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The HUUM CLIFF electric sauna heater impresses with extraordinarily short safety distances, making it the perfect solution for saunas where space is at a premium. Thanks to its efficiently designed structure, safety distances are reduced to a mere 2.4 inches for smaller models and 9.4 inches for larger ones. Additionally, CLIFF provides an ultra-compact 3.5 kW wall-mounted version, expertly crafted to accommodate even the smallest sauna rooms.


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Heating elements are NOT covered by HUUM’s warranty. If your HUUM CLIFF heating elements fail during the covered period, we will send replacements if HUUM doesn’t. *Must be installed according to manual. *Installation photos and failed heating elements may be required. *Not valid for commercial saunas.

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HUUM CLIFF Sauna Heaters – Elevate Your Sauna Experience

Experience the perfect fusion of design, technology, and tradition with HUUM’s CLIFF Sauna Heaters. Elegantly crafted in Estonia, these slim electric sauna heaters are the epitome of Scandinavian style and innovation, perfect for transforming your sauna room into a sanctuary of relaxation.



Efficient Performance

With power options ranging from 3.5kW to 10.5kW, the CLIFF series offers a suitable choice for sauna rooms of varying sizes, from 123 to 600 cubic feet. They stand out with their remarkably small safety distances, making them ideal for smaller spaces. In addition, each unit heats up 25% faster due to an internal air duct, ensuring a warm and welcoming sauna environment in no time.

Superior Design and Construction

Every CLIFF Sauna Heater boasts a slender design that combines aesthetics and functionality. The heaters’ impressive stone capacities (133-165 lbs) contribute to a longer, milder heat. Removable ribs allow more accurate stacking of stones, enhancing direct contact between stones and heating elements for a superior sauna experience. All units are constructed from brushed stainless steel for longevity and a sleek, modern look.

Tailored to Your Needs

The CLIFF range includes the Mini 4, 6, 9, and 11 models, each catering to different needs and room sizes. From compact spaces to larger rooms, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. The heaters work seamlessly with UKU controls (sold separately) for easy and precise temperature adjustments. The CLIFF 11 also requires an UKU extension box for optimal performance.

Certified Quality

Backed by a limited 5-year warranty (excluding elements), our CLIFF Sauna Heaters reflect HUUM’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. All heaters are certified with CE, SGS, and IPX4, ensuring compliance with global safety and quality standards.

Embrace the essence of a sublime sauna experience with HUUM’s CLIFF Sauna Heaters. Explore the range and choose the model that suits your sauna room the best. Remember to purchase the necessary sauna stones and UKU controls separately for the ultimate sauna experience.

(Note: For safe installation, a certified electrician is recommended to ensure compliance with local electrical codes.)

HUUM CLIFF Stone Placement

Brand Catalog: HUUM

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HUUM is one of the most innovative and original sauna heater manufacturers specializing in both electric heaters and wood fired sauna stoves.  They kicked off a massive sauna manufacturing revival in Estonia that is now rivaling Finland for global market share.

What sets HUUM sauna heaters apart in North America is they listed to SGS standards instead of UL standards.  What's the big deal?

UL standards make it difficult to get the entire sauna room hot enough.  As a result, HUUM heaters are still safe but can reach temperatures up to 230°F and be programmed for 12 hours.

Other professional sauna heaters in North America have a maximum temperature of 194°F above the sauna heater.  For some saunas that means it will struggle to reach 170°F at the seating position.

The large rock capacity in all HUUM sauna heater models create a 'softer' steam that doesn't feel harsh light heaters with more radiant heat and less rock capacity.

Their Wi-Fi capability and UKU wall controller are intuitive, reliable, and easy to use.

Oh, and the aesthetics aren't bad, either!

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