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Ice Barrel 500 Insulated Cold Plunge System With Built In Steps


Presenting the ultimate in cold therapy insulation: the Ice Barrel 500. This upright, roomy, and chiller-compatible tool is designed for cold therapy. Equipped with integrated steps and a textured seat, the Ice Barrel 500 simplifies the incorporation of ice baths into your recovery regimen.

Submerge Genesis Tub (Tub Only)


State of the art, affordable, durable and portable cold plunge.

SUBMERGE Genesis Tub

Original price was: $4,403.96.Current price is: $3,732.06.

Transform your health with the powerful benefits of cold exposure. Engineered to the highest standards to supercharge your health, performance and recovery.

This Genesis Tub is 175X80X67cm and designed to be comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes to help foster a deeper sense of relaxation during your submersion. A person 6’3 can fully spread out or you can easily fit 2 people so you can plunge with a partner!

Submerge Yourself To Rise Above.

Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub from Dundalk Leisurecraft


Looking for a beautiful wood burning hot tub that’s actually practical? Ditch the electric bill and enjoy this easy to maintain piece of very functional outdoor art from Dundalk Leisurecraft. The Startlight Wood Burning Hot Tub is made with stainless steel and Eastern White Cedar from Canada where it was built to last. A truly immersive hot tub experience your guests won’t soon forget. Contact your Sauna Marketplace representative about pairing this with a matching sauna, outdoor shower, or cold plunge!

Polar Plunge Tub By Dundalk Leisurecraft | Made of Aluminum and White Cedar


Dreaming of a refreshing home cold plunge, but don’t want a cheap plastic tub that’s an eyesore and won’t last? Dundalk Leisurecraft’s newest Polar Plunge ensures an unparalleled blend of aesthetic appeal and durability to withstand the elements.

Savannah Outdoor Shower


The Savannah Standing Shower from the Canadian Timber Collection by Dundalk Leisurecraft. Easy to assemble, hook up and move around if needed this shower is the perfect choice by your pool or spa to rinse off or for a quick cool down at the cottage lake.

The Baltic Cold Plunge Tub | Dunalk Leisurecraft


The Baltic Cold Plunge therapy tub can be used with our electric chiller unit or you can keep the water cold by adding ice into the water as needed. This Canadian made cold therapy barrel completes the saunas in our Canadian Timber Collection made with Eastern White Cedar and is shipped assembled and ready to use.

The Baltic Cold Plunge therapy tub can be used with our electric chiller unit or you can keep the water cold by adding ice into the water as needed.  The tub is made with a plastic HDPE liner and stainless steel bands on the outside and will hold 150 gallons (570litres) of water, upgrade the cold tub with our optional accessories.

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