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From affordable barrel saunas to prebuilt European luxury - we have you covered.

Indoor Saunas

Indoor sauna kits don't have to be boring or cheaply made! All of our indoor saunas come from Europe and are built to perform and last.

Need customization? We can do that with any Auroom sauna!

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SaunaLife Ergo Premium Barrel Sauna Kit

E6 3-Person Barrel
E6W 3-Person Barrel w/ Window
E7 4-Person Barrel
E7G 4-Person Barrel w/ Glass Front
E7W 4 Person Barrel w/ Window
E8 6-Person Barrel
E8G 6-Person Barrel w/ Glass Front
E8W 6-Person Barrel w/ Window

SaunaLife has set a new standard for barrel saunas in North America with the SaunaLife Ergo Series.  In stock from Northern Europe, these easy-to-assemble sauna kits are built to last a lifetime with thick thermally modified wood that lasts twice as long as cedar, a shingle roof kit, and clear aspen benches.  The Ergo comes in 3 sizes (SaunaLife E6, E7, and E8) with two window options (W = Back Window, G = Glass front wall).  For extra wide diameter with upper benches for the best performance, check out the EE6G and EE8G.

Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 60 Series with Optional Porch and Panoramic Window

Thermory No 60 W/ PORCH AND WINDOW
Thermory No 61 W/ PORCH
Thermory No 62 W/ WINDOW
Thermory No 63

What’s not to love about extra large barrels from Thermory? Crafted from thermally modified Nordic spruce for unmatched durability and moisture resistance, these saunas feature a curved design for efficient heat circulation, ensuring continuous warmth with less energy. Designed for easy assembly, they come with pre-cut and pre-milled components, allowing quick setup. Available in various configurations, including options with windows and porches, each model provides a spacious and comfortable environment for relaxation and socialization, free from technological distractions.

SaunaLife EE6G 4-Person Barrel Sauna with Back Wall Benches


Looking for a high-performing, modern barrel sauna with a massive view?  One that was built for comfort, thermal performance, and long-term durability?   The SaunaLife EE6G Barrel Sauna Kit delivers.

The EE6G is the less deep little brother to the groundbreaking EE8G – but with the same 91″ diameter, full glass front, and flat-back seating against the back wall.  These trusted European layouts get your feet above the cool and avoid any awkward knee-to-knee encounters.

Both models use sustainably sourced Nordic Spruce that’s been naturally thermally modified to outlast cedar.  It’s considerably thicker than the industry standard to improve insulation, rigidity, and longevity.

Simply, the SaunaLife EE6G is an epic barrel sauna ideal for backyards, decks, and vacation rentals.

Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series

Thermory No 50 - 88" Long W/ WINDOW
Thermory No 51 - 88" Long
Thermory No 52 - 71" Long W/ WINDOW
Thermory No 53 - 71" Long
Thermory No 54 - 59" Long W/ WINDOW
Thermory No 55 - 59" Long

Get America’s most loved barrel sauna by the global leader in sustainable thermal modification.  The Thermory 50 series is built to outlast and outperform cedar saunas at an affordable price.  The quality is undeniable and requires less maintenance than conventional barrel saunas.

The Thermory 50 Series consists of 3 sizes – each with an optional half-panoramic window in the back.  They are the little brother to the more spacious Thermory 60 Series, but still have enough room to stand, stretch, and safely move around.

The flat, 19″ benches are great for laying down or putting your feet up.  All Thermory barrel saunas come with a rain jacket and flat floor kit.  The 50 Series ships quickly from Thermory USA outside of Buffalo, NY.

For the larger 60 series Thermory Barrel Saunas with porch option, click here.  Hot tip: the larger 60 series usually has lower shipping costs.

SaunaLife EE8G Upper Bench Barrel Sauna


Experience truly elevated heat and steam with the extra large SaunaLife EE8G barrel sauna kit.  Its remarkable 91″ in diameter and included flat floor creates an inspiring space for stretching out or enjoying the views without bumping knees with the person across from you.

Upper benches mean your feet will rise above the cool floor and take comfort in ergonomic clear aspen benches, approximately 20 inches in depth to invite laying down.

