SaunaLife G6 Garden Series Pre-Assembled Outdoor Sauna

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Introducing the SaunaLife GARDEN-Series Model G6, also known as the ‘Saunum Classic’ in Europe. This completely prebuilt outdoor sauna exudes a timeless rustic charm, with floor-to-ceiling windows that welcome the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings into your personal sanctuary. Designed for those who appreciate the extraordinary, it offers an unmatched visual experience that sparks the imagination.

The Saunum Classic is steeped in the essence of Nordic design, characterized by its clean lines and functional elegance. Every aspect of these saunas is meticulously crafted by experienced sauna craftsmen. The Saunum Classic stands as a testament to unwavering quality, constructed with only the finest materials to ensure both durability and comfort.

This sauna is the perfect embodiment of the fusion of nature’s splendor and human ingenuity, providing a haven for those who seek a stylish escape. Experience the Saunum Classic and transform your backyard into a wellness retreat.

SaunaLife G6 is available with Saunum Air equalizing sauna heaters for the ultimate sauna experience.

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Introducing the SaunaLife GARDEN-Series Model G6, a fully assembled outdoor home sauna that is the epitome of luxury and quality. This is not a kit, but a ready-to-use wellness retreat right in your backyard.

The Model G6 comfortably accommodates up to five people, offering a luxurious sauna experience. Crafted with premium Alder wood, the interior features two-tier benches for optimal comfort and versatility. The full-wall, dual-pane, insulated picture window on the front of the sauna, along with a full-height glass side entry door, provides an unmatched ambiance and a stunning view of the outdoors.

Constructed without compromise, the Model G6 boasts a finely sawn, painted Spruce exterior that beautifully contrasts the rich Alder interior. Insulated walls and double-glazed insulated glass ensure maximum thermal efficiency, while a rainwater system protects the sauna from the elements. This sauna is built for a lifetime of personal health and wellness.

The Model G6 is precision-engineered and hand-crafted in Northern Europe, where sauna bathing is a daily health ritual. The sauna’s insulated glass door with a beautiful black wood frame is accented by a professional-quality black aluminum door handle. The interior is constructed with no visible fasteners for a professional, finished look.

The Model G6 is beautifully illuminated with a low-voltage, waterproof white LED lighting system that uses app-based Wi-Fi, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance. A hand-held remote control is also provided for on/off/dim operation. This heat and water certified (IP67), SaunaLife features dotless LEDs for a modern, upscale appearance.

The SaunaLife G6 is a timeless beauty, where form meets function. Its classical lines and simple elegance will complement any style home. Every detail of this sauna cabin exudes quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Enjoy a lifetime of wellness in your own backyard and Live the SaunaLife!

Comparison Table

SpecificationModel G6Model G7 / G7S
Exterior MaterialsAnthracite Sawn Spruce, painted blackThermo-Pine, painted black
Interior MaterialsAlderAlder
Interior Dimensions71-1/2″D x 80″W x 80-1/4″H71-1/2″D x 94-1/2″W x 76″H
Exterior Dimensions83″D x 95″W x 98″H86-1/2″D x 110-1/4″W x 98″H
Window Width79.92″WSmall: 19 11/16″; Large: 44 7/8″
Window Glass Thickness0.94″1.1″
Window Glass StyleClearDouble-paned, tempered
Door Handle1.26″ Diameter x 19.68″L63″ L x 2″ Diameter
Front WallClear, Double glazed, tempered glass windowClear Glass Windows and Door
Interior lightsLEDLED
Full Floor MaterialAlderAlder
Bluetooth SpeakersNoYes (G7S model only)
Shipping Dimensions86″L x 98″W x 100″H92″L x 114″W x 100″H
Shipping weight2756 lbs3528 lbs.  Built in Hooks for Crane



  • Fully assembled outdoor luxury sauna
  • Upper and lower benches
  • Flooring grate
  • Rainwater control system
SaunaLife G6 Shipping

Taking Delivery of Your Prebuilt Sauna

The size of SaunaLife G6 requires flat-bed truck delivery by special appointment. This sauna will require off-loading from the flat-bed truck by a crane or extended forklift.

We can help, but ultimately you are responsible for arranging the offloading and transporting to its final location.

Your SaunaLife G6 will be delivered from Europe on a flatbed trailer, and can be moved to its final location in two ways.

SaunaLife G6 G7 Freight Img (002)_1

Lift From Above

Your prebuilt SaunaLife G6 can be lifted by crane using rated straps, and 2x4s to protect metal trip and straps.

If significant crane operation is required, consider the SaunaLife G7 G7S which comes with crane hooks.  


Forklift From Below

The G6 can also be forklifted off the flatbed truck and to its location from below. Forks have to go a minimum of 2/3 of the way through when lifting from the side. Be aware of drain pipe underneath, and keep forks a minimum of 710mm.


Setting Your Sauna on a Worthy Foundation

The base or foundation for Sauna must be leveled and stable. Sauna must be at least 3 inches higher from the surrounding ground. All base beams must have a support under them.

We recommend placing Sauna on concrete blocks or strips that have a compressed gravel underneath. Using geotextile under the Sauna prevents the growth of grass and weed. It is also possible to place the Sauna on terrace or pavement, but the Sauna should still be higher than the surface.

The base or foundation for Sauna must be leveled and stable. Sauna must be at least 3 inches higher from the surrounding ground. All base beams must have a support under them.

Finishing Touches

Wire the heater and prewired lighting system using the pre-run conduit and included equipment boxes.  

Install included gutter system and decorative baseboards when the sauna is it's final location.  

saunalife g6 final details


Now it's time to experience the best sauna in North America.

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