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Water and heated stones are the essence of sauna.  Drawing inspiration from a single drop of water, the HUUM DROP is designed to elevate the beauty and performance of these core elements.  We think of HUUM DROP as a very functional piece of art, but it’s also been a reward-winning heater in since 2013.

And with the new heating element retainer, upgraded rocks, and integrated heat shields the HUUM DROP is better than ever.

Choose Size

We recommend using these rounded stones in HUUM heaters to complement the design and have milder steam. We supply more than enough sauna so you can always find that perfect fit. If they settle or crumble we’ll send more for an entire year.

None HUUM Drop Sauna Stones - "More Than Enough" Guaranteed. +$250.00

The HUUM UKU Local is a sleek sauna controller designed to provide a convenient, comfortable sauna experience by integrating controls for lighting, ventilation, and HUUM DROP sauna heating in one unit. Key features include a door sensor to retain heat, child safety lock, overheat protection, and compatibility with heaters up to 18kW. The UKU WiFi shares the same specifications but adds WiFi control for remote access and adjustments.

None UKU Local (black) +$791.00 UKU w/ Wi-Fi (black) +$1,232.00 UKU GLASS w/ Wi-Fi +$1,712.00 UKU Mirror w/ Wi-Fi +$1,837.00

The HUUM Flange D is an embedding flange designed for DROP series sauna heaters, serving as a stylish solution for covering wooden edges when installing a stove partially inside a sauna bench. Constructed with durable stainless steel, this flange ensures a refined, smooth finish to any installation

None HUUM Flange D +$319.00

The HUUM Rail D is a safety railing specifically designed for HUUM DROP series sauna heaters, acting as a protective barrier to prevent accidental contact with the hot heater. Constructed with light-colored wooden arcs and stainless steel supports, this safety railing not only ensures safety but also enhances the sauna’s aesthetic with a contemporary Scandinavian design.

None HUUM RAIL D +$284.00
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Before your order ships, we provide contact information and reference numbers for each.

  • Warranty 5 Years

HUUM Warranty does not include heating elements. offers supplemental 2 year coverage for heating elements (additional charge).

What makes a really great electric sauna heater?

Let’s Make Sure Your Sauna Rocks

Large stone capacity is a major factor. Without a lot of rocks, the sauna can feel harsh. Rocks provide a ‘softer’ heat that will leave you refreshed instead of depleted after the sauna.

HUUM thinks you should leave the sauna feeling better than you entered it, and large rock capacity is how they do it.

HUUM DROP’s massive 122 lbs of rocks is more than any wall-mounted sauna heater on the market.

And it’s not just about making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable – more rocks also can create more steam.

A lot more steam.

Other sauna heaters need to recover after pouring a ladle of water on the rocks.  You can keep going with HUUM heaters, usually until the room is filled with steam.

It’s really a fun experience for the whole family.

But don’t more rocks take longer to heat the sauna room? 

Yes.  But it’s worth it.  And with HUUM’s Wi-Fi enabled UKU controller it’s really not a big deal.  Now you can turn on your sauna from the gym, office, or from bed.

Or program it to run at certain times on certain days.  The HUUM Apple and Android App will always keep you alerted and let you know when your sauna is ready to use.

The more you sauna, the better you will feel.  A convenient app is underrated and can make all the difference.

But large stone capacity and a user friendly app aren’t the only things that set HUUM apart.


Quite simply, HUUM electric sauna heaters get much hotter than any other professional electric sauna heater in North America.  It’s as simple as that, and it’s not disputed.

The reason is that while other sauna companies list their products to UL safety standards, HUUM chose to list with SGS standards.  Both are completely acceptable in the US and we’ve never heard of a single building inspector or insurance company having the slightest issue with them (as the other companies want you to believe).

The result is this:

Other sauna heaters have a maximum sauna temperature of 194°F at the ceiling above the heater.

That may sound like plenty of heat.  Maybe you like temperatures of 180°F and think that doesn’t matter.

But it does.

Some saunas will struggle to reach temperatures over 170°F at the bench position when the temperature sensor above the heater reaches 194°F.

Trust us, that’s a frustrating problem!

