Harvia Autodose – Automated Water And Scent Dispenser for Sauna Heaters

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This North America Harvia Autodose Package comes with everything you need to upgrade your sauna to create steam and aroma automatically or at the push of the button.  It applies the perfect amount of water in the perfect pattern for your sauna stones to create unbelievable steam.  You can use it to control the humidity at the push of a button from anywhere in the sauna or program it to steam at intervals.


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Smarter, Better Steam for Modern Saunas

Ladling water on the rocks presents a challenge in any medium or large sauna.  The steam (Loyly) is best experience on the top bench in the opposite corner of the room just a few seconds after the water is released.

But to pour the water on the rocks you need to be just a few feet from the heater which can create a harsh and even dangerous steam.

Longer and longer ladles have been created.  And true Finns have become experts at ‘throwing’ water across the hot room and perfectly to the ladles.  

But learning this trick will create undesirable water marks on the wall behind your heater (ask us how we know!).

Complete US Autodose Package (Only on Sauna Marketplace) Includes:

  • Autodose
  • Nozzle
  • Operating buttons
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Black Design Pipe

Harvia Autodose Manual


Harvia Autodose Use

The Harvia Autodose is designed to dispense both water and a water-scent blend onto the heated stones of a sauna heater. The apparatus comprises a central unit and control buttons. The package comes with one button for water and another for the water-fragrance mixture, with the option to add more buttons if needed.

Harvia Autodose can operate automatically at predetermined intervals or manually at the push of a button. Even in automatic mode, the buttons can be utilized, with the timer resetting the dosing interval each time a button is pressed.

Harvia Autodose is incompatible with the smallest heater models such as the Delta, Compact, and Vega Compact.

Compatible Harvia Heaters

Harvia Club
Harvia Virta
Harvia Virta Pro
Harvia Cilindro

Techical Specs

  • Water output period adjustment range: 0.3–4 s
  • Fragrance output period adjustment range: 1–20 s
  • Automatic output interval adjustment range: 1–10 min
  • Supply voltage: 230 V 1N~
  • Dimensions: 270 mm x 80 mm x 201 mm
  • Length of fragrance suction pipe: 0.5 m
  • Length of outlet pipe: 2.5 m Operating buttons
  • Length of cable: 4 m
  • Dimensions: 55 mm x 55 mm x 15 mm
  • Diameter of opening for embedding (e.g. in bench or wall): 50–52 mm
  • Max amount of installed buttons: 10 pcs (“water” buttons max 5 pcs and “water and fragrance” buttons max 5 pcs)

How to Use Harvia Autodose

  1. Water Application: Simply press the water button and the device will dispense a pre-set quantity of water onto the heater.
  2. Water and Fragrance Application: Press the water and fragrance button to have the device dispense a pre-set amount of water-fragrance mixture onto the heater.

Remember, when the device is in automatic mode and water is manually applied by pressing a button, the timer will reset and begin counting the dosing interval anew.

Modifying the Settings

The control knobs for altering settings are located beneath the main unit’s cover.

A. Automatic Output Interval: This can be adjusted between 1–10 minutes. When set to the minimum, the automatic output is deactivated.

B. Fragrance Pumping Duration: This can be set for a period of 1–20 seconds.

C. Indicator Light: This will illuminate when the automatic output is engaged.

D. Water Output Duration: This can be adjusted between 0.3–4 seconds.

Please note the exact quantity of water and fragrance dispensed onto the heater at any given time will depend on the water tap pressure and the strength of the fragrance liquid. Determining the appropriate water quantity and mixing ratio may take some experimentation.

30-Minute Delayed Start: The device can be programmed to initiate operation 30 minutes after the power has been switched on. 

Buy the complete package on Sauna Marketplace and have everything you need for perfect steam at your fingertips, from anywhere in the sauna.

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