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The Cleanest Burning Sauna Heater In The World

Knowing what a good sauna really means, has been the key driver for Narvi. With 100% of manufacturing and R&D in Finland, they make zero compromises when it comes to “löyly” which usually means that our heaters have a perfect amount of sauna stones. Introducing the cleanest burning sauna stove in the world, (Narvi NC 16) proudly available in North America on Sauna Marketplace.

Sauna Tent Stove With Chimney


Upgrade your sauna experience with the stainless steel North Shore Sauna Tent Stove, offering rapid heating, a compact design, and a complete chimney set for optimal performance and portability.

*Now shipping V2, the latest version of the North Shore Sauna Tent Stove

Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove

Original price was: $841.00.Current price is: $760.50.

Experience the gold standard in sauna performance with the Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove. This stove is designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and reliable, with a sleek and modern look that adds to the beauty of your sauna.  It won’t take long to see why the M3 is the best selling sauna stove in the world.

Harvia M3s are in stock and shipping out daily.  Order yours today.


17 LS

The rocks take center stage with the HUUM HIVE Wood.  Fusing substantial thermal mass with a sleek design, these stoves offer an impressive thermal mass for long-lasting, gentle heat and abundant steam. Whether choosing a model with inside or outside wood feeding, the HIVE Wood Series upholds HUUM’s commitment to quality and durability in any sauna.


Harvia Linear 16

Original price was: $805.00.Current price is: $724.20.

The Linear 16 wood-burning sauna stove is source of glowing heat for smaller saunas. Through the warm glow of the cast-iron glass door, with optional door direction, the fire enhances the sauna atmosphere. The fire chamber and combustion air channels of Harvia wood burning heaters are designed so that sauna warms quickly and the burning is cleaner.



Created originally to comply with strict German regulations for reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency in wood-burning stoves, the HIVE Heat now brings this advanced technology to a global market. The HIVE Heat achieves a lower flue gas temperature, transferring more heat into the sauna room and less escaping through the chimney. This design allows optimal heat utilization, offering a superior sauna experience while lessening the environmental impact.  The HUUM HIVE Heat is an advanced sauna stove designed with the environment in mind and boasting a 12kW power rating, making it ideal for sauna rooms sized between 212 to 459 cubic feet. Compared to the HUUM HIVE Wood series, the HIVE Heat features a more innovative airflow system and different materials, including a cast iron stove door focused on burning wood as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for the electric HUUM HIVE?  Click here.

Narvi Kaamos 20 Woodburning Sauna Heater from Finland


The wood-burning Narvi Kaamos stove is designed without jewelry and made with durable materials. The outer shell’s angularity, the reduced black upper frame, and the stove’s matte tone create an elegant appearance. The stove was designed and manufactured in Finland.

The stove’s large amount of stones, 60 kg, improves steaming. With that amount, even and pleasant baths are achieved. A cast-iron mouthpiece with a large glass creates an atmosphere and makes it easier to follow the flame. The mouthpiece is sturdy and does not bend in use, and its wooden handle is comfortable to use.
The stove’s outside shell is painted. Underneath the paint is a durable, corrosion-protected steel plate. The stove’s adjustment feet make installation easier.

The large and strong grate and fire air control through the back protection plate of the firebox ensure efficient and clean combustion. The solid 10 mm thick firebox roof makes the stove reliable and long-lasting.

Narvi NC 16 Black Wood Burning Sauna Heater from Finland


Introducing the exquisite Narvi NC wood-burning stove, renowned for its elegant and timeless design. A remarkable addition to any sauna, this heater effortlessly blends with both traditional and modern decor. The large stone volume and sturdy construction of the stove guarantee an even and enjoyable sauna experience, without requiring excessive amounts of firewood.

What sets the Narvi NC stove apart is its novel fire chamber design, which ensures efficient and environmentally friendly combustion while complying with mandatory CE marking requirements. The black painted casing of the stove, matched with its cast iron glass door, frontal panel, and steel frame around the stone section, is a true testament to its sophistication. For those seeking even more opulence, the Narvi NC 20 and Narvi NC 16 are also available with a luxurious stainless steel casing.

This wood-burning stove is incredibly easy to install thanks to its adjustable feet and comes with a rear connection pipe for the chimney. Additionally, for those who prefer top connection, a separate connection pipe can be acquired.

Narvi NC wood-burning stoves are not just sauna heaters; they are a symbol of luxury and refinement. If you are looking to elevate your sauna experience, we have a range of these exceptional wood-burning stoves for sale.

Sauna Stone Capacity: up to 60 kg

Made In Finland.

