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Created originally to comply with strict German regulations for reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency in wood-burning stoves, the HIVE Heat now brings this advanced technology to a global market. The HIVE Heat achieves a lower flue gas temperature, transferring more heat into the sauna room and less escaping through the chimney. This design allows optimal heat utilization, offering a superior sauna experience while lessening the environmental impact.  The HUUM HIVE Heat is an advanced sauna stove designed with the environment in mind and boasting a 12kW power rating, making it ideal for sauna rooms sized between 212 to 459 cubic feet. Compared to the HUUM HIVE Wood series, the HIVE Heat features a more innovative airflow system and different materials, including a cast iron stove door focused on burning wood as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

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Let’s build your package

All add-ons ship for free with your stove.

Rocks to spec for your system and add-ons. Direct from HUUM.

Get even more thermal mass and gentle steam from your HUUM HIVE Heat. The stone cage is mounted straight on the stove around the flue and filled with sauna stones. The stone cage filled with up to 88lbs of sauna stones is also a decorative element matching with the sauna heater.

A heat exchanger heats water when the sauna is heated. The heat exchanger is made of 0.2 in / 4 mm steel and coated with heat-resistant paint. The heat exchanger has ¾″ male pipes for connecting the heat exchanger to the water tank. The heat exchanger may be placed on the rear edge or on the sides. 3/4″ NPT male water tank connection

The large Huum wood protective sauna base protects combustible materials and liquid-based floor heating system. Large Dimensions: 23.2″W (500mm) x 23.2″D (500mm) x 0.2″H (5mm – with leg 3.5mm without). *NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LS THROUGH WALL HEATERS

Achieve tighter clearances to combustible surfaces and reflect more of the heat into the hot room with a HUUM REFLECT HM Safety Shield that fits around the HUUM HIVE Heat.


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HUUM HIVE Heat and HUUM HIVE Heat LS: Sauna Stoves Redefined

Meet the HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS – sauna stoves designed to deliver excellent performance while addressing environmental concerns. As the cleanest wood-burning sauna stoves, the HIVE Heat models not only offer incredible sauna experiences but also contribute to a greener future.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Both the HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS were crafted in response to the need for more environmentally friendly wood-burning stoves. With innovative design elements that improve efficiency and lower carbon emissions, these stoves operate in compliance with strict environmental standards. They require less wood than traditional stoves, reducing resource consumption, and they emit fewer carbon emissions, contributing less to environmental pollution.

Designed for Efficiency

huum hive heat most efficient

These models feature a sophisticated airflow system that ensures clean and efficient burning of wood. Their flue gas temperature is lower than in traditional stoves, which means more heat is utilized to warm your sauna room, and less heat is lost up the chimney. This not only enhances the sauna experience but also reduces the risk of fire.

Safety and Flexibility in Construction

The HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS offer shorter safety distances, which bring more flexibility to sauna construction. These stoves can fit into a wide range of spaces, making them an ideal choice for various sauna design projects.

Now Available in the US

Originally designed to comply with strict German environmental legislation, the HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS are now available to customers in the US through Sauna Marketplace. Enjoy the benefits of advanced, environmentally friendly design in your own sauna.

In summary, the HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS are not just sauna stoves – they are a testament to the possibilities of innovation in the realm of sauna technology, marrying environmental responsibility with optimal performance. Enjoy an exceptional sauna experience while doing your part for the planet.

HUUM HIVE Heat and HIVE Heat LS 12 Manual and Installation Instruction

Chimney Options for the HUUM HIVE Heat and HUUM HIVE Heat LS

*Extensions are available for the Harvia system.  Contact us for custom chimney packages.

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  1. Bijan T.

    My Huum Hive couldn’t be any better! It heats up my sauna perfectly. Truly a good looking/functioning heater.

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Wood feed Wood stoves can accept wood from the interior or exterior of the hot room. Exterior feed sauna stoves have a door that opens to the exterior or changing room. The heater is essentially built through the wall.


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About HUUM
HUUM is at the forefront of sauna innovation, pioneering the trend of rock basket-style heaters with a modern, aesthetic appeal. They've transformed saunas into contemporary spaces with large windows, multiple benches, sleek overhangs, and minimalist decor. What sets HUUM apart is their focus on thermal mass - their heaters hold a remarkable number of stones, storing an ample amount of heat, and can be turned off once the sauna is entered. These Estonian-made heaters display a beautiful blend of Nordic design and traditional sauna culture. The designs draw heavily from natural forms and structures, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency. HUUM's commitment to environmental responsibility is not limited to the production stage but extends to packaging and other business practices as well. Their sauna heaters come in a variety of types to suit different needs. The HUUM Hive series, featuring both electric and wood-burning heaters, are renowned for its unique design and large stone compartments. The HUUM Drop series, inspired by the shape of a water droplet, is wall-mounted and perfect for a modern sauna. For those who prefer traditional wood-fired saunas, HUUM offers the Hive Heat and Wood series. HUUM's innovative solutions also include smart controllers and mobile apps, offering users unprecedented control over their sauna experience. These products are designed with deep respect for the long-standing traditions of Estonian saunas, embodying a fusion of old and new. Quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of HUUM products, which are made entirely in Estonia with the help of skilled partners. The simple yet elegant designs involve complex production processes, with some elements carefully handcrafted for precision. A strong commitment to environmental sustainability is visible in their design approach, with efforts to ensure the complete utilization of materials. The UKU sauna control system, developed in HUUM's hometown Tartu, exemplifies their commitment to smart and energy-efficient sauna experiences. The accompanying mobile application offers remote control and various features for convenience. As a part of its eco-friendly approach, HUUM minimizes waste through reduced packaging and use of recycled materials. HUUM's sauna heaters are much more than just heaters - they are an amalgamation of elegant design, traditional sauna culture, innovative technology, and a commitment to a greener future. Find their entire catalog available in the US and Catalog right here on Sauna Marketplace. As always, Sauna Marketplace guarantees competitive pricing and strives for a lifelong relationship in support of an authentic sauna experience that over-delivers.
Brand Catalog: HUUM