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How to Build a DIY Barrel Sauna From Scratch

If you’re looking at the barrel sauna kits wondering if you can do it yourself, you’re not alone. Unfortunately there are no barrel sauna plans PDF or good DIY barrel sauna resources available, so we decided to compile everything you’ll need to know here.  This

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barrel sauna in mountains

8 Most Stunning Sauna Views In The World

If you know of anything better than a breathtaking natural view while relaxing on the sauna bench, take a look at these photos, picture yourself on the bench, and return to that question. Forget those gym saunas, basement saunas, and informercial saunas. Sauna is meant

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Huum Drop Electric Sauna Stove

4 Best Electric Sauna Heaters and 2021 Reviews

A sauna without a heater may make a nice closet, but with the right heater and the flip of a switch you’ll have all the benefits of a sauna right from home. Electric sauna heaters are more convenient, clean, and consistent than wood burning sauna stoves, which have

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sauna vs steam room, which is better

Sauna vs Steam Room: What’s The Difference?

They’re both excellent choices, but you have to choose one: Sauna Vs Steam Room – which will it be? Think of steam rooms for a moment. What comes to mind? Images of sweating, hot temperature, health benefits, high humidity, bath, open skin pores, skin breathing

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Why We Love The Barrel Sauna

We are BIG fans of the simple outdoor barrel sauna.  They’re the perfect addition to any garden, cabin, deck, backyard, or pool. Barrel sauna kits can be shipped almost anywhere, assembled in an afternoon, and deliver an authentic (not infrared) sauna experience with rolling heat,

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Sauna Hacks For Fun, Travel, and Löyly

Warning: Like all good hacks, many of these are not for rule followers. Some may be against building codes, health club rules, etc.  Implement these sauna hacks at your own risk. #1 – Trick electric heater governors Most commercial electric heaters in North America have

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negative ions in saunas

The Positive Effects of Negative Ions In Saunas

Ions occur around us all the time whenever atoms and molecules have a net negative or positive charge.  The charge changes when the atom or molecule gains or looses electrons. Incredibly, the ratio of positive or negative ions around us has been shown in multiple

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sauna bucket for heating water with a wood burning sauna

Heating Water with a Wood Burning Sauna

A shower or cold plunge is an important part of a good sauna session for many.  If warm water is your preference, there are some great ways to get “free” hot water from your wood burning sauna stove. Sauna hot water tanks can provide plenty

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