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The most important design principle for saunas in Finland is getting the bathers’ feet above the stones.  That’s almost impossible to accomplish in small, electric saunas.  This often results in cold feet, harsh heat in the face, and stale air.  Saunum solves this.

The state-of-the-art climate technology evenly distributes hot and cold air within the sauna, putting a soft and balanced environment at your fingertips. In fact, you’ll have six distinct spa and sauna experiences to choose from. The built-in Himalayan salt reservoir, WiFi-enabled AIRIQ controller, and thoughtful design will deliver optimal conditions that hit every sense with an enveloping warmth.

Say goodbye to hard-to-breathe and burning steam, and enjoy a more breathable and deeply relaxing sauna experience.  Saunum Air is UL approved for North America and shipping daily out of greater Chicago.

Note: This is a completely new technology in North America and the sizing and clearances are not straightforward.  Please contact us with your design so we can confirm sizing and clearances.

Already have a heater or want to use it with a wood stove?  Check out Saunum AirSolo


FAST & FREE Shipping For a Limited Time!

To celebrate the arrival of Saunum in North America, all Saunum products will ship free to the lower 48 states for a limited time. As of July, 2023 – Saunum orders are being processed in 1-2 business days.

Saunum Air Builder

When clearances work out, the stainless steel open basket is recommended. It also has lower ceiling clearances. The Black Saunum Air is sleeker, and requires less side clearances.

Redirects air distributed by Saunum heaters to the sides.


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Bring Your Sauna Into The New Century

Saunum Air Flow

Saunum is setting the new standard for the modern-day sauna experience.

Their state-of-the-art climate technology evenly distributes hot and cold air within the sauna, putting a soft and balanced sauna environment at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to hard-to-breathe and burning steam, and enjoy a more breathable and deeply relaxing sauna experience.

Electric saunas have one big problem.


Hot air rises and becomes stale without combustion from a wood fire.  It’s not uncommon for an electric sauna to be 200 degrees at head height and under 100 degrees at foot height. 

The best oxygen is low, while the best heat is high, where your head is most sensitive to heat.

Saunum Air is the only heater designed to solve heat stratification in saunas, providing even heat and oxygen levels throughout the space.

The World’s Most Advanced Sauna Solution

These state-of-the-art sauna heaters deliver a superior sauna experience, thanks to the patented air blending technology that mixes cool, oxygen-rich air from the floor with hot, oxygen-poor air from the ceiling. This technology ensures consistent temperature and oxygen levels throughout the sauna, improving comfort and enhancing your sauna sessions.

Saunum Air Series is available in elegant Nordic Black and polished Stainless Steel finishes, a nod to Scandinavian design aesthetics. They come with an adjustable valve for cool air intake, located 12 inches off the floor, and an output for blended air, ensuring perfect air circulation.

A Personalized Sauna Environment

  • Classic Nordic Steam Sauna
    • for temperatures from 140°F – 194°F (60°C – 90°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 25% with speed level 1.
  • Humid Steam-rich Sauna
    • for temperatures from 113°F – 140°F (45°C – 60°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 100% with speed level 2 or 3.
  • Mild, Relaxing Sauna
    • for temperatures from 104 °F – 131 °F  (40°C – 55°C). Valve of the Climate Device open to 25% with speed level 1.

The Saunum Air Series can accommodate rooms from 123 to 353 cu. ft., with each model designed for a specific range: the Saunum Air 3 for 123-175 cu. ft., the Saunum Air 5 for 176-247 cu. ft., and the Saunum Air 10 for 247-353 cu. ft. All models operate on 240VAC and are UL-certified, assuring safety and reliability.

Each Saunum Air model features a large stone capacity, ranging from 99 lbs to 231 lbs, producing softer, more even heat. The unique Himalayan Salt Reservoir, included with all models, releases healthful salt ions throughout the room, while an optional aromatherapy system enhances the sauna experience further. The Saunum Air Series also offers a Wi-Fi control option for convenience and customizability.

With the Saunum Air Series, you can experience the best of sauna bathing, delivered through innovative technology and elegant design. Transform your sauna sessions with Saunum – it’s all about the air you heat, feel, and breathe.

Saunum Air Manual

Saunum Air Series Warranty

Compatible Saunas

Very few sauna kits and prebuilt saunas will be compatible with Saunum out of the box due to saunum clearances, height requirements, and recommended volume.  These are the saunas we've found so far that pair well with a Saunum:

Sizing a Saunum Air Chart

Note: Saunum Air Stainless body requires 30 inches of clearance on the sides and 20 inches in front of the fan:

Saunum Stainless dimensions and height requirements

Note: Black solid body Saunum Air requires 2" on each side and 20 inches in front of fan.

