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Introducing the game-changer in outdoor sauna experiences – the all-new USA Made Overland Superlite Sauna Stove. Our dedicated team has poured their expertise into engineering a superior sauna stove. This remarkable stove weighs in at a mere 29 pounds, making it the lightest sauna tent stove available. And yes, you heard it right – it’s proudly handmade in the USA. Fueled by wood and designed for performance, this stove can bring your sauna to an impressive 200°F in just 10-15 minutes.

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Overland Sauna
Brand Catalog: Overland Sauna

Made In USA.  With durable craftsmanship this stove is made from 22 gauge, cold rolled steel so it can expand and contract for years without broken welds.

Reinforced Legs. With a fire box this hot, you need to be 100% sure your stove legs are durable.  Keep your sauna hot while feeling good that your stove is secure.

Burn Control. Our stove’s oversized firebox is engineered for one purpose – to generate impressive heat. The false bottom design ensures optimal airflow, igniting your fire efficiently while extending the stove’s longevity. And with a precision damper, you have full control over airflow, setting the stage for a quality sauna experience.

Sauna Rocks. Our side-mounted rock cage not only accommodates a manageable 20 lbs of rock mass but also acts as a vital heat shield. Inside the stove, the Overland flame deflector channels flames towards the rock cage, intensifying the heat output and taking your sauna to the next level.

Backyard Warrior. Calling all backyard warriors! If your sauna has found its forever spot in your backyard, basecamp, or fitness facility, you have the liberty to load up more rocks. This technique boosts thermal mass and guarantees an unforgettable and invigorating “löyly.”

Take It Outside. Weighing under 29 lbs, this sauna stove is designed to travel with you. Pack it up and take it to your most daring cold plunge destinations.


Origin: USA

Weight: 29 lbs

Pipe Diameter: Nesting pipes from 5″-4″

Material: 22 Gauge cold rolled steel

Sauna Rocks Weight Weight: 20 lbs in the rock cage, 30-60 lbs on top

Combustion Chamber: 17.25″ L x 10.75″ W x 11.5″ H

Stove Size (collapsed): 18″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H

Collapsible Feet: 8″ H

Spark Arrester: Top of the chimney

Brand Catalog: Overland Sauna


Stainless Steel

Made in


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