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Now you can get Custom Sauna quality and features for the price of a kit.  The Auroom Baia is the only indoor sauna kit with a beautifully designed, comfortable wavy bench for relaxation. This ultimate do-it-yourself assembly sauna offers a cozy and visually appealing design thanks to the quality and color of Thermory’s famous thermo-aspen sauna wood. Its compact dimensions (64.25″ x 64.25″ x 80.75″) make for an excellent fit into smaller spaces like bathrooms.  Wooden details have been thoughtfully pre-treated with sauna wax to enhance durability, and a premium door fitted with a metal-wood handle finishes off the elegant design. Installation is straightforward and can be accomplished with two people in approximately 4 to 6 hours.

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Product Description: Auroom Baia Cabin Sauna Kit

The Auroom Baia Cabin Sauna Kit, model number BAIA, is a high-quality, 2-person, DIY modular sauna kit that provides an unparalleled sauna experience right at your home. The kit is available in our most popular Thermo-Aspen Sauna Wood from Thermory. The Thermo-Aspen undergoes a thermal modification process for enhanced durability and a darker aesthetic.

Unique Design

The Baia Cabin Sauna Kit showcases a beautiful, comfortable ergonomic design, highlighted by the unique Finnish contoured bench seating. This feature, usually only found in larger custom saunas, sets Baia apart from other home saunas. With compact dimensions of 64.25″W x 64.25″D x 80.75″H, the Baia sauna cabin fits into almost any space in your home, offering the luxury and comfort of a custom sauna in a smaller, more accessible package.

And the wavy bench provides more than comfort and a custom look.  It gets the sauna bathers’ feet up into the hot zone, where their entire body will experience even, blissful heat and steam.  They can even reach the sauna heater with a ladle from this position.

Easy Assembly and Versatile Functionality

Despite its premium quality, the Baia Sauna Kit is easy to assemble, typically taking two people around 4 to 6 hours. It provides a metal and wood handle door, whose opening direction can be changed to the left or right according to your needs. The Baia Sauna Kit also features an LED light strip for elegant illumination behind the backrest, enhancing the ambiance of your sauna sessions.

Quality Materials and Construction

The sauna kit is crafted from long-lasting, sustainably-sourced Aspen or Thermo-Aspen from northern Europe, superior to other woods for sauna conditions. The sauna’s exterior and interior paneling are made from horizontal Thermo-Aspen, offering a cozy and pleasant aesthetic. The wooden details are pre-treated with Finland’s finest natural sauna wax, preserving the sauna’s quality and lifespan.

Complete Sauna Kit

The Baia Sauna Kit has everything you need to set up your home sauna. This includes previously assembled wall elements, base elements, corner posts and moldings, ceiling elements, cladding on two side walls, bench supports, an upper bench frame, an ergonomic bench, a backrest with LED light, a door frame with a clear 8mm tempered glass door, metal hinges, a heater guard, floor grid, finishing moldings, and more.

Also, the kit includes several accessories such as a bucket, ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, sand timer, aroma set, sauna hat, and sauna pillow to enhance your sauna experience.

In summary, whether you choose the Aspen or Thermo-Aspen variant, the Auroom Baia Cabin Sauna Kit offers a superior, easy-to-install home sauna solution that combines space and energy efficiency with the luxury and comfort of a larger, custom sauna.

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