HUUM has a max programmable temperature of 230°F which will let almost any sauna get where you want to go.

A side benefit of SGS listing is that the HUUM controller can operate continuously for 12 hours, while others have a maximum of one hour.

So HUUM DROP electric sauna heaters have best-in-class rock capacity for a softer, more mild steam.  They also have a reliable, easy to use Wi-Fi app and controller and get the sauna much hotter.

The crazy thing is, in our experience that’s not even why most people buy the HUUM DROP.

Sauna Aesthetics Matter

Don’t feel ashamed of choosing the HUUM DROP for it’s minimalist good looks.  When sweating on the bench, you’ll want something nice to look at.

In our opinion, nothing photographs as good as a HUUM.  And with the stainless steel grate, it will look good as new almost forever.

Options and Sizing

The HUUM DROP comes in sizes ranging from 4.5 kW to 9 kW, catering to a variety of sauna room sizes from 106 cu. ft. up to 618 cu. ft.

Insulation, glass, and climate should be considered in sizing your HUUM DROP.

Undersizing the heater will make the elements work too hard, and it will take longer to heat the room.

Oversizing the heater can reduce the steam potential of your heater, as the room will actually reach your desired temperature before the rocks fully heat up.

Talk to the Sauna Marketplace team today about sizing the HUUM DROP for your hot room.

Quality Assured

HUUM DROP heaters are SGS listed, assuring you of their quality and safety standards. Plus, the heater comes with a limited 5-year warranty (excluding elements), so you can invest with confidence.

Handcrafted in Estonia

Proudly designed, engineered, and made in Estonia, HUUM DROP heaters offer European quality and design sensibilities.

The HUUM DROP electric sauna heaters are more than just heaters – they are a blend of design, functionality, and quality, bringing the ultimate sauna experience to your home or commercial space. Enjoy the gentle, long-lasting steam and high heat from a heater that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to use. Experience the difference with HUUM DROP.

HUUM DROP Installation Manual

Huum drop with wifi thermostat and standard thermostats set up on a display
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Stainless Steel

Made in

Minimum Cubic Feet of Smallest Model


Height (mm)


Maximum Cubic Feet of Largest Model


For Saunas Smaller Than (m3)


Wi-Fi Option


Stone capacity (kg)






5 reviews for HUUM Drop Electric Sauna Heater

  1. Jackson Dunford

    Beautifully made and super simple to use. Can turn it on from anywhere and is so easy to add to your routine. 100% recommend if you’re in the market for a sauna.

    Image #1 from Jackson Dunford
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  2. Verified owner Peter Hyduke (verified owner)

    usMinnesota, United States

    Great looking sauna heater

    (0) (0)
  3. Linwood Johnson

    Love the Drop 7.5! Buying experience was great.

    (1) (0)
  4. Anonymous

    Incredible steam.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    (1) (0)
  5. Verified owner Brock Hargrove (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

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HUUM is one of the most innovative and original sauna heater manufacturers specializing in both electric heaters and wood fired sauna stoves.  They kicked off a massive sauna manufacturing revival in Estonia that is now rivaling Finland for global market share. What sets HUUM sauna heaters apart in North America is they listed to SGS standards instead of UL standards.  What's the big deal? UL standards make it difficult to get the entire sauna room hot enough.  As a result, HUUM heaters are still safe but can reach temperatures up to 230°F and be programmed for 12 hours. Other professional sauna heaters in North America have a maximum temperature of 194°F above the sauna heater.  For some saunas that means it will struggle to reach 170°F at the seating position. The large rock capacity in all HUUM sauna heater models create a 'softer' steam that doesn't feel harsh light heaters with more radiant heat and less rock capacity. Their Wi-Fi capability and UKU wall controller are intuitive, reliable, and easy to use. Oh, and the aesthetics aren't bad, either! Chat with a Sauna Marketplace representative about sizing and choosing the perfect HUUM sauna heater today! Entire HUUM catalog available in the US right here on Sauna Marketplace. As always, Sauna Marketplace guarantees competitive pricing and strives for a lifelong relationship in support of an authentic sauna experience that over-delivers.

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