Amerec Piccolo 120v Electric Sauna Heater

The 120v Amerec Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater is the ultimate rock tower electric heater for very small, well insulated saunas while maintaining a top notch experience.  The BWT (BioWater Technique) uses an integrated water tank to provide two different bathing experiences from the same product.  Use it as a classic Finnish sauna heater, splashing water on the rocks to create Loyly, or treat yourself to the BioWater Technique for more humidity, gently distributed throughout the room.



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The Amerec Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater offers a full sauna experience in a small package. This heater is part of the Blackline series and is BWT-ready. It has a small tower-like design with the power of a bigger sauna heater. Perfect for small saunas, the 120v Piccolo electric sauna heater from Amerec delivers a multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation, all with an effortless operating system.

The Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater is equipped with Amerec’s Pure 2.0, a digital control panel that allows you to customize your sauna experience. With the Pure 2.0, you can adjust the temperature, humidity, and even the power of the sauna, all with the simple touch of a button. The Pure 2.0 also allows you to create your own sauna programs, and save them for later use.

The convenient size of the Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater makes it easy to install and operate. This space-saving design allows you to install it in a tight corner, freeing up more room to enjoy your sauna.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy with the Amerec Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater. With its convenient size and adjustable settings, you can create a personalized sauna experience that is sure to rejuvenate your body and mind. Get ready to enjoy the sauna of your dreams with Amerec’s Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater.

Amerec Piccolo Electric Sauna Heater Specs

Safety clearances, and electric requirements from the manual:

electrical and clearance requiremnets for amerec piccolo 1.7

Mounting Your New Amerec Piccolo

Hang your heater with ease with these easy to use brackets and screws! The brackets have been factory attached for a flat wall installation and can be reversed easily to mount the heater in the corner. Utilizing the template provided, drill four 9/64″ holes to fasten the heater securely onto the wall.

Once you have installed the two ¼” x 1 ½” hex head lag screws (supplied with the heater) into the upper two holes, and the two ¼” x 1″ hex head lag screws (supplied with the heater) into the lower two holes, you can hang the heater on the four screws. Tighten them to ensure the heater is locked in place. Refer to Diagram 1 for the heater location details and the necessary clearances to combustible materials.

Placing Rocks In Your Piccolo

It is important to use the supplied rocks to ensure optimal performance of the heater. Using any other type of rocks may void the warranty. Never operate the heater without rocks present; before placing them into the heater, rinse them with water.

In addition, the BWT (Bio Water Technique) tank is to be installed between the two heating elements, resting on top with the slot in the back heat shield. Cover the tank and place the fragrance diffuser cup on top.

Rocks should be added to the heater in an even layer, making sure that the heating elements are vertical and evenly spaced. Add one more loose layer over the heating elements and the closed portion of the BWT tank, making sure not to cover the round fragrance diffuser. Finally, attach the rock guard with the screws provided. Packing the rocks too tightly may cause the heater’s high limit switch to trip or the room to heat at a slower rate.

don't overflow rocks to the amerec piccolo sauna heater

Amerec Piccolo Wiring

To ensure safe operation, all electrical installation must be completed by a licensed electrician, in accordance with the National Electric Code and local regulations. Note that a GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit) device is not required by ETL, although one may be installed if it is called for in local codes. However, be aware that the device may cause nuisance trips during the use of the product. Additionally, take care to ensure that connections are properly secured; otherwise, heat damage to wires, terminal blocks, and other components may occur, potentially voiding the warranty.

To install the product, remove the four screws and the cover from the back of the electrical access of the heater, and carefully slide out the electrical wiring compartment. Route the wires through the bottom of the heater, and attach them to the terminal block. Refer to Diagram 2 to determine the correct wire size; only copper wire rated for a minimum of 90 degrees C should be used. Lastly, be certain to properly ground the heater.

Amerec Piccolo 1.7kw 120v electric sauna heater wiring

amerec piccolo 120v sauna heater wiring diagram

Amerec Piccolo Temperature Sensor

Feed the designated low-voltage sensor wire from the sensor to the sauna heater location. Make sure to route the wire separately – in accordance with low-voltage wiring codes – from any wiring carrying over 50 volts. It may be necessary to drill holes in order to string the wire through the studs or ceiling joists. Route the wire to the bottom of the heater, then connect it to the Sensor (NTC) Port on the circuit board. Mount the sensor to the finished wall, 3″ away from the ceiling directly above the heater. Use the two screws provided for the task.



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Brand Catalog: Amerec


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