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Sauna Hacks For Fun, Travel, and Löyly

Warning: Like all good hacks, many of these are not for rule followers. Some may be against...

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Barrel Sauna Rental in Backyard of Urban House

The Mobile Sauna Rental Market Is Already A Thing

Could a mobile sauna rental be available for your next party or special occasion?  Outdoor saunas...

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The best wood burning sauna stove

Best Wood Burning Sauna Stove – 2019

The wood burning sauna stove is the heart of the traditional sauna - and perhaps the most important...

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Reviewing the Claims of Traditional and Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Time Spent in the Sauna is Time Well Spent, A Sauna Health Series Part 1: Traditional and Infrared...

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Barrel Saunas, or Tynnyrisauna in Finland

Tynnyrisauna: The Barrel Saunas of Finland

We thought it would be interesting to explore barrel saunas in Finland, where an authentic sauna is...

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Saunas For Sale In Minnesota

A revival of sauna innovators and entrepreneurs have created a hub of sauna culture connecting a...

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barrel sauna kits in showroom

What You Need To Know About Barrel Sauna Kits

Barrel sauna kits are a great way to to have an outdoor sauna up and running quickly without...

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Why You Shouldn’t Convert an Infrared Sauna to a Traditional

Infrared saunas lack steam and top out around 120-130 degrees F.  After experiencing an authentic...

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How to Build a DIY Barrel Sauna From Scratch

If you're looking at the barrel sauna kits wondering if you can do it yourself, you're not...

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sauna laddle and water bucket for steam l

Sauna Temperature, Relative Humidity, and the “Rule of 200”

In a traditional sauna, the temperature and humidity interact and can be controlled by splashing...

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electric heater review

Electric Sauna Heater Reviews

Finding the perfect electric sauna heater can be confusing in the North American market.  Some...

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The Outdoor Barrel Sauna Is Smarter Than You Think

Don't let the simple design deceive you, outdoor barrel saunas have some surprising perks. A...

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