Like all SaunaLife barrel saunas, the thermowood is sourced and milled in Northern Europe with thermally modified Nordic spruce, resulting in a beautiful warm tone that lasts longer than cedar without expanding and contracting.

The EE8G comes standard with a full glass front wall, extra thick 1.65″ staves, asphalt shingles, flat floor kit, and an LED light kit.  The SaunaLife EE8G may be the best performing, longest lasting barrel sauna ever.

SaunaLife X7 Indoor Sauna Kit | Xperience Series


SaunaLife X7 is a roomy, affordable home sauna kit perfect for the entire family.  Stretch out, lay down, throw a party – the choice is yours.  The knotless Aspen, wide benches are sturdy enough for the big fellas – confirmed by our friends in the NFL.  Breathe easy with built-in ventilation and eaves that ensure fresh air movement for a healthy, high-performing sauna that will last.

Sauna Squares by Thermory


Where expansive views and rolling steam come easy.  Thermory’s new Square Sauna redefines sauna durability, performance, and comfort.  The sauna comfortably seats six, all on the upper benches where optimal heat and steam envelop the bather, guided by the curved contours.  The Sauna Square by Thermory is an aesthetically pleasing design that’s both modern and functional.

SaunaLife G7S Ready-Made European Luxury Sauna | SaunaLife G7 Series


The SaunaLife G7, or Saunum AirCube One as it’s known in Europe, where they are hand-crafted in Estonia by skilled, meticulous and diligent carpenters with years of experience. They use modern workshop techniques and carefully selected materials, paying close attention to the finest details. And it shows. The SaunaLife G7 has no visable fasteners, flaws, or cold spots when paired with a Saunum Air climate equalizing heater.

SaunaLife G2 Small Outdoor Sauna Kit With 2 Bench Levels


The SaunaLife Model G2 is a high quality outdoor sauna kit at an amazing price. Supremely comfortable benches and backrests are crafted from hand-selected, satin-smooth Aspen. Intelligent design and robust construction create a backyard sauna that will last a lifetime. Big enough for friends or family and loaded with features like a free LED light kit.

*We recommend adding a roof of your choice and staining the exterior walls of this sauna for increased durability (feel free to ask us which saunas don’t require this).

*Pictures of black G2 have been stained on site, it comes as natural wood.

Canadian Timber Luna | Dundalk Leisurecraft


One of the most copied sauna designs in the world, the Luna by Dundalk Leisurecraft remains the gold standard in Square sauna design. The design provides a more functional, better performing interior space compared to barrel saunas that gets the bather’s feet elevated up off the cold floor.

We recommend this CT Luna made of Canadian White Cedar – we think it’s the best value and performs better than more expensive options. The white cedar bevel siding sets this sauna apart.

When buying a Luna design, you must be careful. Dozens of companies are now importing Chinese knock-offs using these same pictures. They use thinner wood, cheap hardware,and have unreliable shipping timelines.

When you buy from Sauna Marketplace your sauna will come directly from Dundalk Leisurecraft in Ontario, Canada. They cover shipping, provide unlimited support, and handle all duties and paperwork to deliver the sauna throughout North America.

The CT Luna has approximately 275 cubic feet and pairs well with a 6KW or 8KW electric sauna heater. Schedule a planning session with Sauna Marketplace to verify timelines, and to build the perfect sauna package for you and your family.

Georgian Traditional Outdoor Sauna Kit with Changing Room Option

Georgian With Changing Room

Looking for that classic family sauna for the cabin or home? Introducing the timeless Georgian Cabin Sauna from Dundalk Leisurecraft. These saunas are meticulously handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar, known for its lighter color and tight knots, adding a unique charm to the wood. This classic cabin-shaped design seamlessly blends with all types of home and cottage aesthetics.

The sauna comes in a convenient kit form, allowing for easy assembly. Choose from the standard model or the larger changing room sauna kit for the most authentic Finnish sauna experience.

