Real Users Share Their Experiences: In-Depth Finnleo Sauna Reviews


Finnleo has consistently provided exceptional quality and luxurious sauna experiences for over 100 years as a leading name in the sauna industry. There was already some question about their future when they went under the Sauna360 brand, but their future is even more uncertain now that a non-sauna public corporation has bought out Sauna360.

For sauna kits of all types, we highly recommend you start here. Finnleo is a premium sauna company but based on reviews, you can now get higher-quality European kits from companies like Auroom and SaunaLife. Some are even prebuilt and have a lower price tag.

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Finnleo Ownership and Alternative Brand Options in North America

Finnleo is on the fringe of one of the most convoluted corporate structures we’ve ever seen and it just got even more crazy. The result of 100 years of mergers and acquisitions has dozens of companies selling the same product, many under the same ownership, under different names.

We’re not sure anyone can put this web into proper context, but its something like this: Finnleo is part of the Tylo:Helo group which is owned by Sauna360 who also owns Amerec, Kastor, Tylo, and Helo. But it doesn’t end there.

In the summer of 2023, a non-sauna public corporation named ‘Masco’ bought Sauna360. Being bought by a non-sauna company is not usually a good sign, and Finnleo seems to recognize this by hardly mentioning ‘Masco’ in their press release about the acquisition. Masco is going to place Finnleo under their ‘Watkins’ brand, which consists of ‘HotSpring’, Endless Pools, Fantasy Spas, FreeFlow Spas, and Caldera Spas.

We are somewhere between confused and skeptical.

Finnleo operates out of Sauna360’s Minnesota location, at least up until the acquisition.

Outdoor Finnleo Sauna Options

Finnleo offers the following outdoor saunas:

  1. Euro – This is a classic ‘shed style’ sauna with a sloped ceiling. Sizes range from 4×5′ to 7×10′ with changing room. Finnlandia Euro uses economic white spruce interior walls and western red cedar exterior. Finnleo Euro models start around $20k and can easily approach $35k with delivery and heater upgrades.
  2. Northstar – Finnleo must have been tired of customers asking if they can use their indoor Northstar Saunas outside, so they slapped a roof on them and started selling these budget outdoor saunas. Northstar is the cheapest Finnleo outdoor sauna with dimensions ranging from 4×4′ to 5×7′. They use untreated spruce on the interior and exterior, in fact the construction is a single layer of spruce. The black finish will help it last, and it has a nice sized overhang so we expect it will hold up. The Euro Northstar starts around $17k.
  3. Finnleo Metro has a classic home look and a good layout with changing room. Unfortunately, the benches are still way too low for a true Finnish sauna experience. We also think it’s strange to use Western Red Cedar on the exterior and standard spruce in the sauna room. They could have a more durable sauna at a lower price point by using thermally modified wood like the high end Auroom and SaunaLife kits from Europe. However, the Finnleo Metro is a unique design with no competition on the market. You would have to have a sauna like this custom-built.
  4. Finnleo Patio is another basic outdoor model from Finnleo that looks just like a backyard shed. We believe they may be phasing this model out.

Compare to the following:

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Indoor Finnleo Sauna Kits

  1. Finnleo Northstar 4×4 indoor sauna is known as one of the best small indoor sauna kits on the market, and we agree! If limited to a 4×4′ room, this is a good choice. However, consider the Auroom Cala Mini for a major upgrade.
  2. Sisu Sauna Series is a popular indoor sauna kit from Finnleo with good reviews. It’s Finnleo’s take on Almost Heaven’s Auburn sauna, or SaunaLife’s Xperience series. They are all very similar with large front windows and functional layouts. Of the 3 options, Finnleo is the most adaptable, and SaunaLife is the best value.
  3. Finnleo Hallmark series are popular free-standing saunas that are somewhat portable. These are good for renters or anyone who doesn’t want a big construction project. The Hallmark looks a little cheap for the price tag, which is over $10k but we like the corner model. The Hallmark 44 is the most popular.

Compare to the following indoor sauna kits:

Finnleo Sauna Reviews: Still The Pinnacle of Comfort and Luxury?

Finnleo saunas are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and relaxation. With options ranging from traditional Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, to combination saunas, there is a Finnleo sauna for every preference. Here are some first-hand Finnleo sauna reviews to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Traditional Finnish Saunas: “I recently installed a Finnleo traditional Finnish sauna in my home, and it’s been a game-changer for my relaxation routine. The high-quality Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar materials create an exceptional sauna environment that I can’t get enough of. I highly recommend Finnleo saunas for anyone looking for an authentic sauna experience.” – John D.
  2. Infrared Saunas: “As someone who’s always on the lookout for therapeutic and detoxifying treatments, the Finnleo infrared sauna has been an absolute blessing. The direct heat from the infrared panels penetrates deep into my muscles, providing immense relief and relaxation. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” – Sarah M.
  3. Combination Saunas: “Finnleo’s combination sauna has been the perfect addition to my wellness routine. The flexibility to switch between traditional and infrared sauna experiences has allowed me to tailor my sessions to my specific needs and preferences. I highly recommend a Finnleo combination sauna to anyone who wants the best of both worlds.” – Michael L.
  4. Himalaya 7kW with BWT: “I have a Himalaya 7kW with the BWT. I use it all the time. It adds humidity in the room, which I prefer over totally dry heat. It also helps preserve the wood, causing less cracking, splintering, and warping when the moisture isn’t drawn out. I truly recommend it.” – Steven T.
  5. Finnleo Hallmark IS44 Combination Sauna: “I bought a Finnleo IS44 a couple of months ago. It’s the same as the Finlandia Hallmark 44 but also has infrared in addition to the traditional heater. My wife likes infrared, while I like baking out the demons with the traditional heater. I LOVE my sauna. So far, it’s been the best purchase I’ve ever made.” – Richard H.

