Harvia Virta Series

The Harvia Virta series is a collection of high-quality, Finnish-made electric sauna heaters designed for a wide range of sauna room sizes, from 177 to 1130 cubic feet. These heaters can comfortably accommodate residential and commercial settings by boasting power outputs from 6kW to 20kW (See Virta Pro for largest models). All models are crafted from robust stainless steel and offer the flexibility of either sidewall or corner, floor mount installations. Selected models in the range feature a built-in steamer to add functionality to your sauna. With a Xenio Control (WI-FI option available), users can customize their sauna sessions to their preferences.

Only the Virta Combi models have automatic steam.


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The Virta Combi is a combined electric heater and steamer that provides a variety of sauna experiences. You can select between a traditional Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or an aromatic sauna. The Combi heater is the right choice for those who enjoy soft and humid steam and the atmosphere created by fragrances. The water tank holds 5 litres – depending on the model, the tank is filled either by manually pouring water into the tank or automatically from a water supply line. The heater has a soapstone cup to hold sauna fragrances and a stainless steel grate for bagged aromatic fragrances. The Combi system is reliable and easy to use.

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Harvia Virta Series – Power and Efficiency Combined

The Harvia Virta Series is a culmination of expert Finnish craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and a deep understanding of sauna experiences. This series is specially designed to cater to a wide array of needs, ranging from residential to commercial applications. Harvia, a respected brand in the sauna industry, has created the Virta Series with an emphasis on power, efficiency, and the transformative sauna experience.

Power Across Sizes

The Harvia Virta Series comes in a broad range of sizes with power ratings varying from 4.5 kW to an impressive 20 kW. This wide power range ensures that there is a Virta model suitable for different room sizes, from cozy home saunas to expansive commercial spa environments. The series is engineered to power sauna rooms from as small as 68 cubic feet to as large as 1130 cubic feet, effectively providing versatility to fit into various sauna designs and infrastructures.

Design and Construction

Every heater in the Virta Series embodies a sleek and elegant design, coupled with robust construction. Primarily made from durable stainless steel, these heaters are built to withstand heavy-duty use while maintaining their polished appearance. The Virta heaters, with their slim profiles, can be installed either on the sidewall or the floor, providing flexibility in sauna layout and maximizing space utilization.

Efficient Heating

The Harvia Virta Series is renowned for its efficient heating capacity, utilizing unique heating element arrangements and direct rock-to-heating element contact. This design provides an optimum sauna experience by generating a uniform heat distribution, ensuring the entire sauna room is comfortably warm. These sauna heaters also offer faster heating times, reducing the wait for your rejuvenating sauna experience.

User-friendly Controls

Virta heaters are designed to work with the separately sold Xenio Control. This advanced, user-friendly control system allows for precise control over temperature and sauna session duration, guaranteeing a personalized sauna experience every time.

Stone Compatibility

Virta heaters require a specific minimum weight of stones, emphasizing the crucial role of sauna stones in heat storage and steam generation. These heaters’ design enables maximum contact between the heating elements and stones, thereby optimizing the heating process and creating an authentic, soothing steam.

The Harvia Virta Series captures the essence of a perfect sauna – effective heating, versatile design, robust construction, and intuitive control. Whether you’re a sauna enthusiast seeking to enhance your home or a business aiming to provide the ultimate spa experience, the Virta Series is a collection worth considering. Its array of features and benefits, matched with Harvia’s trusted quality, assures a sauna experience like no other.

Harvia Autodose Compatible

Harvia Autodose puts the perfect sauna conditions and fragrances at your fingertips.

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About Harvia
Harvia is the best-known Finnish brand worldwide, primarily for their popular sauna heaters since 1950. Harvia features a range of products that cater to a range of preferences and requirements from basements to commercial facilities. The company has gained significant traction in the United States (with the help of Costco) with its unique offering of sauna heaters and barrel saunas under the Almost Heaven brand. Harvia's barrel saunas are a highlight in the American market, providing an authentic and immersive sauna experience. These saunas, known for their distinct cylindrical design and excellent heat circulation, are an ideal addition to any home, gym, or wellness center. Harvia's wide range of heater models in the U.S. contributes to its strong market presence. Their heaters are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety. The Harvia Forte, for instance, is an always-ready ready electric sauna heater that stores enough heat for spontaneous and frequent home use. The Harvia KIP heater, on the other hand, is the most copied heater in history. The Harvia Cilindro heater stands out for its unique design, which allows many stones to be placed in close contact with the heating elements. For those who prefer a classic, wood-burning sauna, the Harvia Legend series provides an exceptional choice. The wood used in these heaters gives the sauna an enchanting, traditional feel, and provides soft, relaxing heat. As we've seen firsthand at Sauna Marketplace - Harvia's business performance in North America has shown growth in recent years. In the first quarter of 2023, the company's revenue from North America saw a substantial increase of 15.8%, a clear testament to Harvia's growing popularity and acceptance among American sauna buyers. Through its dedication to quality, innovation, and the authentic Finnish sauna experience, Harvia continues to strengthen its leading position in the global sauna and spa market. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your wellness journey, or a business seeking the best in sauna solutions, Harvia has established itself as a reliable and superior choice. Contact your Sauna Marketplace representative for details on selecting and sizing the right sauna heater for you.
Brand Catalog: Harvia