayan salt reservoir, WiFi-enabled AIRIQ controller, and thoughtful design will deliver optimal conditions that hit every sense with an enveloping warmth.

Already have a heater or want to use it with a wood stove?  Check out Saunum AirSolo

For those who seek more than just hot air.

HUUM Drop Electric Sauna Heater

4.5 KW
6 KW
7.5 KW
9 KW

Water and heated stones are the essence of sauna.  Drawing inspiration from a single drop of water, the HUUM DROP is designed to elevate the beauty and performance of these core elements.  We think of HUUM DROP as a very functional piece of art, but it’s also been a reward-winning heater in since 2013.

And with the new heating element retainer, upgraded rocks, and integrated heat shields the HUUM DROP is better than ever.

Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater

6 KW
8 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

The Harvia Cilindro series offers stylish electric sauna heaters that enhance any sauna, whether a compact family unit or a larger public space. These heaters feature a considerable stone capacity that enables a smooth and powerful steam bath experience, customizable to your preferences. Their distinctive pillar design provides flexibility for your sauna’s layout, fitting neatly within a bench or making a statement in front of a glass wall. Crafted with a sleek stainless steel exterior, the Cilindro heaters combine robust performance with a visually striking appearance. With various control options, including a digital Harvia Xeno control panel, you can enjoy a fully personalized sauna experience.


17 LS

The rocks take center stage with the HUUM HIVE Wood.  Fusing substantial thermal mass with a sleek design, these stoves offer an impressive thermal mass for long-lasting, gentle heat and abundant steam. Whether choosing a model with inside or outside wood feeding, the HIVE Wood Series upholds HUUM’s commitment to quality and durability in any sauna.


Sauna Chimney Set – Top


The Modular Sauna Chimney System For Out the Top of Sauna Model SB214 is a double-walled chimney system designed to remove combustion products from heating units by natural chimney draft. It is suitable for gas, liquid, and solid fuel boilers; the maximal temperature of combustion products is 600 ° C.

The chimney system is made of certified materials that are not harmful to human health. The nominal size of the inner smokestack is 115 mm, the pipe is made of stainless steel (grade 1.4404, thickness – 0.6 mm).

The chimney system is easy to install and can be assembled by following the instructions in the manual. The system is also easy to clean and maintain.

Homecraft Revive Electric Sauna Heater and Wall-Mounted Controller

6 KW
7.5 KW
9 KW

The Homecraft Revive is a Canadian-made electric sauna heater with an impressive 200 lbs of rock capacity for a more pleasant heat and more steam capacity.  The included wall-mounted controller is ideal for guests-users to operate without needing much (if any) instruction.  Revive heaters are 100% stainless steel and are CSA & UL 875 approved.  Sauna Marketplace has partnered with Homecraft and Dundalk Leisurecraft to offer free shipping throughout North America on this high quality sauna heater.

Harvia Club Series

10 KW
12 KW
15 KW

The Harvia Club series represents a line of premium electric sauna heaters, offering a range of power ratings to suit various sauna room sizes. These heaters embody the traditional Finnish sauna experience, combining modern craftsmanship with the age-old sauna bathing tradition. Exceptionally engineered for reliability, safety, and efficiency, the Club series heaters are ideal for homes, health clubs, hotels, and spas. With a high stone capacity and the need for separate Xenio control units, these heaters ensure a consistent and pleasurable heat distribution. Given their robustness and versatility, the Harvia Club series stands as an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Harvia Forte Always-Ready Electric Sauna Heater

4.5 KW
6 KW
10 KW

Experience the ultimate convenience of a sauna session whenever you desire with the Harvia Forte Always-Ready electric heater. Designed for those spontaneous moments when you want to enjoy a soothing sauna experience, this innovative heater is always prepared for you.  Hardwired wall controller is included Note: North America wall control is different than the EU version.

Harvia Linear 16


The Linear 16 wood-burning sauna stove is source of glowing heat for smaller saunas. Through the warm glow of the cast-iron glass door, with optional door direction, the fire enhances the sauna atmosphere. The fire chamber and combustion air channels of Harvia wood burning heaters are designed so that sauna warms quickly and the burning is cleaner.

HUUM Hive Electric Sauna Heater

6 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW
12 KW
15 KW

Hold down the heat in style with the HUUM HIVE Sauna Heater, the thermal titan that kicked off the ‘Instagram Era’ of modern saunas.  Once the massive stone capacity heats up, the HUUM HIVE emits a warmth so good you might mistake it for a traditional wood-burning sauna.  Ranging from 6kw to 18kw, the HUUM HIVE is a perfect choice for small, medium, and gym saunas.  All HUUM Heaters are CE Certified and rated for 230 (110c) for those who like it hot.




