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Mobile Saunas

North Shore Dome – Large Sauna Tent For Up To 8 People


The extra large Dome Sauna Tent by North Shore Sauna provides the ultimate sauna experience for up to 8 friends, teammates, or family members.  Created by the Duluth, Minnesota company who earned their reputation for the best performing, safest, most reliable sauna tents and stoves on the market.

The Dome has two chimney ports and thick fabric and insulation, allowing for high sauna temps even when it’s below freezing outside.

Prism Tent Sauna


Looking for the ultimate ‘Sauna in the Wild’ experience?  For good reason, the North Shore Sauna Prism is the best-performing, most trusted sauna tent on the market.

Expertly crafted and rigorously tested by passionate sauna adventurers on the North Shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, this best-in-class sauna tent is the essential companion for those who don’t want to gamble on their wellness journey.

Immerse yourself in the warmth and rejuvenation of the North Shore Prism Sauna Tent – where adventure and well-being become one.

Note: The North Shore Prism is back ordered.  Check out the new North Shore Nova 6.

No Boundaries Mobile Sauna with Changing Room – Wisconsin


Why wait?  This wood-burning mobile sauna was built in 2023 by tiny home masters ‘No Boundaries Tiny Home and Saunas’ in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  Contact us before purchasing.

2022 Voyageur Mobile Sauna with IKI Wood Stove

This pre-owned 2022 Voyager Mobile Sauna is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate on the go.   This custom-built sauna is 7 x 14 feet and features a changing room for added convenience. The exterior is made of durable .040 aluminum siding in a medium bronze color, while the interior is finished with premium 1 x 6 tongue and groove cedar. The sauna is also insulated with spray foam to ensure maximum heat retention.

The Minnesota-Built Voyager Mobile Sauna has an IKI MINI wood stove, which provides quick and even heat. The sauna also features a non-slip, coin-pattern rubber floor for safety and comfort. The changing room features a 24 x 48 tempered window, a bench, a shelf, and a light. The sauna also has a clear cedar upper bench that flips up, a premium sliding lower bench that flips up, and under-bench LED lights.

The Voyager Mobile Sauna is also equipped with a 11 x 18 candle window, USB ports in the changing room, an exterior door light, and two 24 x 48 tempered glass windows in the hot room. The sauna also has a moveable bench that is 15 x 36 inches.

To make it even more convenient, the Voyager Mobile Sauna comes with a 90 watt solar charging system with a 10 amp charge regulator and a 12-volt TEL 90 AGM battery to power the lights in the sauna. The sauna also has a spare tire.

The Voyager Mobile Sauna is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna anywhere you go. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or want to relax in your own backyard, the Voyager Mobile Sauna is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate.

Sauna is located in South Central Wisconsin.

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  1. My family is loving the Harvia M3, heat shield and stones! It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you! On top of the most competitive price, everything arrived on time and was in perfect condition.

    Here’s a couple pics of my build. I built a mobile sauna (using old camper running gear) as I wanted the flexibility to use it at home and at recreational property I have near by. Dimensions are roughly 7×10 including a small changing room. The interior is all local Michigan white cedar.

    The Harvia stove combined with heat shield allowed me to maximize my space and heats up the sauna very quickly.

    It was a great project for me and my boys which we wouldn’t be able to afford as quickly without your help.

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  4. I honestly had a great experience shipping was fast plenty of extra parts went together pretty smoothly did it by myself the delivery driver was alone and they told him that I had a crew which I didn’t so we had to unload it off the truck few parts at a time but we took our time and it went okay I helped it’s beautiful there is a vague part in the instructions about which way the front faces throughout the whole instruction pamphlet it shows the puzzle pieces facing outward but in one small part it says that the puzzle pieces should be facing inward but by the time I realized it I had gone too far and it works just fine looks fantastic and if there was a place here to upload a picture I would the company was really nice to work with talk to I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from here and I got the best deal here…

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  5. Beautiful looks and design. Not quite as easy to put together as the video but then again we were doing it on a deck that was 20 feet above the ground. Some of the boards were warped as you would expect from a softwood but luckily the company send extras. We tried it out the first time last night and found it to be excellent and a good feeling. It was just the two of us I’m sure it can hold four easily even maybe six.

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