Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series – Thermory No 52 – 71″ Long W/ WINDOW


Size: Thermory No 52 – 71″ Long W/ WINDOW

Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series – Thermory No 51 – 88″ Long


Size: Thermory No 51 – 88″ Long

Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series – Thermory No 50 – 88″ Long W/ WINDOW


Size: Thermory No 50 – 88″ Long W/ WINDOW

Bathology Sauna Light Bar Custom Package – Headrest and Under Bench Lighting


The Bathology Spectrum 360 is a touch-sensitive LED lighting control system for saunas. It allows you to easily control the power and brightness of up to 4 LED light bars, creating the perfect ambiance for your sauna experience.

The Spectrum 360 is easy to install and use. Simply mount the dimmer switch in a convenient location, connect the power supply and light bars, and you’re ready to go. The dimmer switch has a touch-sensitive surface that allows you to tap to turn the lights on or off, and hold to dim or brighten.

The Spectrum 360 is compatible with all Bathology Brilliance 360 LED light bars, which are available in a variety of sizes to fit any sauna. The light bars are IP67 rated for outdoor use, and they produce a warm, inviting light that is perfect for a relaxing sauna session.

Auroom Cala Series Indoor Sauna Kit


The Cala is the most popular choice for modern bathroom remodels, and for good reason!  It’s one of the most stylish ways to bring the benefits of a traditional sauna into your home. This compact and easy-to-install sauna is made from high-quality aspen wood, either light natural or in the darker, more durable thermally modified aspen option. The sauna features a cozy and relaxing interior with a premium glass door and LED light strip.

Best of all?  The Auroom Cala has already made the trip from Northern Europe to Chicago.  You could be set up in a matter of days.

Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub from Dundalk Leisurecraft


Looking for a beautiful wood burning hot tub that’s actually practical? Ditch the electric bill and enjoy this easy to maintain piece of very functional outdoor art from Dundalk Leisurecraft. The Startlight Wood Burning Hot Tub is made with stainless steel and Eastern White Cedar from Canada where it was built to last. A truly immersive hot tub experience your guests won’t soon forget. Contact your Sauna Marketplace representative about pairing this with a matching sauna, outdoor shower, or cold plunge!

HUUM Barrel Sauna Chimney Kits


This HUUM Barrel chimney kit is designed for use with HUUM wood-fired sauna stoves inside Barrel saunas. This premium set includes everything needed to provide your sauna experience with both beautiful form and safe-minded function.

Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo – Pro 36 Duo

Original price was: $2,980.00.Current price is: $2,682.00.

Size: Pro 36 Duo

Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo – Pro 20 Duo

Original price was: $2,505.00.Current price is: $2,254.00.

Size: Pro 20 Duo

Harvia Duo Fireplace and Wood Sauna Stove Combo

Legend 240 Duo
Legend 300 Duo
Pro 20 Duo
Pro 36 Duo

The Harvia DUO line is a stunning best-of-both-worlds fireplace and sauna spanning two rooms.  It’s the most elegant solution to for through-wall sauna operation.

Harvia Pro Series

Pro 20
Pro 20 ES
Pro 20 LS
Pro 20 RS
Pro 20 SL
Pro 26
Pro 36

The Harvia Pro Series is the value line for medium saunas. While most default to the popular Harvia M3, the Pro line is larger and has options like built in water tanks (ES), through-wall feed (SL), and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Pro Series can also be paired with an in-chimney water heater, and has great short clearances when paired with the surround and floor protector.  The Harvia Pro Series has fewer stones so it heats faster than rock basket heaters, but will not provide as ‘soft’ of a heat as something like a Harvia Legend.

The Harvia Pro comes in three sizes (20, 26, 36) for small and medium saunas.

Polar Plunge Tub By Dundalk Leisurecraft | Made of Aluminum and White Cedar


Dreaming of a refreshing home cold plunge, but don’t want a cheap plastic tub that’s an eyesore and won’t last? Dundalk Leisurecraft’s newest Polar Plunge ensures an unparalleled blend of aesthetic appeal and durability to withstand the elements.

Torch Natural Gas or Propane Sauna Heater


These are the only gas and propane sauna heaters we recommend.  Torch propane sauna heater boast an aesthetic appeal, paired with user-friendly controls that allow for temperature adjustments and a preset time of up to 1 hour. Designed for propane or natural gas use, it comes with a comprehensive setup, including a valve, pilot, and main orifice, and offers the option to connect to a propane tank with an added regulator seamlessly. Moreover, its electricity-free operation, needing only a 5-inch Class A venting, ensures setup simplicity. With a commitment to swift service, expect your heater to ship within just 3 days.

Modern Black Thermometer


This is it. A modern, minamilist, ACCURATE sauna thermometer from Finland that comes in Fahrenheit or Celsius! If you have a sauna with black accents, this is the way to go. Pair it with a KOLO hygrometer and be the master of your sauna. Temperature range from 68°F (20c) to 248°F (120c).

SaunaLife X2 Indoor Sauna Kit with Upper Bench


The SaunaLife Model X2 Indoor Sauna DIY Kit is a premium-quality compact home sauna that is engineered for simple DIY installation. With its elegant tempered glass full front glass, silky-smooth Aspen benches, and Nordic Spruce interior and exterior walls & ceiling, the Model X2 is a great high-end European sauna at an affordable price.

SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor “HOBBIT” Pod Sauna with Changing Room


The Saunalife G11 is an enchanting 2-room outdoor sauna with thermally modified wood changing room and sauna with ergonomic benches, roof kit, a high bench for an optimal sauna environment, and proper ventilation.

Savannah Outdoor Shower


The Savannah Standing Shower from the Canadian Timber Collection by Dundalk Leisurecraft. Easy to assemble, hook up and move around if needed this shower is the perfect choice by your pool or spa to rinse off or for a quick cool down at the cottage lake.

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  1. Having enjoyed soaking up the warm steaminess of our Sauna for more than two weeks we are totally sold! The unit is working great in every respect.

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  2. Good quality and the package includes extra parts in case of damage to certain wood pieces during the install. So far so good!

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  3. Amazing customer service from Ben and his team! Prompt and very responsive during the order and install process – only positive feedback for the team!

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  4. Ben and customer service has been great! Was informed thru the entire process and very responsive on requests or questions I’ve had. Just installed and got everything working so can leave further thoughts on the Sauna and Huum Drop heater, but from a credibility / customer satisfaction perspective – Sauna Marketplace and Ben were top-notch.

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  5. Love this sauna. Huge improvement over gym and barrels I’ve used in the past. Thank you fellas!

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