Harvia Chimney Kit in Black or Stainless Steel – WHP1500m

Contains black powder coated (or stainless steel) chimney, utility box, non-insulated smoke pipe, rain cap, rubber rain flange, installation set for rain flange, stainless steel lead-through flange for ceiling, lead-through insulation and protector, installation manual.


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Brand Catalog: Harvia

Harvia Chimney Clearances

WHP1500 and WHP1500M

Harvia Chimney Clearances

Rain Flange with installation set

Rain Cap (not pictured)

Lead through insulation and protector

Smoke pipe

Lead Through Flange

1 Meter Chimney Extension (Sold Separately)

Safety Distances

It is absolutely necessary to install the chimney according to these safety distance values.  Neglecting them causes a risk of fire.

  • There shall be no inflammable materials within the established safety distances.
  • The safety distance between the inflammable structures and the chimney outer casing must be minimum 100 mm.
  • If the connecting pipe in the forward end is of non-isolated material, the safety distance from this pipe to inflammable construction materials needs to be 375 mm (WHP1500M) or 500 mm (WHP1500).
  • The isolated chimney should be visible up to a minimum of 430 mm.
  • When the fireplace is used a considerable heating takes place and the chimney needs to be protected with e.g. steel mesh in case it is exposed to touch. The protection, however, should not interfere with the ventilation around the pipe. There is no need for protection if the chimney is installed in a sauna.
  • Do not encapsulate the chimney.
What's the maximum temperature of the chimney?

According to the Harvia Manual, the maximum nominal chimney gas temperature of the furnace joint is 600 oC.  

How wide is the chimney?

As per the Harvia Manual, the cross-section of the CHIMNEY is round and the diameter 220 mm. 

Note, the section directly above the sauna stove is called the smoke pipe.

The diameter of the smoke pipe is 115 mm and it is made out of 0.7 mm stainless steel.

How this is the chimney's metal?

The outer casing material is 0.5–0,6 mm stainless steel (source: Harvia Manual)

What's the insulation material made out of?

The insulation material is mineral wool.

What's the maximum height of a Harvia chimney, and how far above the chimney can it extend?

The maximum height of the steel chimney is five meters while the permissible maximum for the self-supporting element (e.g. the element above the roof) is two meters.

Consult your local building department to confirm adherence, and to learn how far above the roof your chimney must extend.

Can the chimney be mounted at an angle?

The steel chimney can only be mounted in a vertical position.


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Brand Catalog: Harvia