KOLO Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set – Ladle Becomes Handle


The highest quality sauna bucket and ladle set on the market, this authentic sauna bucket and ladle set is made of aluminum and bamboo.  Storing the ladle in the bucket provides a perfect handle for easy transportation and safe handling.

Back-ordered until March


KOLO Modern Sauna Bucket With Straight Handle and Ladle Kit


The ultimate modern sauna bucket kit comes with a bamboo and aluminum ladle for safe handling and ease of use.  The 1-gallon bucket is made with aluminum and a sleek bamboo handle will be a centerpiece of your sauna practice.

KOLO Bamboo Bath Brush with Handle from Finland


The KOLO Bath Brush with Handle is just what you were looking for.  It’s minimalist style and long bamboo handle will become a welcome part of your daily routine.

This brush goes beyond cleanliness, offering a spa-like experience that enhances circulation and skin health.

Round KOLO Bath Brush from Finland | Bamboo


Embark on a revitalizing journey right in your shower, spa, or sauna with the KOLO Bambu Bath Brush. Ergonomically designed without a handle, this brush is perfect for all hand sizes, providing an accessible and invigorating experience. The polypropylene bristles are expertly crafted to stimulate circulation and exfoliate, unveiling skin that’s not only clean but also radiantly alive. With a simple yet effective design, featuring a convenient hole for hanging and storage, this bath brush is a blend of practicality and soothing indulgence.

KOLO Sauna Hygrometer


Embrace the harmony of a well-tuned sauna atmosphere with the Kolo Hygrometer. In the world of sauna enthusiasts, maintaining the ideal humidity is not just a matter of comfort—it’s the essence of the sauna experience. The Kolo Hygrometer, with its distinct round shape and deep black hue, is your quintessential companion to capture the essence of true sauna perfection.

Modern Black Thermometer


This is it. A modern, minamilist, ACCURATE sauna thermometer from Finland that comes in Fahrenheit or Celsius! If you have a sauna with black accents, this is the way to go. Pair it with a KOLO hygrometer and be the master of your sauna. Temperature range from 68°F (20c) to 248°F (120c).

KOLO Modern Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set 2


This beautiful Finnish sauna bucket is the easiest to transport of the three KOLO sets, and a timeless design.  The sauna bucket is made of precision-crafted aluminum and features a beautiful, curved bamboo handle that is comfortable and easy to grip.

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  3. Powerful and evenly distributes the heat. 40 Celsius outside and 200+ degrees in there

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  4. Do NOT buy from anyone else

    Let me tell you why…

    These guys actually care about you. They are available holidays and weekends to make sure you get your dream sauna set up.

    Ben consulted with me every step of my sauna adventure. From choosing my Sauna, Ben was completely transparent, honest and caring. He even gave me unbiased advice and feedback on saunas he didn’t carry! He wanted to stead me towards what was best for me.

    While I built my sauna and oven (Saunum- great choice) they were there to answer questions. Always smiling, excited and caring. They wanted the best for me as much as I wanted it for myself.

    Honest, caring, patient and real sauna guys. Outdoors, laughing, and just happy with life.

    A+. Buy from them. Speak with them. You will be so happy you do.

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  5. Gents, I wanted to reach out to thank you for your excellent customer service through out this process. Although there were complications out of your control your constant communication and rapid action made up for these minor inconveniences.

    I have an electrician coming Friday and am looking forward to getting this beauty fired up!

    I can’t help but share a picture. I did some minor assembly and staging Friday after unloading. I had everything but the roof and trim on by 5 pm. These kits are amazing!

    Image #1 from Brett
    Image #2 from Brett
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