Saunum is an Estonian sauna technology company founded in 2014 with a mission to elevate the sauna experience through innovative technology. They’ve achieved this by focusing on three key areas:

1. Patented Air-Blending System: This unique system tackles the age-old problem of uneven temperatures in saunas. Saunum’s heaters trap hot steam from the ceiling and mix it with cooler air from the floor, resulting in a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the entire sauna room. This not only makes the sauna more enjoyable, but also safer and healthier, as it prevents overheating and improves breathing comfort.

2. Advanced Sauna Heaters: Saunum’s heaters are more than just heat sources; they’re climate control systems. They utilize the patented air-blending technology to create a softer, more breathable steam, making the sauna experience gentler on the lungs and allowing for longer, more relaxing sessions.

3. User-Friendly Control Systems: Saunum’s next-generation smart control units are intuitive and easy to use. With just a few taps, you can choose from pre-set sauna types or customize your own experience. They even offer self-learning features that adapt to your preferences over time.

The Saunum Effect:

The combination of these technologies creates what Saunum calls the “Saunum effect”:

Longer lasting steam: Enjoy softer, gentler steam that lingers longer in the sauna room.
Improved breathing comfort: Breathe easier with oxygen-enriched steam that’s gentle on your lungs.

Suitable for the whole family: Create a milder sauna experience that’s perfect for everyone, from seasoned sauna-goers to first-timers.

More than just technology:

Saunum isn’t just about gadgets; they’re passionate about the sauna experience as a whole. They offer a wide range of products and services, including:

Ready-made saunas: Stylish and functional saunas designed for modern living.
Climate devices: Enhance any sauna with the benefits of Saunum’s air-blending technology.  Click here for details.

Accessories: Elevate your sauna experience with premium add-ons like aromatherapy diffusers and lighting systems.

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Saunum Air Series

5 KW
7 KW
10 L
10 KW
13 L
15 L

Saunum Air is the only sauna heater that puts a soft and balanced environment at your fingertips (and feet!).

Say goodbye to hard-to-breathe and burning steam, and enjoy the most invigorating and deeply relaxing sauna experience on the market.  Saunum Air is UL-approved for North America and ships daily out of greater Chicago.

The built-in Himalayan salt reservoir, WiFi-enabled AIRIQ controller, and thoughtful design will deliver optimal conditions that hit every sense with an enveloping warmth.

Already have a heater or want to use it with a wood stove?  Check out Saunum AirSolo

For those who seek more than just hot air.

SaunaLife G7 Ready-Made European Luxury Sauna


The SaunaLife G7, or Saunum AirCube One as it’s known in Europe, where they are hand-crafted in Estonia by skilled, meticulous and diligent carpenters with years of experience. They use modern workshop techniques and carefully selected materials, paying close attention to the finest details. And it shows. The SaunaLife G7 has no visable fasteners, flaws, or cold spots when paired with a Saunum Air climate equalizing heater.

Saunum Sauna Oil Aroma Kit With Reservoir


Experience the healing power of nature with Saunum, a sauna that enriches your wellness journey through aromatherapy. Harness the unique benefits of our three curated scents: Sweet Orange for mood elevation, Eucalyptus for respiratory relief, and Grapefruit for stress reduction. Simply infuse your preferred essential oil into your Saunum device and transform your sauna into a fragrant retreat. Choose Saunum, and unlock a personalized wellness experience.

Saunum AirSolo

AirSolo 70
AirSolo 80
AirSolo Wall

The Saunum AirSolo series enhances your sauna experience by offering a balanced, consistent heat and steam from head to toe, eliminating cold spots, with the help of its patented air blending system. Whether you opt for the Wall, 70, or 80 model, each is equipped with Himalayan salt spheres that infuse the air with beneficial ions, promoting skin health and respiratory relief. These sleek, Scandinavian-designed devices, available in Wall-Mounted or In-Wall installations, are compatible with any electric sauna heater and fit seamlessly into large and small spaces.

Note: This is NOT a heater, but is designed to improve any sauna.  Check out The Saunum Air for the complete package.