Auroom Mira Modern European Outdoor Sauna Kit

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The Auroom Mira is the obvious choice for a fully insulated, modern outdoor sauna kit in a compact footprint.  Sourced, crafted, and pre-fit in Northern Europe using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

From ventilation to hidden fasteners, the Mira is the perfect blend of trusted sauna design principles with modern building science.

The Thermally modified Aspen and Nordic Spruce ensure a healthy space, built to preserve it’s performance and remarkable beauty for years to come with very little maintenance.

Two people can set up the Mira in a day. Optimize your outdoor space for up to 5 people in two sizes, the Mira S and L. Choose between two stunning exterior finishes – wood or sleek black.

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All heater packages includes stones. Heaters are in stock and can be ordered separately after the sauna order is placed.


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The Auroom Mira Outdoor Sauna offers a blend of contemporary design and unparalleled relaxation for your home’s outdoor space. An invitation to leisure, this sauna promises a luxurious experience, transforming your backyard or garden into a personal wellness retreat.

Auroom Mira Product Sheet

Auroom Mira Overview

Elevate your self-care routine with the Auroom Mira Outdoor Sauna. This sauna is available in two thoughtfully designed sizes and caters to intimate sessions and larger gatherings. No matter the size, each Mira sauna promises an immersive, serene, and personal escape right at your doorstep.

Design and Aesthetics

Each Mira sauna is a marvel of modern design, crafted with meticulous attention to every detail. Simplicity and elegance converge in the Mira, culminating in a sophisticated yet approachable sauna experience.


The exterior of the Mira sauna is an architectural gem. The sauna is designed to withstand any weather and showcases beautiful, thermally modified spruce cladding. The Mira is available in two luxurious finishes—stunning natural and sleek black—each enhancing the sauna’s overall aesthetic and seamlessly blending with various outdoor settings.


Step inside the Mira and you’ll find an interior that exudes elegance. The high-quality thermo-aspen finish harmonizes with the full tempered glass front wall. As your eyes take in the indirect LED bench lighting, the Mira’s interior beckons you to sit, unwind, and enjoy the therapeutic warmth.

Easy Installation and Plug-and-Play Convenience 

One of the defining features of the Mira Sauna series is its simplicity. Engineered with user convenience in mind, each Mira sauna promises a straightforward setup and effortless operation.

Easy Installation


Each Mira sauna kit is a result of thoughtful design and engineering. Every element arrives pre-assembled for a hassle-free setup, requiring just a few hours to install. This simplicity does not compromise quality, ensuring each sauna is robust and ready to provide years of relaxation.

Plug and Play System 

The Mira is designed for simple electric installation of your choice heater.  It’s made for easy access and wiring so your electrician can be in and out.


The Mira sauna is more than just a sauna—it’s a sanctuary, equipped with features designed to enhance your sauna experience and maximize comfort.


Inside the Mira sauna, you’ll find a two-tier benching system, allowing bathers to position themselves for the most satisfying sauna experience. The benches, devoid of any visible fasteners, exude a smooth, streamlined look, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics.


Indirect LED bench lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance within the Mira. The soft glow enhances relaxation, inviting you to sit back, relax, and let the sauna’s soothing warmth envelop you.

Included Accessories 

Each Mira sauna comes with premium accessories designed to elevate your sauna sessions further. From a traditional sauna bucket and ladle to a hygrometer and thermometer, every accessory plays a part in curating a comprehensive sauna experience and you’ll have everything you need on Day 1.


The Mira sauna series, available in two sizes—Mira S and Mira L—feature varying specifications to suit different spaces and user needs. No matter your space constraints or usage requirements, there’s a Mira sauna ready to transform your outdoor area into a personal wellness haven.


Whether you are looking for a personal relaxation oasis or a unique addition to your outdoor space, the Auroom Mira Outdoor Sauna offers an optimal balance of style, comfort, and quality. It stands as a testament to the wonders of modern design and the enduring appeal of the traditional sauna experience.

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