Amerec Himalaya Electric Sauna Heater

Set the temperature and the humidity on the digital control panel and return for a tailored spa experience like no other. That’s right, the Amerec Himalaya has a hidden water container with integrated Helo-WT technology for the most personalized sauna experience on the market. It’s one of the only automatic steaming sauna heaters available in North America, and the only one with an open rock basket design.

The impressive rock capacity creates a ‘softer’ heat that is more pleasant and will leave you feeling refreshed. Remember, at Sauna Marketplace we believe you should feel better when you come out of the sauna than when you entered it. The Himalaya makes that possible every time.

The Amerec Himalaya sauna heater has a more ‘commercial-grade’ look to it, and your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The Himalaya can be installed floor standing in a corner or against a wall or mounted to the sauna benches using a steel or glass collar. The steel collar is available in chrome or black to match the color of the heater. Control panel Elite is included.


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• Helo-WT Technology for a multitude of sauna therapies in one beautiful solution
• A solid 220 lbs of sauna stones to boost authentic sauna experience
• Available in color black or chrome


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Brand Catalog: Amerec