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Sauna Marketplace is committed to providing useful information, tools, and no fluff.  We aim to provide a complete, objective view of the sauna market so finding the right sauna becomes enjoyable.

Any sauna manufacturer or builder can list their products here at no cost.  The contact form on individual sauna pages puts sauna buyers in touch with sellers directly.

We also offer sauna health information, news, and sauna culture without the sales pitches and noise.

The humble beginning of Sauna Marketplace began when Erica and Ben were researching backyard saunas for their Minnesota home.  It quickly became clear that some of the best sauna builders do not have the desire to build useful websites.  Some weren’t online at all.  Check out the website for Nippa Sauna Stoves for an endearing example a classic sauna company website.

We thought we could help.

Erica and Ben decided to put the information they gathered online to make buying a sauna more fun and informed.

We hope to provide the most unbiased, helpful information and advice we can find. We are here to help you find the perfect sauna, not to sell you anything.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.[/vc_column_text]

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