Sauna Squares by Thermory

Where expansive views and rolling steam come easy.  Thermory’s new Square Sauna redefines sauna durability, performance, and comfort.  The sauna comfortably seats six, all on the upper benches where optimal heat and steam envelop the bather, guided by the curved contours.  The Sauna Square by Thermory is an aesthetically pleasing design that’s both modern and functional.


Takes the hottest, steamiest air from ceiling and blends it with cooler air at floor level.

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Sweeping Views, Unmatched Spaciousness

Spacious Interior: Enjoy the luxury of space with over seven feet of headroom and deep benches that invite you to sit back or fully recline.  If you’re looking for a versatile sauna that can serve as a yoga room or quiet retreat, this is it.
Tempered-Glass Front: The full tempered-glass front offers panoramic views, ensuring every session is as visually soothing as it is relaxing.
Optional Panoramic Window (Optional): Take in massive views from the front and the back of the Thermory Model 40 (with back windows) or opt for more privacy and coziness with the Thermory Model 41 (without back window)

Superior Durability & Comfort

Thermally Modified Wood: Nordic spruce undergoes thermal modification for unparalleled stability and 25 years of proven rot resistance.  Wood is sourced and modified in Northern Europe where thermal modification has been perfected.
Smooth Surface: Experience the smoothest surface underfoot, crafted from Nordic softwood to ensure comfort without the roughness of cedar.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainable Forestry: Thermory wood is sourced through responsible practices, ensuring no harm to tropical woodlands and rainforests.
Chemical-Free Process: The thermal modification process is entirely natural, using heat and steam to enhance durability without chemicals.

Features & Specifications

Larger Than Standard: Thermory saunas surpass traditional barrel saunas in size, offering more room to stand and recline.
Elevated Climate: Most barrel saunas don’t elevate the bathers’ feet, leaving their lower half in the coldest part of the sauna.  The Tiered Benches in the Sauna Square ensures your entire body will benefit from soft heat and steam.
Rot Resistance: Designed with a keystone stave at the top and bottom to prevent water trapping, ensuring decades of worry-free use.
Color Transformation: The wood naturally ages to a distinguished silver, which can be preserved with UV protective oil.

Comfort and Leisure

Sitting Porch: The perfect spot for breaks between sessions, leaving behind shoes, robes, and troubles.
Extra-Wide Window: Enjoy the view through a dramatic, rectangular window, no matter the weather outside.
All-Weather Protection: Included rain jacket for your sauna ensures it remains pristine in any condition.

Easy Assembly & Installation

No Cutting Necessary: Pre-cut and pre-milled components make assembly straightforward, requiring less than a day with a few friends.

Embrace the extraordinary with Thermory Saunas. Customize your Nordic Square Sauna today and transform your downtime into a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness.



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Shipping Policy

Sauna Freight Disclaimer & Receiving Instructions

Thermory makes great efforts to protect our material during shipping, however we use multiple carriers in order to get the best freight carrier and the best rate for your area. Unfortunately, freight damage can sometimes occur.

In the event of damage it is important to be aware of the following:
• In case of any damage to the crate, the damage must be noted on the bill of lading and packing slip BEFORE signing for shipment.
• If damaged material is discovered AFTER delivery, this must be reported to THERMORY WITHIN 48 HOURS of delivery to enable Thermory to file a freight claim with the carrier—NO EXCEPTIONS. Any claims that are reported later than this will not be reimbursed by Thermory. Any replacement material and additional shipping will be at customer expense.
• In case of damage, please note the following:
1. Note all damage on the bill of lading PRIOR TO SIGNING.
2. Take photos of any damage, condition of the crate, packaging etc.
3. Hold any damaged material for up to 30 days for shipper pick up or for proper inspection by carrier or Thermory.
To make deliveries run smoothly we need correct information from you. Please check all delivery information when you receive an invoice, order confirmation or packing list from Thermory, including delivery address, contact person, and contact phone #. Thermory will not be responsible for any additional charges resulting from incorrect delivery information.
In addition, there are other situations that could cause additional charges during transit/delivery. Charges will be invoiced to customer as follows:
• If prior arrangements haven’t been made with Thermory for inside delivery, a forklift or pallet jack is required onsite.
• Changes in delivery address while material is en-route may cause additional charges.
• If the delivery location has limited access, requiring special truck size or multiple deliveries, extra charges could accrue.
• If delivery of material is delayed due inability to contact customer to schedule delivery appointment. additional fees may accrue.
If you have any specific delivery limitations, instructions or concerns, please contact us before the shipment is scheduled and we will be happy to work with you!

Note: Canadian customers are responsible for import duties from USA. If you have a preferred customs broker please put it in the order notes.


Refund Policy

We provide 'whatever-it-takes' support to get your sauna up and running as designed. Manufacturing defects will be replaced. Thermory does not accept returns on saunas.

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#40 With Window, #41 Without Window

About Thermory
Sauna Marketplace couldn't be prouder to feature Thermory, a global leader in sustainable wood sourcing and thermal modification, in our catalog of sauna products. As an industry innovator, Thermory has advanced the sauna landscape by harnessing the natural beauty of responsibly sourced woods such as Aspen, Alder, and Nordic Spruce, while championing chemical-free processes to make saunas more durable and beautiful. In addition to bringing European sauna woods to America (no, they don't use Cedar in Finland), Thermory has shown that thermally modified wood can be naturally more rot resistant and sustainable than other options. Using heat and steam naturally enhances the wood's properties, creating products that set the rot resistance and longevity standard. With a team of expert wood scientists and advanced technology, Thermory achieves precision in every batch processed in their 20,000 square ft. chambers. This meticulous control over the modification process results in remarkable product durability and stability, offering significant resistance to moisture. It also means you can order a sauna kit from Thermory in Northern Europe and know exactly what it's going to be when it reaches you. That's why Thermory sauna kits fit together every time, while cheap Chinese sauna kits will never come together. Thermory is unique in how every fiber of the wood is altered, right down to its core, through its innovative thermal modification process. The company's Smooth-Kissed Milling technique also ensures that each board is consistently smooth, straight, and reliable - a testament to Thermory's refusal to compromise on excellence. At Sauna Marketplace, we offer a wide range of Thermory products that have consistently proven their quality through third-party testing, including rot resistance, stability, fire safety, strength, and termite resistance. These products include world-renowned thermally treated sauna wood, barrel saunas, doors, and vents. Each of these products showcases the blend of natural beauty and enhanced function that Thermory is famous for. We are very excited about the new Thermory Squares, aka No 40 and 41 with an awesome layout and tiered L Benches. And it doesn't stop there.  Thermory is behind Auroom, the best sauna kits and outdoor preassembled saunas which are now available in North America on When you choose Thermory products from Sauna Marketplace, you're investing in more than just a product. You're choosing a piece of expertly crafted, responsibly sourced wood that balances natural aesthetics with outstanding performance, longevity, and rich color. Trust in Thermory to deliver a sauna experience that is as durable as satisfying. Contact us today to see how Thermory products can work for you.
Brand Catalog: Thermory