SaunaLife G4 Garden Series | 6-Person Outdoor Home Sauna Kit

The SaunaLife G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit is a sturdy, six-person outdoor sauna. Made with 1.75″ Nordic Spruce (16% thicker than standard kits) and featuring Aspen benches, this affordable sauna is designed for performance and comfort. It has a full-glass front and side window for ample natural light and comes with a Wi-Fi and remote-controlled LED lighting system for adjustable illumination.  Wood-Burning and Electric WIFI packages available.

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Saunum AirSolo is not a heater, but equalizes the sauna climate for a more invigorating, pleasant experience. Includes salt spheres and wall controller. In this configuration, the Saunum AirSolo goes where a wall-mounted heater would typically be installed, and a floor mounted heater is installed in front of the opposite window.

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SaunaLife G4 Specs

ModelSaunaLife G4
TypeModular Sauna Kit
CapacityUp to 6 bathers
Interior MaterialNordic Spruce and Knotless Aspen
Exterior MaterialNordic Spruce
ConstructionDouble Groove, Interlocking-beam construction
LightingWhite LED bar light system with Wi-Fi app and remote-control operation
Bench MaterialGrade-A Aspen
Bench DesignTwo-tier I-shaped, satin-finish aspen benches
DoorFull clear tempered glass front (5/16” thick)
WindowSide clear tempered glass window (5/16” thick). Can be placed on either side.
LockAluminum locking door handle
Exterior Dimensions97” height (front), 85” height (back), 97” depth (includes 16-1/2″ modifiable overhang), 81-1/2″ width
Interior Dimensions92″ height (front), 82-1/2″ height (back), 78-1/2″ depth, 78-1/2″ width
Shipping Dimensions103″L x 44″W x 40″H
Shipping Weight1650 lbs
RoofSlanted roof with a self-adhesive waterproofing system
InstallationEngineered for simple DIY sauna installation (2-persons, 2-days). *Requires Skilsaw at one point.  Full Instructions Here
MaintenanceAnnual treatment with a specific cleaning compound (sauna cleaner)
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty for residential applications after delivery to the original retail purchaser

Premium Nordic Spruce Construction

Enjoy the durability and beauty of Nordic Spruce beams in the SaunaLife G4 outdoor sauna. Our robust wall construction promises longevity and excellent insulation.

Spacious and Comfortable Design

This six-person sauna provides ample space for relaxing with friends or family. The two-tier I-shaped satin-finish aspen benches add to the comfort and spaciousness.

LED Lighting System

Our sauna comes equipped with a Wi-Fi and remote-controlled white LED light bar system. Set the perfect ambiance for your wellness routine, straight from your smartphone.

Weatherproof Sloped Roof

Worried about outdoor conditions? Our sauna’s weatherproof sloped roof effectively manages rainwater, keeping your sauna warm and dry, ready for your next session.

Glass Front and Side Window

Bask in the natural light streaming in from the full glass front and large side window. This feature enhances the spaciousness and beauty of the sauna interior.

Easy DIY Installation

You don’t need to be an expert to set up this sauna. The G4 model is designed for simple DIY installation, promising a hassle-free setup process.

*Skilsaw required at one point.  Full Instructions Here

Lockable Tempered Glass Door

The sauna has a lockable framed tempered glass door that closes securely, ensuring your peace of mind between sessions.

Modern and Rustic Aesthetics

The SaunaLife G4 Sauna combines modern design elements with a rustic touch, making it a perfect addition to any backyard. Enjoy its distinctive look and the natural beauty of the wood.

Window can be installed on either side:

outdoor sauna dimensions

Pairs With Saunum Air

Saunum Air is a perfect match for a SaunaLife Outdoor Sauna Kit due to its innovative and versatile technology. The state-of-the-art climate technology of Saunum Air offers a soft, balanced sauna environment, with even distribution of hot and cold air. The built-in Himalayan salt reservoir, Wi-Fi enabled AIRIQ controller, and stunning design cater to all senses, providing a deeply relaxing and breathable sauna experience. It eliminates the common issue of stratification found in electric saunas, ensuring a consistent temperature and oxygen level throughout the space. .


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Made in


Natural Wood


Limited Lifetime




Garden Series

Exterior Materials

Nordic Spruce


5, 6

Interior Materials

Nordic Spruce

Volume (cu ft)


About SaunaLife

SaunaLife is a brand of both entry-level and premium saunas for the North American market. They are passionate about saunas and their life-changing benefits, and they are dedicated to making high-quality, affordable saunas accessible to everyone.

SaunaLife saunas are constructed with beautiful, sustainably sourced woods from Northern Europe. Their saunas are designed and engineered in collaboration with Nordic innovators, and they are built in the spirit of the "sauna way."

SaunaLife saunas are available in a variety of models, including indoor and outdoor saunas. They also offer a variety of accessories, such as heaters, benches, and buckets.

If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable sauna, SaunaLife is a great option. They offer a variety of models to choose from, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Brand Catalog: SaunaLife