Narvi Kuru Woodburning Sauna Heater From Finland


A stylish and reliable Narvi Kuru is an excellent sauna heater. It creates an authentic sauna feeling and ensures pleasant sauna steam. A glazed door allows you to enjoy ambience of live fire during the sessions.

The steel housing of the heater painted in black creates simple, yet stylish atmosphere. Thanks to wooden handles the use of the heater is easy and simple.  Narvi heaters are built to last.

Cozy Heat Sauna Stove


Made in Estonia, where sauna is a way of life, for smaller saunas. Wood-fired sauna stoves are ideal for gentle, long-lasting heat, and are designed for pouring water over the hot stones for a wonderful, steamy sauna.

COZY has taken the ancient craft of wood-burning sauna stoves to a completely new level and has created a unique wood-burning sauna stove hand-made in Estonia, where sauna bathing is a way of life.

Wood-fired sauna stoves produce a mild, long-lasting heat and are designed for ladling water over the hot stones to create a luxurious steam sauna. The part of the wood-burning heater that must be the strongest, the flame cutter, is made of sturdy, 5mm-thick stainless steel making COZY heaters extremely durable.

Enjoy the satisfying experience that only a traditional wood-fired sauna heater provides.

Overland Sauna Stove


Introducing the game-changer in outdoor sauna experiences – the all-new USA Made Overland Superlite Sauna Stove. Our dedicated team has poured their expertise into engineering a superior sauna stove. This remarkable stove weighs in at a mere 29 pounds, making it the lightest sauna tent stove available. And yes, you heard it right – it’s proudly handmade in the USA. Fueled by wood and designed for performance, this stove can bring your sauna to an impressive 200°F in just 10-15 minutes.

Overland Thermal Sauna Stones


20 lbs of Sauna Stones from Overland Sauna.  Shipped from Portland, OR.  Sauna stones allow you to laddle water on the rocks to create steam, and mellow out the harshness of the direct heat.  More rocks on a sauna stove take longer to heat up, but provide a more comfortable, enjoyable experience even at hotter temperatures.  Overland recommends 20 lbs of rocks with their Superlite Sauna Tent Stove.

Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo

Legend 240 Duo
Legend 300 Duo
Pro 20 Duo
Pro 36 Duo

The Harvia DUO line is a stunning best-of-both-worlds fireplace and sauna spanning two rooms.  It’s the most elegant solution to for through-wall sauna operation.

Harvia Pro Series

Pro 20
Pro 20 ES
Pro 20 LS
Pro 20 RS
Pro 20 SL
Pro 26
Pro 36

The Harvia Pro Series is the value line for medium saunas. While most default to the popular Harvia M3, the Pro line is larger and has options like built in water tanks (ES), through-wall feed (SL), and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Pro Series can also be paired with an in-chimney water heater, and has great short clearances when paired with the surround and floor protector.  The Harvia Pro Series has fewer stones so it heats faster than rock basket heaters, but will not provide as ‘soft’ of a heat as something like a Harvia Legend.

The Harvia Pro comes in three sizes (20, 26, 36) for small and medium saunas.

Harvia Legend 240GF


The impressive Harvia GreenFlame 240 is ideal for medium sized saunas, up to 848 cu. ft., with a large glass door for you to get lost in the tranquility of the flames. Not only impressive in looks the Harvia GreenFlame 240 is durable, easy-to-use, and has 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions.

Harvia Legend 150

Original price was: $1,752.00.Current price is: $1,576.80.

A truly legendary wood burning sauna, that sets the global standard for smaller saunas.  The Legend 150 is equipped with a cast iron glass door, adjustable legs, and an innovative structure that separates the combustion air creating a more efficient burn.

Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame


Greenflame is Harvia’s environmentally friendly, wood-burning sauna heater. The Greenflame reduces fine particulate emissions by 20 percent, and carbon monoxide emissions by 70 percent compared to similar models.

The large glass hatch of the heater enhances the ambiance while the advanced sauna burning technology and durable construction ensure a more reliable and responsible sauna for years to come.

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  1. Having enjoyed soaking up the warm steaminess of our Sauna for more than two weeks we are totally sold! The unit is working great in every respect.

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  2. Good quality and the package includes extra parts in case of damage to certain wood pieces during the install. So far so good!

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  3. Amazing customer service from Ben and his team! Prompt and very responsive during the order and install process – only positive feedback for the team!

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  4. Ben and customer service has been great! Was informed thru the entire process and very responsive on requests or questions I’ve had. Just installed and got everything working so can leave further thoughts on the Sauna and Huum Drop heater, but from a credibility / customer satisfaction perspective – Sauna Marketplace and Ben were top-notch.

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  5. Love this sauna. Huge improvement over gym and barrels I’ve used in the past. Thank you fellas!

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