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Who says you can’t get an authentic, invigorating sauna experience in a tight space?  The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit, the smallest sauna kit in our catalog, is the ultimate one-person, energy-efficient sauna.  The Glass Mini comes with two premium sauna wood finishes – aspen and Thermo-aspen, offering aesthetic flexibility to match your interior. It features a striking full-glass front wall and door, and a DIY, modular design that makes assembly simple.

Bring warmth to any room, with a Cala Glass Mini.

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The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is available with two different wood finishes, both derived from the same raw material: Aspen. The classic Aspen finish maintains the natural light tone and smooth texture of the wood, while the Thermo-Aspen variant undergoes a thermal modification process that enriches the wood’s tone and enhances its durability and thermal properties.


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Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit: A Compact Solution for Home Sauna Needs

The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is a single-person, DIY, modular cabin sauna kit designed with functionality and user experience in mind. It is a product of Auroom, a subsidiary of Thermory, both known for their commitment to high-quality wellness products.


The Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is energy-efficient and designed for easy assembly and use. It is compact, making it suitable for homes with limited space, yet it delivers the full benefits of a traditional sauna.


The sauna kit is available in two different finishes – aspen and thermo-aspen. Both variants offer excellent thermal properties and are resistant to splintering.

The sauna kit features:

  • A full-glass front wall and door
  • DIY assembly, which typically takes 3-4 hours with two people
  • A flat bench and footrest
  • An LED light strip placed behind the backrest
  • A heater guard matching the interior

The dimensions of the sauna are 37.4″W x 37.4″W x 80.7″H.

Kit Components

The sauna kit includes wall elements, base elements, corner posts, ceiling elements, and bench supports. The door is made of 8mm thick tempered glass. Additional components include a bucket, ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, sand timer, aroma set, sauna hat, and sauna pillow.

The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit, with the choice of aspen or thermo-aspen finish, is a compact, efficient solution for home saunas, delivering a high-quality sauna experience.

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