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Sauna Health

The sauna cold plunge routine for compounding benefits

We’ve known separately about the befits of sauna and cold exposure but Danish researcher Susanna Soeberg (Søberg) is tying it all together, and finding that …

How to activate heat shock proteins in a sauna

Did you know frequent sauna use can reduce all-cause mortalities by 40%? Producing heat shock proteins is a superpower all humans have, and stimulating …

Best dry sauna temperature and humidity for comfort and health

In a traditional dry sauna, the temperature and humidity levels interact and influence each other directly. Both can be increased by splashing water on the …

10 real sauna benefits that sound totally made up

Generations of sauna bathers have continued the tradition knowing one thing: it makes them feel better, they like it, and they can’t imagine life without it …

Can sauna kill coronavirus? Public saunas and covid-19

If booze, tar, and sauna won’t help, the illness is fatalFinnish Proverb First Things First We get it – there are no sauna coronavirus studies.  …

Does sauna help weight loss?

Sauna benefits often sound too good to be true.  Regular sessions can decreases all-cause mortality, improve endurance, and does wonders for your skin.  But …

The positive effects of negative ions in saunas

Ions occur around us all the time whenever atoms and molecules have a net negative or positive charge.  The charge changes when the atom or molecule …

Barrel Saunas

Almost heaven barrel sauna reviews, models, options, and sales

Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas are some of the most popular, best selling outdoor saunas in the US. They were recently bought by Harvia Finland but they are …

Costco home sauna reviews – indoor, outdoor, & barrel saunas!

UPDATE 2022: Costco no long offers barrel sauna for sale in the US.  The same barrel sauna Costco sold are now available at Walmart and (believe it or …

Backyard barrel sauna reviews and 2022 options you can buy now

We’re BIG fans of the outdoor barrel sauna.  They’re the perfect addition to any garden, cabin, deck, backyard, or pool. Barrel sauna kits are among …

The mobile sauna rental market has wheels – and business is booming

Could a mobile sauna rental business be available for your next party or special occasion?  Outdoor saunas are now available for rent and can be booked …

How to build a diy barrel sauna from scratch

Building a Barrel Sauna can a be a fun project that will provide years of ‘sweat equity.’  Traditionally, every sauna was homemade and there is nothing …

8 most stunning sauna views in the world

Best Barrel Sauna View: Kings Island Escapes in Tasmania, Australia The best barrel sauna view in the world sin’t a mountain view, but an ocean beach view. …

Buying guide: outdoor barrel sauna kits for sale in canada

If you’re looking for an outdoor sauna in Canada, barrel saunas you’ve probably considered a barrel sauna.  And for good reason.  Barrel saunas are …

Sauna Deals

The chicago sauna scene has it all

Rent a state-of-the-art mobile sauna in your backyard. Get the full platza experience at an old world banya. Have a sauna tent with catering delivered to …

Where to rent, custom build, and buy a sauna in wisconsin

Wisconsin is definitely a sauna state, where Finnish immigrants settled along the shores of Lake Superior and often built and lived in rustic saunas while …

Full steam ahead as the portable sauna tent gains respect

Often overlooked, Portable Sauna Tents with wood burning stoves can offer the best of all worlds, and are winning over sauna enthusiasts around the globe.  …

Best wood sauna stoves, reviews and 2022 guide

The stove is the heart of any sauna, and choosing the type of heater is one of the biggest decisions you will make in building a sauna.  While electric …

13 heavenly sauna accessories and gifts for nordic living

Sauna enthusiasts can be hard to shop for, so we compiled a list of our favorite Nordic Life products and sauna accessories. Nordic living goes beyond …

Best electric sauna heater reviews and 2022 guide

While we love the routine of a wood-burning sauna, there’s no denying that the good electric sauna heaters are more convenient, clean, and consistent. …

Best infrared sauna – reviews, best deals, and mistakes to avoid

The infrared sauna market has always been a hotbed for sensationalist claims, defenders of Finnish traditions, and deceptive sales tactics. The “too good to be …

The 6 best outdoor sauna kits of 2022

A spa-like experience in a box An outdoor sauna is the ultimate accessory for a patio, deck, or pool. It will provide years of relaxation, enjoyment, and …

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