SaunaLife Ergo Series Barrel Saunas
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Illinois-based company specializing in premium sauna products from Estonia and Finland. Owned and backed by one of North America's largest B2B sauna and steam dealers that was founded in 1969. That means a 50+ year old company backs the 'Limited Lifetime' warranty included with every SaunaLife sauna!
Exterior Height (in) Maximum exterior height from earth to roof peak


Exterior Longest Side (in) Maximum Exterior Length of the longest side when assembled.






Interior Height (in) Interior Height at heater position in inches


Bench Length (in) Maximum bench length in inches.






Volume (cu ft) Not adjusted for glass or insulation.






Shipping Cost Please inquire if shipping outside the continental USA.

Under $1k

Made in

Across the Gulf of Finland, Estonia has a vibrant and growing sauna industry. They're known for innovative design, modern manufacturing, and premium sauna products at an affordable price.
Exterior Materials

Thermally Modified Spruce

Thermal Modification of wood is a natural process using heat and steam in a vacuum to alter wood at a cellular level. When done right, it makes the wood significantly more durable, stable, and longer lasting. Thermo-Spruce is darker than raw spruce wood, closer in color and performance to Western Red Cedar.
Interior Materials





Limited Lifetime







Wi-Fi Option


Shipping Method

LTL Curbside Delivery w/ Lift Gate Service

Our shipping partners will deliver your sauna curbside. They are not responsible for moving it into the garage or final location but you might get lucky. Please contact Sauna Marketplace to plan for a smooth delivery and installation.
Delivery Time (days) Typical delivery time within the continental USA when stocked. We are happy to hold the shipment for target delivery dates. Please contact us if timeline is tight and we will do our best to accommodate. If there are two number listed, the lower number is the delivery time for in-stock models and the larger is for a custom order.


DIY Friendly DIY Friendly Saunas means a professional is not required for the build. Basic tools like a drill, hammer, and level are typically required. With Sauna Marketplace, you do not risk your warranty by assembling a sauna yourself. If you prefer a professional installation, please reach out to the Sauna Marketplace team so we can check for a trusted installer near you.


*An electrician is still required for all electrical work!

Single Layer of Wood

While the R-Value is much lower than an insulated wall, saunas made with a single layer of wood have good thermal mass and can easily dry to the interior and exterior.

Planning Session

Sauna Marketplace doesn't have salespeople - we have Sauna-Obsessed Experts available to support and assist you.

We like to do Zoom calls to walk through some saunas together but you can also call, text, or chat anytime. 

  • Barrel Sauna with Thermo-Spruce staves (1.65” thick)
  • Clear Thermo-Aspen Benches and Backrests (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
  • Tempered bronze glass door
  • Stainless steel barrel bands
  • Black roof shingle kit
  • Fascia trim boards
  • Air intake and exhaust vents
  • Extra staves (2)
  • Fastener kit
  • Paraffin oil, 16.9 oz bottle (500ml)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by 50+ year old company (!!)
  • LED Light Kit (1 bar)
  • Whatever-It-Takes US-Based Support

White LED Light Bar System with Wi-Fi App

  • White LED light bar (1)
  • Wi-Fi, app-based operation
  • Wireless handheld remote & mounting cradle
  • 90W power supply
  • Driver
  • 30’ light cable
  • Mounting clips, articulating (3)
  • Mounting clips, flush (3)

Not Included

  • Heater (available in 'Add-Ons')
  • Weather protection for heater power box and controllers (if required)
  • Installation (Recommendations Available)
  • Crate movement from curbside to installation location
Virtual 360° Tour

Contact Info Not Required!

We like to follow up and make sure you got in OK, but feel free to proceed without contact information. 

SaunaLife Ergo Premium Barrel Sauna Kit

(9 customer reviews)

SaunaLife has set a new standard for barrel saunas in North America with the SaunaLife Ergo Series.  In stock from Northern Europe, these easy-to-assemble sauna kits are built to last a lifetime with thick thermally modified wood that lasts twice as long as cedar, a shingle roof kit, and clear aspen benches.  The Ergo comes in 3 sizes (SaunaLife E6, E7, and E8) with two window options (W = Back Window, G = Glass front wall).  For extra wide diameter with upper benches for the best performance, check out the EE6G and EE8G.

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All heater packages include rocks for soft heat and steam. Please call or book a sauna planning session for wood stove or more electric options.

None Harvia KIP Stainless Heater With Built in Controls *Simplest Installation* +$953.70 HUUM Drop Sauna Heater With WIFI Controller *Gets The Hottest* +$2,657.00 Harvia Cilindro w/ Built in Controls *Great Steam Capacity* +$1,285.70 Harvia Virta Combi with Wi-Fi Control *Automatic Steam Function* +$3,878.70 Saunum Air L Climate Equalizing Barrel Sauna Heater Package With Wi-Fi Enabled AirIQ *Even Temps + Most Pleasant Experience* +$5,190.00
None 2x Wood Outdoor Sconce Lights, Cables, and Controller +$495.00 Emood Ceiling Light Kit - Dimmable, Color Changing LED Wood Light. Indirect Lighting. Includes cables and controller. +$595.00
None Ice Barrel 500 +$1,499.00 Matching SaunaLife Barrel Shower +$2,990.00

Not required for electric heaters. In fact, most heaters can be mounted lower without it which is a good thing.

None Optional Wood Floor Kit (Required w/ wood stove) +$245.00