HUUM is one of the most innovative and original sauna heater manufacturers specializing in both electric heaters and wood fired sauna stoves.  They kicked off a massive sauna manufacturing revival in Estonia that is now rivaling Finland for global market share.

What sets HUUM sauna heaters apart in North America is they listed to SGS standards instead of UL standards.  What’s the big deal?

UL standards make it difficult to get the entire sauna room hot enough.  As a result, HUUM heaters are still safe but can reach temperatures up to 230°F and be programmed for 12 hours.

Other professional sauna heaters in North America have a maximum temperature of 194°F above the sauna heater.  For some saunas that means it will struggle to reach 170°F at the seating position.

The large rock capacity in all HUUM sauna heater models create a ‘softer’ steam that doesn’t feel harsh light heaters with more radiant heat and less rock capacity.

Their Wi-Fi capability and UKU wall controller are intuitive, reliable, and easy to use.

Oh, and the aesthetics aren’t bad, either!

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HUUM Drop Electric Sauna Heater

4.5 KW
6 KW
7.5 KW
9 KW

Water and heated stones are the essence of sauna.  Drawing inspiration from a single drop of water, the HUUM DROP is designed to elevate the beauty and performance of these core elements.  We think of HUUM DROP as a very functional piece of art, but it’s also been a reward-winning heater in since 2013.

And with the new heating element retainer, upgraded rocks, and integrated heat shields the HUUM DROP is better than ever.


17 LS

The rocks take center stage with the HUUM HIVE Wood.  Fusing substantial thermal mass with a sleek design, these stoves offer an impressive thermal mass for long-lasting, gentle heat and abundant steam. Whether choosing a model with inside or outside wood feeding, the HIVE Wood Series upholds HUUM’s commitment to quality and durability in any sauna.


HUUM Hive Electric Sauna Heater

6 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW
12 KW
15 KW

Hold down the heat in style with the HUUM HIVE Sauna Heater, the thermal titan that kicked off the ‘Instagram Era’ of modern saunas.  Once the massive stone capacity heats up, the HUUM HIVE emits a warmth so good you might mistake it for a traditional wood-burning sauna.  Ranging from 6kw to 18kw, the HUUM HIVE is a perfect choice for small, medium, and gym saunas.  All HUUM Heaters are CE Certified and rated for 230 (110c) for those who like it hot.




Created originally to comply with strict German regulations for reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency in wood-burning stoves, the HIVE Heat now brings this advanced technology to a global market. The HIVE Heat achieves a lower flue gas temperature, transferring more heat into the sauna room and less escaping through the chimney. This design allows optimal heat utilization, offering a superior sauna experience while lessening the environmental impact.  The HUUM HIVE Heat is an advanced sauna stove designed with the environment in mind and boasting a 12kW power rating, making it ideal for sauna rooms sized between 212 to 459 cubic feet. Compared to the HUUM HIVE Wood series, the HIVE Heat features a more innovative airflow system and different materials, including a cast iron stove door focused on burning wood as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for the electric HUUM HIVE?  Click here.



This is a heat guiding device for the HUUM Drop 9 Heaters.

HUUM DROP Retainer D Upgrade Kit


The DROP Retainer is used for the DROP 7 and 9 heaters installed between the heating elements. The retainer assists with keeping the heating elements from contact while laying stones or utilizing the heater.  This upgrade kit can improve the longevity and performance of your HUUM DROP heater.  Note that new DROP heaters from authorized sellers like Sauna Marketplace already have these included.  If dealing with a heating element failure, we recommend contacting us first to determine the cause.

HUUM HIVE Safety Rail


HUUM did it again.  A safety rail for the popular HUUM HIVE series sauna heaters that does more that doesn’t just protect its visitors, but also makes the entire heater and sauna look better.  HUUM heaters are famously rock baskets, so it is REALLY nice to get that touch of wood in there.  The HIVE does this with an intriguing HALO effect that simply looks awesome.



Thanks to the HIVE reflector, the heater may be installed closer to the wall of the sauna.

  • Allows for heater installation closer to wall
  • For use with HIVE sauna heaters
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can be connected together

HUUM Barrel Sauna Chimney Kits


This HUUM Barrel chimney kit is designed for use with HUUM wood-fired sauna stoves inside Barrel saunas. This premium set includes everything needed to provide your sauna experience with both beautiful form and safe-minded function.

HUUM STEEL Electric Sauna Heater

3.5 KW
6 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

Don’t be deceived by the HUUM STEEL’s minimalist elegance! This compelling electric heater carries an unexpected abundance of stones, delivering potent yet gentle, enduring warmth. Cleverly hidden within its streamlined design is a sturdy built-in air tunnel, promising swift and efficient heat, belying its compact form. Its stunning stainless steel shell provides a captivating contrast against the natural sauna stones, effortlessly elevating the aesthetic charm of your sauna room.

HUUM Hive Electric Sauna Heater – 10.5 KW


KW: 10.5 KW

HUUM CLIFF Electric Sauna Heater

3.5 KW
6 KW
9 KW
10.5 KW

The HUUM CLIFF electric sauna heater impresses with extraordinarily short safety distances, making it the perfect solution for saunas where space is at a premium. Thanks to its efficiently designed structure, safety distances are reduced to a mere 2.4 inches for smaller models and 9.4 inches for larger ones. Additionally, CLIFF provides an ultra-compact 3.5 kW wall-mounted version, expertly crafted to accommodate even the smallest sauna rooms.


HUUM Thru-Ceiling Chimney Kit


This HUUM thru-ceiling sauna wood stove chimney set is designed to extend straight up through the ceiling and is compatible with all HUUM’s wood-fired sauna stoves. This premium set includes everything needed to provide your sauna experience with both beautiful form and safe-minded function.

HUUM UKU Smart Sauna Controller


The HUUM UKU sauna controller makes sauna heating easy and comfortable. UKU comes with several safety and extra features for a pleasant sauna experience. It is easy to use and versatile, UKU can even be used with different manufacturers’ heaters.