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Sauna Heaters are the heart of your sauna, let’s make sure we get it right.

Best Electric Sauna Heaters Best Wood Sauna Stoves

Wood sauna stoves are the traditional Finnish way to sauna.  If you have the option, it’s highly recommended.  If you have an outdoor sauna with good access to firewood, it’s a great option.

If you are building an indoor sauna, or have clearance issues an electric sauna stove is probably your best option.  Electric sauna heaters have gotten much better, and can now rival even the best wood stoves.

Check out our reviews, guides, and best of choices below.

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Where to Rent, Custom Build, and Buy a Sauna in Wisconsin

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Best Wood Sauna Stoves, Reviews and 2022 Guide

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How To Convert an Infrared Sauna to a Hotter Traditional Steam Sauna

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Best Electric Sauna Heater Reviews and 2022 Guide

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Sauna vs Steam Room: What’s The Difference?

They're both excellent choices, but you have to choose one: Sauna Vs Steam Room - which will it be? Think of steam rooms for a moment. What comes ...

Best Infrared Sauna – Reviews, Best Deals, and Mistakes to Avoid

The infrared sauna market has always been a hotbed for sensationalist claims, defenders of Finnish traditions, and deceptive sales tactics. The "too ...

Heating Water with a Wood Burning Sauna

A shower or cold plunge is an important part of a good sauna session for many.  If warm water is your preference, there are some great ways to get ...

Study Shows 40% of Dangerous Wood Burning Stove Pollution From Sauna Stoves

An inconvenient truth: Wood burning saunas contribute to global warming and local pollution.  In Finland, around 40% of the fine particle emissions ...

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