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Sauna hats, also known as banya hats or felt hats, serve a practical purpose during sauna rounds. They are typically made from natural materials like wool or felt and are designed to be worn on the head while using the sauna and cooling off outside. Sauna hats provide the following benefits:

  1. Protection from heat: The primary purpose of a sauna hat is to protect the head from the high temperatures experienced in a sauna. Since the head is more sensitive to heat than the rest of the body, wearing a hat helps prevent discomfort, dizziness, or overheating.
  2. Heat regulation: A sauna hat helps regulate body temperature by insulating the head and reducing heat loss. This allows the rest of the body to heat up more efficiently, promoting a more effective and comfortable sauna experience.
  3. Hair protection: Wearing a sauna hat can protect your hair from the drying effects of the heat, reducing the risk of damage or breakage. Additionally, it can help your hair from freezing between sauna rounds when cooling down outside.  They are especially helpful when practicing a sauna cold plunge routine.
  4. Hygiene: Using a personal sauna hat can improve hygiene in shared sauna spaces, as it prevents direct contact between your head and the surfaces of the sauna, reducing the spread of germs.
  5. Cultural tradition: In some cultures, particularly in Russia and Finland, wearing a sauna hat is a traditional practice that has been passed down through generations.

Sauna hats come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easy to find one that suits your personal style and preferences while enhancing your sauna experience.

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  1. Having enjoyed soaking up the warm steaminess of our Sauna for more than two weeks we are totally sold! The unit is working great in every respect.

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  2. Good quality and the package includes extra parts in case of damage to certain wood pieces during the install. So far so good!

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  3. Amazing customer service from Ben and his team! Prompt and very responsive during the order and install process – only positive feedback for the team!

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  4. Ben and customer service has been great! Was informed thru the entire process and very responsive on requests or questions I’ve had. Just installed and got everything working so can leave further thoughts on the Sauna and Huum Drop heater, but from a credibility / customer satisfaction perspective – Sauna Marketplace and Ben were top-notch.

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  5. Love this sauna. Huge improvement over gym and barrels I’ve used in the past. Thank you fellas!

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