Created originally to comply with strict German regulations for reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency in wood-burning stoves, the HIVE Heat now brings this advanced technology to a global market. The HIVE Heat achieves a lower flue gas temperature, transferring more heat into the sauna room and less escaping through the chimney. This design allows optimal heat utilization, offering a superior sauna experience while lessening the environmental impact.  The HUUM HIVE Heat is an advanced sauna stove designed with the environment in mind and boasting a 12kW power rating, making it ideal for sauna rooms sized between 212 to 459 cubic feet. Compared to the HUUM HIVE Wood series, the HIVE Heat features a more innovative airflow system and different materials, including a cast iron stove door focused on burning wood as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for the electric HUUM HIVE?  Click here.

Harvia KIP Electric Sauna Heater

3 KW
4.5 KW
6 KW
8 KW

The Harvia KIP heater is a popular choice for a traditional wall-mounted sauna heater that will stand the test of time. The Stainless Steel Harvia KIP is designed with safety features like a protective stone guard, dual wall construction, and UL Listings.  Don’t try this at home, but the outer wall won’t burn you if installed correctly.

The Harvia KIP has an external temperature sensor for more temperature control and accuracy.  That alone can make all the difference in sauna performance, especially in barrel or other irregularly shaped saunas.

The KIP is has industrial-grade heating elements that are under warranty and stand up to regular sauna use.  Sizes include 3KW, 4.5KW, 6KW, and 8KW with built-in controls or a wall mount Xeneo system.



This is a heat guiding device for the HUUM Drop 9 Heaters.

Harvia Virta Combi Series Sauna Heater

6 KW
8 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

There’s nothing like a sauna when the temperature and humidity hit just right.  The Harvia Virta Combi is the only reliable and easy to use sauna heater in North America with an automatic steamer that allows you to set not only the perfect temperature, but the perfect sauna climate.

Use it as a standard Finnish sauna heater by ladling water on the rocks, or crank up the humidity and create a steam room.  The choice is yours.  It’s 5 liter water reservoir can be filled manually or with it’s built in plumbing intake.

For those who enjoy soft and humid steam and the atmosphere created by fragrances, the Virta Combi is an obvious choice.  Stop destroying heating elements pouring essential oils directly on them.

This modern heater has designated soapstone cup for fragrance liquids and bags. Easily transition from a traditional sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrance sauna – all in the same session.

HUUM DROP Retainer D Upgrade Kit


The DROP Retainer is used for the DROP 7 and 9 heaters installed between the heating elements. The retainer assists with keeping the heating elements from contact while laying stones or utilizing the heater.  This upgrade kit can improve the longevity and performance of your HUUM DROP heater.  Note that new DROP heaters from authorized sellers like Sauna Marketplace already have these included.  If dealing with a heating element failure, we recommend contacting us first to determine the cause.

Harvia Spirit


The Harvia Spirit is the long-awaited rock basket heater from Harvia that can be mounted on a wall.  It has low clearances, is UL approved, carries the Harvia name so you know it will perform great and last for years to come.

Overland Sauna Stove


Introducing the game-changer in outdoor sauna experiences – the all-new USA Made Overland Superlite Sauna Stove. Our dedicated team has poured their expertise into engineering a superior sauna stove. This remarkable stove weighs in at a mere 29 pounds, making it the lightest sauna tent stove available. And yes, you heard it right – it’s proudly handmade in the USA. Fueled by wood and designed for performance, this stove can bring your sauna to an impressive 200°F in just 10-15 minutes.

Overland Thermal Sauna Stones


20 lbs of Sauna Stones from Overland Sauna.  Shipped from Portland, OR.

HUUM HIVE Safety Rail


HUUM did it again.  A safety rail for the popular HUUM HIVE series sauna heaters that does more that doesn’t just protect its visitors, but also makes the entire heater and sauna look better.  HUUM heaters are famously rock baskets, so it is REALLY nice to get that touch of wood in there.  The HIVE does this with an intriguing HALO effect that simply looks awesome.



Thanks to the HIVE reflector, the heater may be installed closer to the wall of the sauna.

  • Allows for heater installation closer to wall
  • For use with HIVE sauna heaters
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can be connected together

HUUM Barrel Sauna Chimney Kits


This HUUM Barrel chimney kit is designed for use with HUUM wood-fired sauna stoves inside Barrel saunas. This premium set includes everything needed to provide your sauna experience with both beautiful form and safe-minded function.

Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo

Legend 240 Duo
Legend 300 Duo
Pro 20 Duo
Pro 36 Duo

The Harvia DUO line is a stunning best-of-both-worlds fireplace and sauna spanning two rooms.  It’s the most elegant solution to for through-wall sauna operation.

Harvia Pro Series

Pro 20
Pro 20 ES
Pro 20 LS
Pro 20 RS
Pro 20 SL
Pro 26
Pro 36

The Harvia Pro Series has it all. While most default to the popular Harvia M3, the Pro line is larger and has options like built in water tanks (ES), through-wall feed (SL), and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Pro Series can also be paired with an in-chimney water heater, and has great clearances when paired with the surround and floor protector. Most importantly, the Harvia Pro heats efficiently and provides a soft steam Harvia is known for.

Torch Natural Gas or Propane Sauna Heater


These are the only gas and propane sauna heaters we recommend.  Torch propane sauna heater boast an aesthetic appeal, paired with user-friendly controls that allow for temperature adjustments and a preset time of up to 1 hour. Designed for propane or natural gas use, it comes with a comprehensive setup, including a valve, pilot, and main orifice, and offers the option to connect to a propane tank with an added regulator seamlessly. Moreover, its electricity-free operation, needing only a 5-inch Class A venting, ensures setup simplicity. With a commitment to swift service, expect your heater to ship within just 3 days.

Harvia Virta Pro

16 KW

Harvia’s most powerful and appealing electric sauna heaters was thoughtfully built for gyms, spas, hotels, and the most demanding home saunas. Maintenance, performance, and longevity are the design principles to be appreciated even more over time. The Harvia Virta Pro comes in two sizes.

Check out the Harvia Virta and Virta Combi for smaller home saunas and automatic steam options.

HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater

3.5 KW
6 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

Don’t be deceived by the HUUM STEEL’s minimalist elegance! This compelling electric heater carries an unexpected abundance of stones, delivering potent yet gentle, enduring warmth. Cleverly hidden within its streamlined design is a sturdy built-in air tunnel, promising swift and efficient heat, belying its compact form. Its stunning stainless steel shell provides a captivating contrast against the natural sauna stones, effortlessly elevating the aesthetic charm of your sauna room.

Harvia Virta Series

6 KW
8 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

The Harvia Virta series is a collection of high-quality, Finnish-made electric sauna heaters designed for a wide range of sauna room sizes, from 177 to 1130 cubic feet. These heaters can comfortably accommodate residential and commercial settings by boasting power outputs from 6kW to 20kW (See Virta Pro for largest models). All models are crafted from robust stainless steel and offer the flexibility of either sidewall or corner, floor mount installations. Selected models in the range feature a built-in steamer to add functionality to your sauna. With a Xenio Control (WI-FI option available), users can customize their sauna sessions to their preferences.

Only the Virta Combi models have automatic steam.

Saunum AirSolo

AirSolo 70
AirSolo 80
AirSolo Wall

The Saunum AirSolo series enhances your sauna experience by offering a balanced, consistent heat and steam from head to toe, eliminating cold spots, with the help of its patented air blending system. Whether you opt for the Wall, 70, or 80 model, each is equipped with Himalayan salt spheres that infuse the air with beneficial ions, promoting skin health and respiratory relief. These sleek, Scandinavian-designed devices, available in Wall-Mounted or In-Wall installations, are compatible with any electric sauna heater and fit seamlessly into large and small spaces.

Note: This is NOT a heater, but is designed to improve any sauna.  Check out The Saunum Air for the complete package.

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  4. Do NOT buy from anyone else

    Let me tell you why…

    These guys actually care about you. They are available holidays and weekends to make sure you get your dream sauna set up.

    Ben consulted with me every step of my sauna adventure. From choosing my Sauna, Ben was completely transparent, honest and caring. He even gave me unbiased advice and feedback on saunas he didn’t carry! He wanted to stead me towards what was best for me.

    While I built my sauna and oven (Saunum- great choice) they were there to answer questions. Always smiling, excited and caring. They wanted the best for me as much as I wanted it for myself.

    Honest, caring, patient and real sauna guys. Outdoors, laughing, and just happy with life.

    A+. Buy from them. Speak with them. You will be so happy you do.

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  5. Gents, I wanted to reach out to thank you for your excellent customer service through out this process. Although there were complications out of your control your constant communication and rapid action made up for these minor inconveniences.

    I have an electrician coming Friday and am looking forward to getting this beauty fired up!

    I can’t help but share a picture. I did some minor assembly and staging Friday after unloading. I had everything but the roof and trim on by 5 pm. These kits are amazing!

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