Auroom Mira L Modern Nordic Outdoor Sauna Kits


The Auroom Mira L is the first premium, fully insulated outdoor sauna kit built to European standards that’s readily available in North America.  It’s hard to imagine an outdoor living space that wouldn’t be improved with this simple, Nordic sauna.  But don’t let its minimalist aesthetic fool you.

There are 7 layers (!!) within the thick wall assembly to ensure maximum efficiency, longevity, and healthy air for the bathers.

The Mira L arrives in two large crates delivered curbside.

North Shore Dome – Large Sauna Tent For Up To 8 People


The extra large Dome Sauna Tent by North Shore Sauna provides the ultimate sauna experience for up to 8 friends, teammates, or family members.  Created by the Duluth, Minnesota company who earned their reputation for the best performing, safest, most reliable sauna tents and stoves on the market.

The Dome has two chimney ports and thick fabric and insulation, allowing for high sauna temps even when it’s below freezing outside.

North Shore Prism Sauna Tent


Rediscover sauna and nature with the original North Shore Prism Sauna Tent.  An authentic Finnish sauna you can take anywhere.  We know first hand how this seemingly basic tent will transform how you think about seasons, time, and recovery.  It’s the fastest, cheapest, and most fun way to bring the benefits of sauna to your routine.

Breathe easy knowing North Shore Saunas use the highest quality insulated materials that have been tested for off-gassing, VOCs, and thermal performance.

The Prism seats 2-4 people and can be set up in minutes.  With included tie lines and stakes it can handle the wind better than any sauna we’ve tested.

Veteran owned North Shore Saunas have earned a reputation in the sauna tent community for “whatever-it-takes” support that Sauna Marketplace strives for.  We’re proud to have the first Prism in use, going strong since 2022.

Nova 6 Sauna Tent


The Nova 6 is simply the highest quality, best-designed sauna tent on the market.  How do we know? Sauna Marketplace has been testing sauna tents since 2022, including one of the first North Shore Prism tents (still going strong!).

The Nova 6 is a cleaner, more thoughtful design that’s especially noticeable with the door system which really sets the Nova series apart.  It’s rather awkward to enter sauna tents with a towel, let alone with a bench, stove, or firewood.

Once you experience the trip-free entryway of the Nova there’s simply no going back.

Inside the sauna doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all and has comfortable seating for 6 and a head height of nearly 7′.

It’s made with the highest quality, double-walled quilted fabric with large windows to provide plenty of light, and the internal frame is tension-based, making set-up a breeze… less than a minute!

The Nova 6 is popular with athletes, renters, and explorers.  Buy a Nova 6 today and let the adventures begin.

Incoming! Limited Stock Expected Late July. Checkout Now To Reserve Yours!

SaunaLife CL7G | 6-Person Outdoor Cube Sauna Kit with Panoramic Window


You wanted an affordable sauna with exceptional heat and steam that’s built to last a lifetime.  Meet the brand new SaunaLife CL7G.

Enjoy the unsurpassed luxury of the SaunaLife Cube-Series Model CL7G outdoor home sauna kit. Its modern Scandinavian design features a full-glass front that showcases an incredibly spacious interior with room for up to 6 bathers and a height of over 7 feet!

Limited availability for July Shipment! Order now to reserve, your payment is fully refundable until your sauna ships.

SaunaLife CL5G | Outdoor 4-Person Icon Cube Sauna with Panoramic Window


Enjoy the unsurpassed luxury of the SaunaLife Cube-Series Model CL5G outdoor home sauna kit. Its modern Scandinavian design features a full-glass front that showcases an incredibly spacious interior with room for up to 4 bathers and a height of over 6’2”!  Walls thickness (1.7″) is thicker than any barrel sauna on the market for superior insulation, sound isolation, and thermal mass.

Limited availability for July Shipment! Order now to reserve, your payment is fully refundable until your sauna is on a truck headed your way.

SaunaLife CL4G | Outdoor 3-Person Cube Sauna Kit with Panoramic Window


Enjoy the unsurpassed luxury of the SaunaLife Cube-Series Model CL4G outdoor home sauna kit. Its modern Scandinavian design features a full-glass front that showcases an incredibly spacious interior with room for up to 3 bathers and a height of over 6’2”!

