Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo

The Harvia DUO line is a stunning best-of-both-worlds fireplace and sauna spanning two rooms.  It’s the most elegant solution to for through-wall sauna operation.


None "More Than Enough" Stones +$60.00
None Harvia Black Chimney Kit for Flat Roof +$1,395.00 Harvia Stainless Steel Chimney Kit for Flat Roof +$1,315.00 Harvia Wood Pipe Adapter 4.5" Euro to 6" USA +$115.00
None In Chimney Water Tank Heater (all-models) +$635.00

The Harvia protective bedding is used when a fireplace or stove is installed onto a waterproofed tile or hardwood floor. Made of aluminum-zinc coated steel, painted black.

None Harvia Protective Bedding +$420.00
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  • Setup, Operation, and Maintenance

Harvia Pro Stoves are built with safety in mind. These manuals and documents will help ensure a safe, great performing heater for years to come.

Harvia Duo Series: A Fusion of Warmth & Experience

Introducing the Harvia Legend 2-in-1 Stove & Fireplace Heaters: Crafted for those who seek an unparalleled sauna experience, Harvia’s Legend and Pro wood-burning heaters redefine sauna luxury. With its imposing black steel frame, the heater houses a significant volume of stones, ensuring that even at milder temperatures, there’s an abundance of steam. Remarkably, your steam potential lasts long after the fire dims. The unique design places the Harvia Duo fire chamber outside the sauna room, seamlessly installing the heater through the wall. Embodying modernity, the fire chamber is innovatively structured to distribute combustion air efficiently. This not only optimizes burning but also enhances the heater’s lifespan. The innovative design also allows for a more flexible arrangement of the sauna boards due to the protective distances from the burning wood.
  • Setup, Operation, and Maintenance

Harvia Pro Stoves are built with safety in mind. These manuals and documents will help ensure a safe, great performing heater for years to come.


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Wood feed Wood stoves can accept wood from the interior or exterior of the hot room. Exterior feed sauna stoves have a door that opens to the exterior or changing room. The heater is essentially built through the wall.


Legend 240 Duo


Legend 300 Duo


Pro 20 Duo


Pro 36 Duo

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Brand Catalog: Harvia