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It's NOT About Having The Best Sauna on The Block,

But Getting The Entire Block In The Sauna

You’ve seen the research.  You know regular sauna sessions are a sure way to feel better, relieve stress, sleep better, and even live longer.

But outside of Finland, most of us rarely find ourselves on the bench.

It’s not your fault.  Saunas in most of the world are hard to find, intimidating to buy, and often too expensive.

Many of the best sauna builders are the hardest to find.  They care about making excellent saunas, not marketing themselves.

A sauna company with a hard to find website from the 90s (or no website at all) may actually be a sign of quality work, though we wouldn’t rely on that heuristic alone. Check out the website for Nippa Sauna Stoves for an endearing example a classic sauna company website.

When searching for the best sauna builders, you may spend all day paging through infrared sauna nonesense and broken links.

We can do better!

Saunas can be easy to find, with verified customer reviews and support.  You should know exactly what you’re buying.

Saunas can be more common that hot tubs, and can take its rightful place as the third pillar of healthy living, right up there with diet and exercise.

Your next sauna is closer than you think.

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