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Don’t be deceived by the HUUM STEEL’s minimalist elegance! This compelling electric heater carries an unexpected abundance of stones, delivering potent yet gentle, enduring warmth. Cleverly hidden within its streamlined design is a sturdy built-in air tunnel, promising swift and efficient heat, belying its compact form. Its stunning stainless steel shell provides a captivating contrast against the natural sauna stones, effortlessly elevating the aesthetic charm of your sauna room.

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None HUUM UKU Local Controller For STEEL +$791.00 HUUM UKU WIFI Controller for STEEL +$1,232.00
None Adequate rocks for STEEL +$252.00

The embedding flange is made of stainless steel and covers the uneven wooden edges around the heater, creating a clean and smooth finish. The embedding flange is useful if you plan to install the sauna heater partially inside the sauna platform. The HUUM Flange CS was designed for use with installation of the Cliff or Steel Series sauna heaters.

None Flange CS +$363.00

Minimize safety clearances with HUUM Reflect. See manual for details.

None Reflect S +$334.00 HUUM Rail S - Safety Rail for HUUM STEEL +$424.00
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The HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater embodies style, power, and sophistication, making it an outstanding choice for a modern home sauna. Its sleek design, combined with its small safety distances, makes it perfect for compact steam rooms, delivering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics.


  • Stylish and Eye-catching Design: The STEEL electric sauna heater boasts a slender yet robust build, housed in a visually striking stainless steel enclosure that beautifully contrasts with the natural sauna stones. The stunning design complements any modern sauna room and enhances its visual appeal.
  • Mild and Long-lasting Steam: Despite its slender shape, the sauna heater can hold many sauna stones that guarantee gentle and enduring steam. Its built-in air tunnel ensures effective airflow and rapid heating, enhancing your sauna experience.
  • Control with Mobile App: The HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater is compatible with the UKU mobile app, allowing you to control your sauna from anywhere, anytime. With just a few taps, you can heat your sauna before you even arrive home, ensuring it’s ready when you are.
  • Easy to Use: With user-friendly controls and a simple, intuitive design, the HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater makes it easy to enjoy a perfect sauna experience at home.


  • Durability and Safety: Engineered for durability and safety, the STEEL electric sauna heater comes with a 5-year warranty. It is made in Estonia, complies with CE certificate standards, and incorporates an optimized structure that minimizes safety distances.
  • Energy Efficient: The internal air tunnel design expedites sauna heating by 25%, prolongs the heating elements’ useful life, thus ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Environmental Impact: HUUM is committed to sustainable production methods, with a focus on minimizing environmental footprint. The fins of the award-winning CLIFF sauna heaters are made from the cutouts of the STEEL sauna heaters, demonstrating HUUM’s dedication to material optimization and waste reduction.
  • Enhanced Sauna Experience: With the capacity to hold up to 150 kg of stones, the HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater delivers a unique sauna experience characterized by mild and long-lasting steam. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and wellness.


The HUUM STEEL electric heater has optional accessories like a safety railing, reflector, embedding flange, heating elements, and sauna stones, which can be purchased separately to enhance the sauna experience.

Awards and Certifications:

HUUM products have been recognized with the international product design award RedDot, reflecting their high standards of design and quality. Their commitment to quality ensures you’re investing in a product that meets and exceeds industry standards.

The HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater is more than just a heater; it’s a statement of style, a testament to cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to creating the ultimate sauna experience.

Brand Catalog: HUUM









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HUUM is one of the most innovative and original sauna heater manufacturers specializing in both electric heaters and wood fired sauna stoves.  They kicked off a massive sauna manufacturing revival in Estonia that is now rivaling Finland for global market share. What sets HUUM sauna heaters apart in North America is they listed to SGS standards instead of UL standards.  What's the big deal? UL standards make it difficult to get the entire sauna room hot enough.  As a result, HUUM heaters are still safe but can reach temperatures up to 230°F and be programmed for 12 hours. Other professional sauna heaters in North America have a maximum temperature of 194°F above the sauna heater.  For some saunas that means it will struggle to reach 170°F at the seating position. The large rock capacity in all HUUM sauna heater models create a 'softer' steam that doesn't feel harsh light heaters with more radiant heat and less rock capacity. Their Wi-Fi capability and UKU wall controller are intuitive, reliable, and easy to use. Oh, and the aesthetics aren't bad, either! Chat with a Sauna Marketplace representative about sizing and choosing the perfect HUUM sauna heater today! Entire HUUM catalog available in the US right here on Sauna Marketplace. As always, Sauna Marketplace guarantees competitive pricing and strives for a lifelong relationship in support of an authentic sauna experience that over-delivers.

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