Harvia Pro Series

The Harvia Pro Series is the value line for medium saunas. While most default to the popular Harvia M3, the Pro line is larger and has options like built in water tanks (ES), through-wall feed (SL), and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Pro Series can also be paired with an in-chimney water heater, and has great short clearances when paired with the surround and floor protector.  The Harvia Pro Series has fewer stones so it heats faster than rock basket heaters, but will not provide as ‘soft’ of a heat as something like a Harvia Legend.

The Harvia Pro comes in three sizes (20, 26, 36) for small and medium saunas.


None "More Than Enough" Stones +$60.00
None Harvia Black Chimney Kit for Flat Roof +$1,395.00 Harvia Stainless Steel Chimney Kit for Flat Roof +$1,183.50 Harvia Wood Pipe Adapter 4.5" Euro to 6" USA +$115.00
None In Chimney Water Tank Heater (all-models) +$635.00

The Harvia WL550 protective shield is designed for use with the Harvia 20 Pro/SL/Duo wood sauna stoves. The protective shield reduces the safety distance to combustible materials. This features a steel material, with a black finish.

None Harvia Protective Sheath +$448.00

The Harvia protective bedding is used when a fireplace or stove is installed onto a waterproofed tile or hardwood floor. Made of aluminum-zinc coated steel, painted black.

None Harvia Protective Bedding +$420.00
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Your Gateway To Authentic Sauna Heat

As a leader in sauna stove innovation for over 70 years, Harvia understands that nothing beats the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood-burning heater.

The Pro series delivers that classic sauna experience with fast-heating efficiency and user-friendly design. While the pro line is a budget choice, these stoves don't cut corners on quality or performance.

The stainless steel body with stylish black painted sides gives a modern yet rustic look that fits nicely into any home or cabin sauna. The glow of the fire sets the mood in a traditional sauna, and it glows brightly through the glass here.

The firebox is thoughtfully designed for easy loading and we've found the adjustable legs allow you to get the stability you need on any sauna floor.  We recommend going down to the subfloor with the legs to get the rocks as low in the room as possible.  

That makes for the best heat distribution.

The rocks are on the lighter side, but that means these stoves can heat a space super fast. The separate air intake and exhaust controls allow you to dial in your preferred temperature.  

Have a vent high on the wall, because this heater can make the room too hot quickly.

If you're considering an integrated water tank in your heater the Pro Line has you covered.  

Having a water tank in the chimney is not safe or optimal as it actually heats the upper half of the room instead of keeping that heat lower.

While it doesn't burn as clean or efficiently as Harvia's premium Greenflame models, or their iconic Legend series known for softer heat, the Pro line does hit that sweet spot of quality and value.

So if you're in the market to bring an authentic, affordable sauna heater into your sauna project, you can't go wrong with these Finnish-made workhorses.

Where Does It Fit In?

The Harvia Pro Series is the 'Middle Of The Road' for Harvia wood stoves.  It's a budget friendly, reliable stove for medium-sized home saunas.  

Note: The water drop means the heater provides a more gentle steam.

Harvia Heater Sizes


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Wood feed Wood stoves can accept wood from the interior or exterior of the hot room. Exterior feed sauna stoves have a door that opens to the exterior or changing room. The heater is essentially built through the wall.



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Pro 20 ES


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