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Heat, Steam, and Timeless Tradition

We are proud of our selection of saunas, sauna heaters, and accessories from top-notch builders and manufacturers.

We treat every customer like their health and well-being is on the line. 

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Sauna marketplace was very helpful! They are extremely knowledgeable and guided me to the perfect sauna heater for my space.

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Bijan T.

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Working with Sauna Marketplace was a lifesaver. We couldn't be happier with the choices we made with them. We would never tackle a sauna project without them.

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C & J Hanson

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Super fun website with everything sauna related you could ask for with great customer service! I recommend it to all my sauna friends!

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Ryan C
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The Backstory

Our journey began as SaunaShare.com, the platform for mobile sauna rentals.  When public saunas and rental saunas were closed during COVID, we launched this marketplace to help our sauna friends who relied on their services.

We learned that to get the full benefits of sauna, 4-7 days in the sauna is recommended.

It was time to bring the sauna home.

It Was Time To Bring Good Sauna Home

We wanted a home sauna to be accessible to everyone.  But there was a problem that may be familiar to you now.

When we scratched the surface, the more affordable sauna kits were secretly made in China.  Even the American-made ones leaked, performed poorly, and only lasted a few years.  They were hot rooms at best, nothing like the experience delivered by our partners on SaunaShare.

And there were no high-end sauna kits built to European standards.

So we developed a network of trusted custom builders that we still maintain today. 

But we kept learning, and asking why the good, affordable sauna kits we saw in Europe weren’t readily available here in North America.

Good Saunas That Last

We became students of the ‘best practices’ in sauna design, construction, and materials.  

We learned a good sauna is simple.  It must provide:

  1. Relatively even heat from head to toe.
  2. Have superheated rocks that produce steam with a splash of water.
  3. Have good ventilation that cycles fresh, oxygen-rich air to the bather.

But none of that matters if the sauna doesn’t last.  We studied why saunas fail, and why the saunas in Europe provided a better sauna experience.

We discovered better designs, Air Circulating Heaters, and materials like Thermally Modified Wood.

But could these be readily available in North America?  We were going to need help.

A Sauna Network You Can Trust

There are a lot of people involved in creating, delivering, and supporting world-class sauna products and service.

Everyone we work with has proven they care about getting it right every time.  

Four years later, we’ve helped professional athletes, actors, top yoga instructors, comedians, podcasters, researchers, and more doctors than we can count. 

But everyone gets the same personalized attention and care. 

Getting it right every time matters to us.

Why choose SaunaMarketplace.com?

Unrivaled Selection: We offer the most extensive range of trusted saunas, heaters, and accessories from renowned builders and manufacturers, ensuring that you can find the perfect product for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a $1,000 sauna tent or a $100,000 tiny home/mobile sauna – we have the network and experience to find exactly what you need.

Best Prices: We guarantee the best prices on our high-quality products, making it easier for you to invest in your well-being without breaking the bank.  

Expertise: Our team is passionate about saunas and has in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience with every brand we sell.  

Customer-Centric Approach: Exceeding your expectations is our top priority. 

Secure Shopping: Our website is designed from the ground up to protect your personal information, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and secure.

At SaunaMarketplace.com, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the rejuvenating and healing power of saunas. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna enthusiast or a newcomer looking to invest in your first home sauna, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

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The Founding Bens

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Hi, We're Ben!

We've been best buds forever, and separately got really into sauna after moving far away.

We've spend most of our lives managing concerts, events, and tours.

At Sauna Marketplace, you're the rock star and sauna is the show.

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Dedicated To Authentic Sauna Experiences

In America, anyone can put wood on the walls and call it a sauna. We are specialists in authentic Finnish sauna and students of the best practices, materials, and methods.

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  4. Great products and great service. Ben, Ben, and the team are great to work with!

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  5. Our experience with SaunaMarketplace was really top notch. Ben has been fantastic and has continued to be available to us to answer any questions and provide information even post sale. I highly recommend them and could not be happier.

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