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Easily set up at your preferred riverside spot or in your own backyard. The Overland Tent, constructed with premium nylon fabric and strengthened with fiberglass rods and hubs, provides a genuine sauna experience that can be assembled in mere minutes. When paired with their wood-burning stoves, the Overland Tent delivers a portable and cost-effective sauna session wherever you may be. The tent’s breathable materials and zippered vents ensure superb ventilation while preserving heat, mirroring the experience of traditional saunas.

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The Overland Sauna Kit comes with everything you need for exceptional heat and steam, anywhere. Includes Overland’s Latest 29 LB US-Made Superlight Stove. The entire package is under 60 lbs, ready for any adventure.

None Overland Sauna Kit - Includes Overland Insulated Tent, Overland Superlite Tent Stove, Side-Mounted Rock Cage, 20 LBS Sauna Rocks, Tent Carrying Bag +$595.00
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Overland Sauna
Brand Catalog: Overland Sauna

The tent material is a standout feature of this sauna tent, boasting insulated, dual layers of Oxford 210D quilted fabric that can swiftly reach temperatures of up to 200°F. This design not only ensures a warm and cozy environment but also contributes to the tent’s durability and longevity.

Set up is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive popup design, that allows for assembly in 4 minutes or less, making it convenient for users to quickly set up their sauna experience without any hassle. The spacious interior of the tent can accommodate 3-4 people comfortably, with dimensions of 6ft (L) x 6ft (W) x 7ft (H), ensuring that no one is left out in the cold.

The tent also offers removable panels that reveal panoramic windows made of durable, clear TPU elastomer. This allows users to enjoy the surrounding scenery while relaxing in the sauna. Additionally, the tent is packable, weighing in under 30lbs, making it easy to carry and transport wherever you go. The package includes the tent, removable windows, chimney collar, and a travel bag, providing everything you need for a complete sauna experience.


Tent Material. Insulated, dual layers of Oxford 210D quilted fabric ensure 200f degree temps in no time.

Easy Setup. Set up in 4 minutes or less with our intuitive popup design.

Spacious. Room for 3-4 people means no one is left in the cold.  6ft (L) x 6ft (W) x 7ft (H)

Enjoy the View. Removable panels reveal panoramic windows.  Made of durable, clear TPU elastomer. 

Packable. Clocking in under 30lbs all told, it’s designed to go wherever you do.

All in. Includes tent, removable windows, chimney collar, and travel bag.

Brand Catalog: Overland Sauna

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