Like Sauna Marketplace, Saunum believes that the sauna should be more than a hot room.  They believe the sauna shouldn’t have to be ‘endured’, and that you should leave the sauna feeling better than you entered.

The Founders knew this could be accomplished, as they grew up in smoke saunas that are common in Finland and Estonia.  Smoke saunas had lower temperatures, more humidity, and much more even temperatures throughout.

Their experience also showed them the importance of oxygen in the hot room, and how low oxygen would make you feel depleted after the sauna.

They worked with Universities in Estonia to develop simple, patented solutions that take the hottest air from the ceiling of a sauna and blend it with oxygen rich air at the floor level.

The result is the most comfortable, invigorating sauna experience on the market.

Also like Sauna Marketplace, Saunum likes to back everything up with data.  The big picture is develop ‘smart sauna’ technology that blends the perfect sauna environment depending on the outcome desired by the user, and personal preferences.

Saunum heaters in North America include the Saunum Air and Saunum Air L series.  The Saunum Air L keeps the rocks lower and is better for most medium to large sauna spaces.

We also have the Saunum AirSolo for those who want the Saunum air circulating system with another another electric heater or even a wood stove.

Reach out to your Sauna Marketplace representative today for pairing your new or existing hot room with the perfect Saunum product.  Trust us, it’s worth it!

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Saunum AIR and AIR L Pro | Air Circulating Sauna Heaters for US and Canadian Market

5 KW
5 KW Stainless
7 KW
10 KW Stainless
10 KW
10 L Black
13 L Black
15 L Black

You should come out of the sauna feeling better than you did before.  In traditional smoke saunas of Finland and Estonia, that’s how it was.  Today, people “endure” the sauna for just 10-15 minutes at a time.  That’s because stale heat in electric saunas settles at head height, making you feel dizzy while your feet stay cold.

Saunum blends the hot air from the ceiling with oxygen rich air near the floor and creates a more even, comfortable environment.

Say goodbye to hard-to-breathe and burning steam, and join the thousands of customers around the world who say they would never go back.  Saunum Air is UL-approved for North America and ship daily out of greater Chicago.

The built-in Himalayan salt reservoir, WiFi-enabled AIRIQ controller, and thoughtful design will deliver optimal conditions that hit every sense with an enveloping warmth.

Already have a heater or want to use it with a wood stove?  Check out Saunum AirSolo

For those who seek more than just hot air.

SaunaLife G7S Ready-Made European Luxury Sauna | SaunaLife G7 Series


The SaunaLife G7, or Saunum AirCube One as it’s known in Europe, where they are hand-crafted in Estonia by skilled, meticulous and diligent carpenters with years of experience. They use modern workshop techniques and carefully selected materials, paying close attention to the finest details. And it shows. The SaunaLife G7 has no visable fasteners, flaws, or cold spots when paired with a Saunum Air climate equalizing heater.

Saunum Classic Mini – High-End Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

It’s hard to imagine a place where this sauna wouldn’t look good.  Lighting, ventilation, sound, and above all, excellent heat distribution make this one of the most impressive small saunas we’ve seen.  Small saunas have a tendency to feel ‘harsh’ but with Saunum’s patented air equalizing system you’ll leave it feeling better, not depleted.  Best of all, the Saunum Classic Mini comes fully assembled so it will always perform as intended and can be ready to use in a day.

Saunum AirCube 3 Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

Europe’s favorite pre-built sauna is now available in North America, and this sauna does NOT disappoint.  Somehow even better in person, this sauna is built with meticulous attention to detail and remarkable quality control.  The AirCube can be dropped in place, wired, and ready for your new routine in a matter of hours.  Order now for a free LED lighting system and built-in bluetooth speakers!

This sauna is fully insulated (and then some).  If you want the best, contact Sauna Marketplace today for a planning session.


Saunum AirCube Double Prebuilt European Sauna with Changing Room

The Saunum AirCube double is the only prebuilt sauna with a changing room.  Ideal for a modern backyard sauna, gym, or commercial facility.  Every detail of this exceptional sauna has been precision built and optimized to European sauna standards.  This sauna pops with black painted thermo-spruce exterior and furniture grade thermo-Aspen throughout the interior rooms.

Saunum Sauna Oil Aroma Kit With Reservoir


Experience the healing power of nature with Saunum, a sauna that enriches your wellness journey through aromatherapy. Harness the unique benefits of our three curated scents: Sweet Orange for mood elevation, Eucalyptus for respiratory relief, and Grapefruit for stress reduction. Simply infuse your preferred essential oil into your Saunum device and transform your sauna into a fragrant retreat. Choose Saunum, and unlock a personalized wellness experience.

SaunaLife G6 Garden Series Pre-Assembled Outdoor Sauna


Yes, it really is that good in person!  Introducing the SaunaLife G6, also known as the ‘Saunum Classic’ in Europe. This completely prebuilt outdoor sauna creates a modern nordic retreat, with floor-to-ceiling windows that welcome the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings into your new daily ritual. Designed for those who appreciate the details – from materials to operation to performance.

The G6 / Saunum Classic is steeped in the essence of Nordic design, characterized by its clean lines, functional elegance, and ‘built-to-last’ construction methods.  This sauna is ready for anything.  We recommend booking an appointment below to ensure a successful delivery, heater choice, and installation.

Saunum AirSolo

AirSolo 70
AirSolo 80
AirSolo Wall

The Saunum AirSolo series enhances your sauna experience by offering a balanced, consistent heat and steam from head to toe, eliminating cold spots, with the help of its patented air blending system. Whether you opt for the Wall, 70, or 80 model, each is equipped with Himalayan salt spheres that infuse the air with beneficial ions, promoting skin health and respiratory relief. These sleek, Scandinavian-designed devices, available in Wall-Mounted or In-Wall installations, are compatible with any electric sauna heater and fit seamlessly into large and small spaces.

Note: This is NOT a heater, but is designed to improve any sauna.  Check out The Saunum Air for the complete package.