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Body brush with Tampico – Long Handle


This is your ultimate dry body brush – now with LONG HANDLE

Perfect for the time when you need that extra reach, pregnancy, limited mobility, or just for comfort – whatever the reason we got your back – scratched 😉


As our most significant body organ, the skin plays a vital role in purifying the body from toxins and pollutants, potential sources of diseases. Dry body brushing accelerates self-cleaning of the body by stimulating the circulation of lymph and blood and peeling and unlocking the pores. What does this mean for us in practice? Quick removal of toxins of the organism, smooth skin without cellulite, uniform color. You do not need any dirty peeling with artificially crafted small particles. Body brushing is an incredibly effective peeling – and only 3 minutes a day.

Body brush with Tampico


This is your ultimate dry body brush. and it comes with two colors straps for him and her

KOLO Bamboo Bath Brush with Handle from Finland


Introducing the Kolo Bath Brush with Handle – a fusion of functionality and serenity for your sauna rituals. With its long bamboo handle, it stands as a testament to KOLO’s commitment to exceptional design and comfort. This brush transcends mere cleanliness, offering a spa-like experience that enhances circulation and skin health.

Round KOLO Bath Brush from Finland | Bamboo


Embark on a revitalizing journey right in your shower, spa, or sauna with the KOLO Bambu Bath Brush. Ergonomically designed without a handle, this brush is perfect for all hand sizes, providing an accessible and invigorating experience. The polypropylene bristles are expertly crafted to stimulate circulation and exfoliate, unveiling skin that’s not only clean but also radiantly alive. With a simple yet effective design, featuring a convenient hole for hanging and storage, this bath brush is a blend of practicality and soothing indulgence.

Cleavage gentle massage body brush


Keeping your neck and cleavage area firm, toned, and loved has never been easier, it is so soft!

With this all-natural horsehair brush, you will experience a pleasantly soft yet effective dry-brushing massage.

Made in Poland

Gentle One Body Brush from Poland


This brush is our bestseller! And they are back! order before they gone again.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE my sauna. Use it almost daily.

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  2. Customer service is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Super fast delivery!

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  5. Arguably one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I was very interested in the Harvia Linear 16, and when it turned out to be out of stock, Ben immediately upgraded us to the Harvia Linear 22 at no additional cost – a much more expensive stove! He also threw in the sauna stones free of charge. Everything arrived quickly and in great shape. We are very happy and will continue to shop at Sauna Marketplace for any of our future sauna needs. Thanks Ben!

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