Harvia Virta Combi Series Sauna Heater

There’s nothing like a sauna when the temperature and humidity hit just right.  The Harvia Virta Combi is the only reliable and easy to use sauna heater in North America with an automatic steamer that allows you to set not only the perfect temperature, but the perfect sauna climate.

Use it as a standard Finnish sauna heater by ladling water on the rocks, or crank up the humidity and create a steam room.  The choice is yours.  It’s 5 liter water reservoir can be filled manually or with it’s built in plumbing intake.

For those who enjoy soft and humid steam and the atmosphere created by fragrances, the Virta Combi is an obvious choice.  Stop destroying heating elements pouring essential oils directly on them.

This modern heater has designated soapstone cup for fragrance liquids and bags. Easily transition from a traditional sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrance sauna – all in the same session.


Harvia Xenio CX30C is a sauna heater control unit with a touch control panel compatible with Virta Combi single phase sauna heaters. The Xenio CX30C control includes the contactor box.

More than enough Harvia rocks to ensure that perfect fit. If rocks settle or crumble, we’ll send you more for a yaer.

Wood Safety Rails Can Be Added on 1-4 Sides

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The Harvia Virta Combi is an easy to use combination sauna heater and automatic steamer that brings complete climate control to your fingertips.  It’s easy to use, reliable, and satisfying.  

It’s available in 6kw, 8kw, 9kw, and 10.5kw versions.  


When sizing a Harvia sauna heater, be sure to factor in glass and cold surfaces like brick and stone.

It’s not too difficult but please reach out if you’d like help.  We’re usually available in the chat window below.

First calculate the pre-adjusted volume of your room in cubic feet.  Length x Width x Height.

Next, multiply by 1.5 if your sauna does not have insulated walls but is constructed with logs or a sauna kit with a single layer of wood.  This includes barrel saunas.

Next add the area of glass (LxW) in the sauna and multiply the total area of glass by two (or 1.5 if the sauna is not insulated and you already multiplied by 1.5).  

Your adjusted volume is your initial volume x 1.5 (if not insulated) + Glass Adder

Sizing Harvia Virta Combi Electric Sauna Heater

Harvia Virta Combi Sizing Chart


There are a few important considerations once you’ve determined the ideal heater.  All models can be ordered with standard 240v Single Phase Power.

Note that the 10.5KW (HL11U1SA and HL11U3SA) version is 3 inches deeper and available in 208v 3ph for commercial applications in North America.  Ideal for that public sauna deciding between a steam room and sauna.  

If your hot room is larger than 635 cubic feet you can put two Virt Combi’s side-by-side or look at the Virta Pro, but that does not have a steamer.  

All 240v Harvia Virta Combi heaters require two circuits to accommodate the steamer.

Harvia Virta Combi Electrical Specs

Next, let’s take a closer look at safety distances.

Virta Combi Safety DistancesAll Virta Combi heaters require a minimum sauna height of 75″ and side clearances of 2″.   This works out well for most home and commercial saunas.

If you have less than this, send your drawings to a Sauna Marketplace tech to see if there’s a heat shield that will reduce the clearance requirement.  

The System

Power Unit

The Harvia Virta Combi system starts with the Power Unit, which your electrician will first power up. This can be considered the system’s ‘Brains’ or ‘Central Hub,’ and it comes with your Xenio controller.

In an outdoor sauna we like to put the power unit on the exterior of the back wall.  It’s best to place this power unit in a waterproof box, the dimensions are: 14.3” x 2.9” x 10.5”.

In an indoor sauna, it can be recessed in an accessible equipment box.  


From the power unit, a low-voltage data cable will run to the digital controller or keypad.  This is where you can conveniently control the temperature and humidity near the sauna.

Actually, it can be places almost anywhere with additional cable.  Contact your Sauna Marketplace representative for an additional data cable for your Combi.

This controller should NOT be in the hot room itself.  For an outdoor sauna that does not have a changing room or large overhand, an equipment box is recommended to protect it from direct rain and sun.  

The Wi-Fi upgrade allows the digital controller to be operated by your phone using the MyHarvia Mobile Application, available on Google Play and Apple Store.

The Wi-Fi is recommended as your sauna will have the best conditions after one hour of preheating and steaming.  It’s convenient to get that started from your office, gym, or bed!

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The power box is also where you will connect your temperature and humidity sensors for your Virta Combi system.  See your manual for recommended placement.  We recommend testing a few different placements to make sure you are happy with the results before drilling.

Lighting and Fan Control

Your Xenio power box has optional outputs for 120v circuits for both Lights and Fan and can even power a Saunum AirSolo climate equalizing system!

Add Ons


When stones are selected above, your heater will come with 3 or 4 boxes (depending on model) of Harvia AC3020 Stones – chosen for use with the Virta Combi.

Safety Guards

The Virta design has an integrated heat shield, but an additional safety guard can be added to help prevent people from accidentally touching the stones.  


Most people fill the water reservoir but it’s also possible to run water lines to the heater as shown:

Water Lines to automatic steamer in Harvia Virta Combi Electric Sauna Heater

Bundle and Save!

Do you need sauna wood, accessories, and other materials besides your Virta Combi?  Thinking about pairing it with a Saunum AirSolo to create more even temperatures?

Select ‘Invoice Me’ at checkout, and tell us everything on your sauna shopping list.  We’ll look for discounts and streamline the process.

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About Harvia
Harvia is the best-known Finnish brand worldwide, primarily for their popular sauna heaters since 1950. Harvia features a range of products that cater to a range of preferences and requirements from basements to commercial facilities. The company has gained significant traction in the United States (with the help of Costco) with its unique offering of sauna heaters and barrel saunas under the Almost Heaven brand. Harvia's barrel saunas are a highlight in the American market, providing an authentic and immersive sauna experience. These saunas, known for their distinct cylindrical design and excellent heat circulation, are an ideal addition to any home, gym, or wellness center. Harvia's wide range of heater models in the U.S. contributes to its strong market presence. Their heaters are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety. The Harvia Forte, for instance, is an always-ready ready electric sauna heater that stores enough heat for spontaneous and frequent home use. The Harvia KIP heater, on the other hand, is the most copied heater in history. The Harvia Cilindro heater stands out for its unique design, which allows many stones to be placed in close contact with the heating elements. For those who prefer a classic, wood-burning sauna, the Harvia Legend series provides an exceptional choice. The wood used in these heaters gives the sauna an enchanting, traditional feel, and provides soft, relaxing heat. As we've seen firsthand at Sauna Marketplace - Harvia's business performance in North America has shown growth in recent years. In the first quarter of 2023, the company's revenue from North America saw a substantial increase of 15.8%, a clear testament to Harvia's growing popularity and acceptance among American sauna buyers. Through its dedication to quality, innovation, and the authentic Finnish sauna experience, Harvia continues to strengthen its leading position in the global sauna and spa market. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your wellness journey, or a business seeking the best in sauna solutions, Harvia has established itself as a reliable and superior choice. Contact your Sauna Marketplace representative for details on selecting and sizing the right sauna heater for you.
Brand Catalog: Harvia