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Harvia Paraffin Oil For Sauna


Harvia recommends you protect the benches and other frequently contacted surfaces with paraffin oil. It reduces the absorption of moisture and dirt into wood and extends the benches’ life. Repeat the treatment 1–3 times a year, depending on how often the sauna is used.

Harvia Linear 16


The Linear 16 wood-burning sauna stove is source of glowing heat for smaller saunas. Through the warm glow of the cast-iron glass door, with optional door direction, the fire enhances the sauna atmosphere. The fire chamber and combustion air channels of Harvia wood burning heaters are designed so that sauna warms quickly and the burning is cleaner.

Harvia M3 Wood Burning Sauna Stove – Reviews and Installation Examples


The M3, from Harvia has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, wood-burning saunas. It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere.

The Harvia M3 is the most popular wood fired stove in mobile saunas around the world. It has a glass door, great look, and relatively easy setup along with great support from Harvia.

The Wall Series by Harvia – 6kW

Stainless Steel

The Harvia Wall SW60, a minimalistic Scandinavian design sauna heater, is engineered to power sauna rooms up to 282 cubic feet (CF). The illuminated controls make the Wall an easy-to-use heater. For customizability, the Wall heater can be installed in right or left-handed directions.

Harvia Cilindro PC60

The Cilindro Half Series 6kW (PC60) Sauna Heater is a uniquely sleek, modern electric heater that packs an impressive amount of stones in a small cylinder.  Once you get the hang of a Harvia Cilindro, you’ll be able control your hot room with a soft heat by throwing water along the side, or harsher heat from dropping from above.  The PC60 has built in sauna controls, saving the time and expense of adding an external control.

Harvia Chimney Kit in Black or Stainless Steel – WHP1500m

Stainless Steel

Contains black powder coated (or stainless steel) chimney, utility box, non-insulated smoke pipe, rain cap, rubber rain flange, installation set for rain flange, stainless steel lead-through flange for ceiling, lead-through insulation and protector, installation manual.

The Wall Series by Harvia – 8kW

Stainless Steel

For customizability, the Wall heater can be installed in right or left-handed directions and illuminated controls help make it easy to use. The Harvia Wall SW80 Black Stainless Steel, a minimalistic Scandinavian design 8.0kW sauna heater, is engineered to power sauna rooms up to 423 cubic feet (CF).

Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame


Greenflame is Harvia’s environmentally friendly, wood-burning sauna heater. The Greenflame reduces fine particulate emissions by 20 percent, and carbon monoxide emissions by 70 percent compared to similar models.

The large glass hatch of the heater enhances the ambiance while the advanced sauna burning technology and durable construction ensure a more reliable and responsible sauna for years to come.

Harvia Cauldron – An 80 Liter Wood Burning Water Heater


Generally found in cottage settings, the Harvia Cauldron 80 will give your sauna an authentic Finnish cottage atmosphere. It is used to heat larger amounts of water (80 Liters). Painted black for a sleek touch along with a replaceable fire chamber for long lasting durability.

Harvia Legend 150


A truly legendary wood burning sauna, that sets the global standard for smaller saunas.  The Legend 150 is equipped with a cast iron glass door, adjustable legs, and an innovative structure that separates the combustion air creating a more efficient burn.