Finnleo BWT Technology: Experience Sauna Reinvented

Finnleo’s proprietary BWT (Bio Water Technique) technology revolutionizes the sauna experience by providing a multi-layered sensation. This unique feature is available in several Finnleo sauna heater models, such as Piccolo, Himalaya, Vena, Laava, and Magma heaters.

BWT allows users to enjoy a soothing, comfortable sauna environment with higher humidity levels and lower temperatures. Finnleo sauna reviews often highlight the BWT technology as a standout feature: “I love my Finnleo sauna with BWT technology. The option to switch between a gentle, more humid Flexi-Sauna experience and a traditional Hot & Dry Sauna experience has been a fantastic addition to my home spa.” – Karen P.

Finnleo Sauna Heaters: Quality Craftsmanship and Innovation

Finnleo sauna heaters are renowned for their quality craftsmanship, innovative features, and diverse options to suit every taste and sauna room. From wall-mounted to floor-standing heaters, Finnleo offers an extensive range of heaters to enhance your sauna experience. Some popular Finnleo sauna heaters include:

  1. Piccolo Heater – Wall Mounted: “The Piccolo heater has been perfect for my smaller sauna. It’s compact yet powerful, providing just the right amount of heat and humidity. The BWT onboard feature is a great bonus, allowing me to enjoy a more soothing sauna experience.” – Laura G. Buy It Here.
  2. Himalaya Heater – Floor Standing: “My Himalaya heater has exceeded my expectations. With 210 lbs of Vulcanite rocks and the BWT onboard, it creates an incredibly relaxing sauna climate. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.” – James R. Buy it here
  3. Vena Heater – Wall Mounted: “The Vena heater has been an excellent addition to my sauna room. Its sleek design and BWT technology have made my sauna sessions even more enjoyable. I highly recommend the Vena heater for anyone looking to upgrade their sauna experience.” – Natalie S.
  4. Laava Heater – Floor Standing: “I’ve been using the Laava heater in my commercial-sized sauna, and it’s been a game-changer. Its powerful heating capacity, combined with the optional BWT auto-fill feature, has provided a consistently comfortable and luxurious sauna environment for my clients.” – Thomas K.
  5. Magma Heater – Floor Standing: “As a commercial sauna owner, the Magma heater has been the perfect solution for my large sauna room. The BWT auto-fill option and mobile app control make it easy to manage and maintain an ideal sauna climate. My customers consistently rave about their experiences.” – Jennifer L.

Finnleo Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

Finnleo offers a range of wood burning sauna heaters that provide the ultimate traditional sauna experience. With the soft heat, relaxing crackle of wood-fueled fire, and the lush hiss of steam, these heaters truly embody the essence of a genuine sauna.

Designed for modern living, Finnleo wood burning heaters utilize a patented air channeling system between the outer shroud and inner firebox. This innovative system ensures efficient heating of the rocks while enhancing steam generation and air circulation within the sauna. As the fire dies down, the “Coanda” effect comes into play, redirecting the air to the side vents and allowing the stones to retain their heat longer. This results in a comfortable, long-lasting sauna session while using firewood as efficiently as possible.

Finnleo wood burning sauna heaters feature:

  • No electricity needed, making them perfect for cabins or remote locations
  • Heat resistant paint and stainless steel outer shield for a softer heat
  • Large rock capacity for a gentle heat and steam experience
  • Patented “Coanda” air ventilation system for efficient heating and a longer steel life
  • Removable ash pan for easy maintenance
  • Interior or exterior feed options
  • Chimney outlet out the top or back
  • Optional enclosed stainless steel water tank
  • Suitable for saunas from 200 cu. ft. to 1412 cu. ft.
  • Heavy-duty steel interior for durability
  • CE safety listed (most models)

Finnleo offers a variety of wood burning sauna heater models to suit different sauna sizes and preferences. Some models come with a small glass door, allowing you to enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the fire while you relax in the sauna. Other models feature a through-wall design with a larger glass door for added visual appeal. Some heaters are also available with a water tank to provide added humidity during your sauna session.

Whether you’re looking for the best wood burning heater or one with added features, Finnleo has a model to meet your needs. Experience the true essence of a traditional sauna with Finnleo wood burning sauna heaters and enjoy a rejuvenating and authentic sauna session.

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Finnleo saunas and heaters have garnered exceptional reviews from customers who have experienced the luxury, comfort, and relaxation they provide. With innovative features such as the BWT technology, a wide range of heater options, and premium materials, Finnleo continues to dominate the sauna industry. If you are considering a sauna for your home or commercial space, these Finnleo sauna reviews make it clear that Finnleo is a top choice for quality and satisfaction.