Limited availability for July Shipment! Order now to reserve, your payment is fully refundable until your sauna is on a truck headed your way.

SaunaLife X6 Indoor Sauna Kit | XPERIENCE Series


The SaunaLife X6 is the easiest way to add a sauna to your daily routine.  A simple, affordable indoor sauna kit with a super functional layout.  Made with Nordic Spruce and Aspen, the X6 has better ventilation and sturdier benches than competing brands in this price range.  It’s currently shipping with an LED light kit, heater guard, and upgraded knotless aspen benches.  This sauna kit comes from Northern Europe, designed and constructed by people who live and breathe saunas.

Auroom Mira S | Small Modern European Outdoor Sauna Kits


Experience the best performing small, modern outdoor sauna kit on the market.  The Auroom Mira S is built with high-end materials, European sauna construction standards, and impeccable craftsmanship.  You’ll see no exposed fasteners, and experience no cold spots. Functional scandinavian minimalism is on full display here.

From ventilation to insulation materials, the Mira S is the perfect blend of trusted sauna design principles, with modern building science.  We recommend scheduling a planning meeting below to ensure a smooth delivery.

SaunaLife E8W 6-Person Barrel Sauna with Rear Panoramic Window


Model: E8W 6-Person Barrel w/ Window

Saunum Classic Mini – High-End Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

It’s hard to imagine a place where this sauna wouldn’t look good.  Lighting, ventilation, sound, and above all, excellent heat distribution make this one of the most impressive small saunas we’ve seen.  Small saunas have a tendency to feel ‘harsh’ but with Saunum’s patented air equalizing system you’ll leave it feeling better, not depleted.  Best of all, the Saunum Classic Mini comes fully assembled so it will always perform as intended and can be ready to use in a day.

Saunum AirCube 3 Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

Europe’s favorite pre-built sauna is now available in North America, and this sauna does NOT disappoint.  Somehow even better in person, this sauna is built with meticulous attention to detail and remarkable quality control.  The AirCube can be dropped in place, wired, and ready for your new routine in a matter of hours.  Order now for a free LED lighting system and built-in bluetooth speakers!

This sauna is fully insulated (and then some).  If you want the best, contact Sauna Marketplace today for a planning session.


Saunum AirCube Double Prebuilt European Sauna with Changing Room

The Saunum AirCube double is the only prebuilt sauna with a changing room.  Ideal for a modern backyard sauna, gym, or commercial facility.  Every detail of this exceptional sauna has been precision built and optimized to European sauna standards.  This sauna pops with black painted thermo-spruce exterior and furniture grade thermo-Aspen throughout the interior rooms.

12 ft Nomad Mobile Sauna – MN $16,900!!!

Unique opportunity to purchase a 12-foot Nomad Sauna featuring full glass picture window, wood fired HUUM stove, Yakisugi exterior finish and metal roof.  Sauna was built in September 2023 and seats 8-10 people comfortably.  Sauna is secure on a mobile trailer, allowing you to take your sauna on the road with you, or start/add to your sauna rental fleet!   Trailer drops down to ground level and can be towed with a standard hitch off the back of your mid-sized or larger SUV.  Total weight including trailer is approximately 2800 lbs.
Located in Minneapolis, MN, and available for free delivery in MN, or for gas/milage outside of MN.    Available for delivery the week of 5/13.
Asking $19,900.  This unit retails for $30K+ brand new. 

Voyageur Mobile Sauna in WI


For Sale is a Voyageur Mobile sauna purchased in September of 2022. Since the original purchase, the sauna has been upgraded with sliding benches for easier cleaning and more seating from original design. Added ventilation to unit along with rock guards behind the wheels to extend the life of the exterior.  Minor updates such as upgraded robe hooks, safety railing for home or commercial use and upgraded winch system to support weight of sauna and improve lowering and raising of sauna.

Mobile Sauna Specs

  • Trailer | 7’x12’x84” Tall
  • Hot Room | 6’x8”x7’ Room with small Kuuma stove
  • Changing Room | 5’ x 7’ Room

Additional features | Stone backsplash and two larger windows compared to standard Voyageur model

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