Black saunum air 5 7 and 10 dimensions and height requirements


Saunum Air is the US version of the Saunum primary with UL listings.  The tradeoff with UL listings is they require a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit, while European models can be programmed to 230f.  However, with air movement and a more evenly heated sauna, you’ll find 194 degrees in the Saunum is a far more envigorating experience than any other heater on the market.  

Compared to the solid black finish, the stainless steel rock basket distributes more air from the side of the heater, resulting in greater side clearances and higher minimum ceiling heights.  The stainless steel options can handle larger spaces as well.

The minimum ceiling heights are to provide the minimum safety clearances and are not necessarily the physical limitations of the heater.  

Yes, the Saunum AIRIQ WiFi upgrade lets you control the Saunum from your phone.  

No, the Saunum distributes power to the fan.

We are working on pairing Saunum with our larger SaunaLife and Thermory barrel saunas.  It may require a heat shield and other considerations.  Please get in touch with us for details.  

Yes, there is a Saunum option for most indoor and outdoor Auroom and SaunaLife saunas.  Please get in touch for options.

There’s a Saunum dealer in Australia:

We’ll have to stop free shipping (a $500 value) in the coming weeks.  Moreover, the stock is tight in North America and we are unsure when more will arrive.  We recommend getting your orders in now for fast and free shipping.

The Saunum Air is specific to the North American market.  In the UK, you are looking for a Saunum Primary – get ahold of Lewis at The Cedar Sauna Company for more info.

Saunologia's Saunum Review

Saunologia is a Finnish sauna design company that helps customers around the world to secure healthy, sustainable and functional sauna designs. It was founded by Dr. Lassi A Liikkanen and is based in Finland. It features some of the best information about sauna design available in print and online. Sauna Marketplace is not affiliated with Saunologia.

Learn more about Liikkanen's work by reading his highly acclaimed The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design.

Before the introduction of the Saunum circulating air heater, Erkka Suominen, a long-time sauna and hockey enthusiast, had a traditional setup in his small apartment sauna with a Harvia Cilindro. "I knew there was room for improvement," Erkka expressed, highlighting his discontent with the uneven heat distribution in his sauna, forcing him to uncomfortably raise his feet to the upper platform for a smoother sauna experience.

In late 2022, Saunologia gave him an opportunity to test out the Saunum circulating air heater, which draws in hot air and moisture from the edge of the ceiling and blows it down to the floor, evening out temperature differences and moving the steam lower in the sauna. The experiment was carried out in November-December 2022, with the heater noticeably improving Erkka's sauna comfort. "Now, I'm able to spend a longer time in the sauna than before," he stated.

A month into the trial, Erkka found that he could create different sauna conditions with the Saunum heater by changing the combination of the sauna room's target temperature and fan strength. After the experiment, he also noted a significant reduction in temperature differences within the sauna, saying, "Before, the temperature difference from the ceiling to the footboard was more than 30 C, but now it's below 15 C."

Six months after the beginning of the experiment, Erkka was delighted with the Saunum air heater's performance. He remarked, "Saunum rocks and is in heavy use." Moreover, he found the Saunum remote control practical, allowing him to turn on the sauna from his phone.

In summary, the introduction of the Saunum circulating air heater significantly improved the sauna experience for Erkka, enhancing the heat distribution and allowing him to spend more time comfortably in the sauna.


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Stainless Steel, Black


Stainless Steel

Wi-Fi Option


Minimum Cubic Feet of Smallest Model


Maximum Cubic Feet of Largest Model


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Brand Catalog: Saunum

2 reviews for Saunum Air

  1. Aivar

    I have had hard times to explain the effect of Saunum to my friends without actually making a demo with fan off and fan on. And then I have not heard anybody to say that there is not really enough difference 🙂 I took a pic of the lower end of sauna door being moist. I have not seen it in any other sauna, because hot moist air tends to go up and there is quite chilly air close to floor or even at any hight below heater’s upper point. I used to lift my feet up because of that. Until I had my Saunum heater installed.

    Image #1 from Aivar
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  2. Bob Halkdis

    First of all I want to say Ben was fantastic and very informative with all the products on his website.

    He recommended the Saunum Air and this was the best decision for my 6×8 ft 7 feet high cedar sauna.

    I got the 7kw with Wi-Fi and the power is plenty. I can take a dry sauna with no water on the rocks or add water and it becomes a steam room. The best part is when you turn the fan on and add water you can sit at lower level and not get too hot or cold. You don’t need to build an upper-bench with the fan system.

    I have been in saunas most of my life and Saunum changes the game. It is built solidly and pumps out tons of heat.

    I would recommend this unit big time Saunum hit it out of the park with the fan system.

    Friends who normally would not use a sauna
    Actually enjoyed ours and had no problems breathing or staying comfortable.

    Before you buy a sauna heater make sure you talk to Ben about this unit and the benefits.

    Image #1 from Bob Halkdis
    Image #2 from Bob Halkdis
    Image #3 from Bob Halkdis
    Image #4 from Bob Halkdis
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