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We’ve all been there. 

Searching for authentic sauna products only to be bombarded with infrared saunas, sauna blankets, and gimmick products.

You may think you’re safe by browsing websites of trusted Finnish sauna companies, but not anymore.  Infrared Saunas are there too.

What if you could research every high-quality sauna heater available in your country, filtered by options that matter to you – like stone capacity, maximum firewood length, and minimum clearances?

What if you could find trusted sauna builders in your area, and request a quote in a few clicks?

Now you can.

Sauna Marketplace relies on expertise from a global network of public sauna owners, custom builders, and ancient wisdom passed down for generations.  

Now a part of SaunaShare.com, our website and your next purchase decision will be informed by sauna owners who put their saunas through the harshest conditions.

Mobile saunas traveling thousands of miles. 

Public saunas welcoming thousands of guests.

Saunas that have stood the test of time.

All will be factored into your next search for saunas and products at Sauna Marketplace – your partner in wellness that works.  

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