Auroom Garda – Prebuilt CLT Sauna With Two Layouts

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Driven by simplicity and functionality, the Auroom Garda is a prebuilt, compact and stylish outdoor sauna for residential use. For those that want a more classic sauna layout with modest windows, insulated walls, and privacy. Available in two exterior finished and two layouts to get the view just right.

The Garda is made of CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) construction. CLT is a novel massive wood product, renowned for it’s exceptional stability and rigidity as well as sustainability.

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Want to pay later or finalize after a planning session?  No problem, check out using the 'Invoice Me' payment option.

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None Black +$900.00 Thermo-Pine +$500.00 White (Going Away)
None Opposite Bench Layout (Rear Window) L Bench Layout (Side Window)
None HUUM HIVE 11 Package with safety ring, Wi-Fi enabled UKU controller, rocks, and Air Tunnel +$4,300.00 Harvia Virta with Wi-Fi enabled Xenio Controller and Rocks +$3,117.70
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Book a Planning Session

In an Auroom Planning Session, we can discuss timelines, heater options, installation, recommended installers, and answer your questions.

We can even take you on a virtual tour of most Auroom models and show you what makes them special.

Auroom saunas can also be fully customized in a process that starts here.

You can buy a high-end sauna kit like the Auroom Mira, but it's only as good as the installer.  

Now, you can bypass the assembly risk and have your prebuilt sauna dropped in place. A sauna that was completely assembled and tested by the pros and craftspeople who do this every day.

Until now, prebuilt saunas only came with full glass walls, which isn't for everyone.   The Auroom Garda is that perfect blend of modern and traditional.  Truly a sauna to be enjoyed be generations for generations.

You Can Choose Any Color (...but we bet you'll choose black)

Auroom took a hint from their Mira sales and are now offering the Garda in black!

Two Functional Layouts with Different Views

When you walk in the sauna, is your view to the right or to the back?  To be honest, that will be the biggest factor for choosing your layout.

auroom garda with rear window dimensions

Garda With Rear Window

Choose the rear window option if you have beautiful views and no neighbors out the back window of your sauna. The heater will sit against the back window.

Auroom garda with rear window
auroom garda interior picture with rear window layout

The benches in this layout are ideal for conversation and for two people to lay down.

auroom garda with rear window dimensions

Garda With Side Window

Choose the side window option for a more private sauna experience. This configuration also allows the bather to sit on the top bench and look straight out window.

interior view of auroom garda with side window configuration

The bench layout in this model are ideal for maximizing floor space, stretching out, and ideal heat distribution.

The Perfect Match

In Europe, Auroom pairs the Garda with a custom heater design that's not available in North America.

Don't worry.

We have two options we know you'll love.  

Both have excellent stone capacity for a soft, comfortable heat.

Both can be paired with Wi-Fi enabled controllers to operate your sauna remotely.

huum hive mini


HUUM HIVE Mini 10.5 pairs beautifully in either configuration. We highly recommend including the safety ring and air tunnel. Choose HUUM if you like it VERY hot.

Harvia Virta 11

Harvia Virta is a sleek black sauna heater with a built-in heat shield for safe operation.

Taking Delivery

Garda is modular and transported in one piece. It can be lifted by forklift or hoisted by
a crane. When lifing or hoisting always follow signs on packaging, precaustions
provided by producer and general safety protocols.

Lift by Forklift

Lifting an Auroom Garda by forklift from the side

Hoist by Crane

Garda Weighs 4079 LBS

Place Sauna

The Garda must be installed on previously prepared stable and level substructure.

Auroom recommends a concrete slab. This ensures the product performs as intended.
Installation site must have access to power supply. 

We recommend running 240v and 110v power to the site.

auroom garda prebuilt sauna location

High-End Sauna Manufacturer from Estonia








Made in

Across the Gulf of Finland, Estonia has a vibrant and growing sauna industry. They're known for innovative design, modern manufacturing, and premium sauna products at an affordable price.














Exterior Materials


Interior Materials



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Auroom is a premium sauna manufacturer based in Estonia. They’re owned by Thermory, the global leader in the thermal modification of wood and a leading supplier of sauna wood and materials. At Sauna Marketplace, we’ve explored every inch of these sauna kits and prebuilt saunas. We’ve assembled them in the field. We’ve visited customers who have invited us over for a sweat. We like to say that while no wood product is perfect, we’re still looking for one. The quality control at both Auroom and Thermory is astonishing. We have sided our own homes in Thermory products and had 0% waste. That means every inch of every board was useable. The thermal modification process involves putting the wood through a pressurized chamber with extreme heat and humidity to change the wood at a cellular level. That makes it more stable and durable. It also gives the wood a more exotic look. All Auroom saunas can be completely customized in a process that begins with a planning session on Sauna Marketplace. Book yours today!

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