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Hukka Makkaraputki Sauna Hot Dog Cooker Soapstone


Novelty gift or a useful tool for multi-tasking?  The choice is yours!  Take it from the Finns: “A sausage tube is perfect for a gourmet who wants to enjoy their favorite sausages with a crispy crust but juicy.”

Hukka Saunaheppu Sauna Comic Guy


Joy and laughter in the sauna! Nothing like this has ever been seen in a sauna before. Install this novelty rock firmly between the stones of the stove and tilt it slightly backwards. When the heater is warm enough, Heppu ducks down and hides in his nook, from which he pops out to merrily wet the saunas every time he gets a properly cold bath water on his neck. Its operation is based on the difference in temperature, so the hotter the stone and the colder the bathwater, the faster and happier Heppu bounces.

Hukka Sauna Elf Collection


Sauna Elves hold a special place in Finnish folklore.  Elves, or “Tonttu” in Finnish, watch over people’s homes.  There are different elves for different purposes, and the Saunatonttu, or Sauna Elf is a favorite.

The Saunatonttu protects the sauna and makes sure the sauna is always respected and maintained.  Having a sauna elf in your sauna is a reminder that a sauna is a special place.  Choose which of these 6 Soapstone Sauna Elves are best suited for your sauna.  The Hukka Sauna Elf collection includes Lyyli, Reiska, Elli, Tahvo, Sulo, and Jolle.

Your sauna elf will be at home on the rocks of your sauna heater, as a decoration in your sauna, or as a message to relax and release tension.

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