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HUUM Drop 6 KW


This compact wall-mounted stove can actually fit up to 121 lb / 55 kg of stones, exceeding most wood-burning stoves and guaranteeing long-lasting steam.

The Wall Series by Harvia – 6kW

Stainless Steel

The Harvia Wall SW60, a minimalistic Scandinavian design sauna heater, is engineered to power sauna rooms up to 282 cubic feet (CF). The illuminated controls make the Wall an easy-to-use heater. For customizability, the Wall heater can be installed in right or left-handed directions.

Harvia Cilindro PC60

The Cilindro Half Series 6kW (PC60) Sauna Heater is a uniquely sleek, modern electric heater that packs an impressive amount of stones in a small cylinder.  Once you get the hang of a Harvia Cilindro, you’ll be able control your hot room with a soft heat by throwing water along the side, or harsher heat from dropping from above.  The PC60 has built in sauna controls, saving the time and expense of adding an external control.

HUUM Steel 6 KW


HUUM STEEL is the tallest and slimmest sauna heater on the market, allowing for remarkably small safety distances with impressive heat.  The 6KW HUUM STEEL requires just 50 mm of clearance, the lowest clearance on the market for a 6KW stove.

HUUM Hive Mini 6KW


HIVE Mini is a slimmer version of the HIVE stove. While HIVE is intended for larger saunas, HIVE Mini fits up to 375 lb / 170 kg of sauna stones and is suitable for smaller saunas.