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Buyers Guide to Sauna Rocks

Sauna rocks are essential for a traditional sauna experience. They are often an afterthought but...

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Why The Cold Plunge Should Be Incorporated In Your Outdoor Sauna

Cold exposure, or ice baths, are excellent for recovery, the vascular system, and the mind. The...

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Celebrities, CEOs, Doctors, Artists, Athletes, and their Saunas

The sauna can be a true phase-changer for the mind - a useful tool for tackling difficult problems,...

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Barrel Saunas For Sale in Canada

Barrel saunas are believed to have originated in Canada by water barrel coopers, likely of Finnish...

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The Positive Effects of Negative Ions In Saunas

Ions occur around us all the time whenever atoms and molecules have a net negative or positive...

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Infrared Sauna Benefits, Risks, Reviews, Misconceptions, and Lies

The infrared sauna market has always been a hotbed for sensationalist claims, defenders of Finnish...

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Sauna Hacks For Fun, Travel, and Löyly

Warning: Like all good hacks, many of these are not for rule followers. Some may be against...

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The Mobile Sauna Rental Market Is Already A Thing

Could a mobile sauna rental be available for your next party or special occasion?  Outdoor saunas...

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