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Costco Sauna Reviews – Indoor, Outdoor, & BARREL SAUNAS!


UPDATE 2023: Costco again offers barrel saunas for sale in the US.  Like most Costco Saunas, these are made by 'Almost Heaven' (owned by Harvia) and sell for less than you can buy them directly.

Only the 'Morgan Barrel Sauna' and 'Emerson Barrel Sauna' are available in the US. They are 4 and 6-person cedar barrel saunas for under $5k USD. A few things to note.

    1. Costco Barrel Saunas do not come with a floor kit. You will get tired of walking on the uneven floor quickly. No upgrades or order customizations are available through Costco. This is a huge red flag when considering sauna heater size, which must consider climate and user preference.
    2. Cedar is not usually the best choice for a barrel sauna, ESPECIALLY without a roof. All cedar saunas expand and contract significantly. Many Costco Sauna reviews state they've had to cut into the door frame to make the door close after a few months. Worse, cracks can develop. While no barrel sauna is waterproof without a roof, Thermory and SaunaLife barrel saunas are less likely to develop cracks and come with roof kits.
    3. Would you ask someone at Costco for advice on Saunas? If the Almost Heaven Emerson or Morgan barrel saunas happen to suit your needs perfectly (and you are SURE), it's a pretty good deal! Just ensure you do your homework and don't expect expert sauna advice from Costco. Barrel Saunas have pros and cons; we'll give it to you straight at Sauna Marketplace. Even if that means sending you to back to Costco or Almost Heaven (we do that all the time!).

If you'd like a comparable barrel sauna that includes a floor kit, and roof, and won't expand and contract like a cedar barrel sauna consider a thermally modified sauna like the ones we sell from Thermory and SaunaLife. They generally have better reviews and may last longer. Plus you can customize your sauna size, and choose from options like a panoramic window.

Check out Thermory Barrel Saunas as an alternative to the Costco Barrel Sauna. A sleeker, thermally modified sauna designed to stand up to the elements.

Comes with:

      1. Rain Jacket

      1. Front vent to move hot air through the sauna

      1. Thermally treated wood that won’t expand and contract as much as cedar.

      1. Free Shipping in the lower 48

    See all our barrel saunas for sale here.  You may also be interested in our best barrel sauna review, where we go deep, or our Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna Reviews Here.

    Costco Outdoor Saunas

    In the world of wellness and relaxation, choosing the right outdoor barrel sauna or indoor sauna kit can make all the difference in your home spa experience. The right sauna can transform your home into a personal retreat, offering a sanctuary of warmth and tranquility.

    The Popularity of Costco Saunas 

    Costco, known for its wide range of products, has surprisingly become one of the biggest sauna distributors in North America. Their affordable prices and convenient shopping experience have attracted many customers. However, as we delve deeper, we discover that there’s more to consider than just price and convenience.

    The Limitations of Costco Saunas 

    While Costco’s popularity is undeniable, its barrel saunas come with certain limitations that potential buyers should be aware of. For instance, Costco’s saunas are primarily made of cedar, a wood type that, while aromatic, doesn’t offer the same durability and heat retention as Thermally Treated Nordic Spruce.

    What’s more concerning is that Costco outdoor saunas do not come with a roof kit. Barrel saunas leak without a roof and there’s no mention of adding a roof kit on the Costco website. We think this is why barrel saunas get a bad reputation in the USA for not lasting.

    Additionally, Costco’s saunas lack the customization options that can truly elevate your sauna experience.

    Introduction to Thermory and SaunaLife 

    Enter Thermory and SaunaLife, two brands revolutionizing the barrel sauna experience with superior features and customization options.

    Starting with thermally modified wood and ending with a fully customizable sauna, these brands deliver a great customer experience.

    It’s clear they prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, offering a range of saunas that cater to different needs and preferences.

    Thermally Modified Wood

    One of the key factors that set Thermory and SaunaLife apart is their use of Thermally Treated Nordic Spruce, a wood type that offers numerous advantages over the cedar used by Costco. This wood type is known for its excellent heat retention, durability, and beautiful aesthetic, making it a superior choice for saunas.

    At Sauna Marketplace, we’re proud to offer Thermory and SaunaLife barrel saunas, both of which utilize thermally modified wood. This type of wood is a popular choice in Europe, known for its exceptional durability and stability.

    Thermally modified wood undergoes a special heat treatment process that enhances its natural properties. This process removes sugars, starches, and other elements that typically attract insects and contribute to decay. The result is a wood that is less likely to rot or develop cracks, making it an excellent choice for outdoor saunas.

    Moreover, thermally modified wood is less prone to expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and humidity. This means your sauna will maintain its shape and integrity, even in changing weather conditions.

    Now, let’s compare this to cedar, the wood type commonly used in many other saunas, including those offered by Costco. While cedar is known for its pleasant aroma and natural resistance to decay, it doesn’t quite match up to the durability and stability of thermally modified wood. Cedar is more prone to expansion and contraction, which can lead to warping or cracking over time, especially in an outdoor setting.

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for a barrel sauna that will stand the test of time and weather, Thermory and SaunaLife’s use of thermally modified wood makes them a superior choice. Not only will you enjoy the aesthetic beauty of real wood, but you’ll also benefit from its enhanced durability and stability. At Sauna Marketplace, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect sauna that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

    According to SaunaLife, thermally treated Spruce lasts twice as long as Cedar.

    Unique Features of Thermory and SaunaLife 

    Beyond the superior wood type, Thermory and SaunaLife offer a range of unique features that enhance the sauna experience. For instance, SaunaLife’s saunas come with panoramic back windows and full front glass walls, allowing you to enjoy the view while you relax. They also come with an LED light kit and Grade A Aspen Benches.

    On the other hand, Thermory offers a unique front porch option, providing a space to cool down or relax before or after your sauna session. 

    Both brands also offer WiFi heater capabilities, allowing you to remotely control your sauna’s settings.

    The Importance of Customization 

    Customization is key in creating a sauna experience that truly meets your needs, and this is where Thermory and SaunaLife truly shine. From the type of heater to LED lighting, these brands offer a range of customization options that allow you to create your perfect sauna.

    Availability and Customer Support 

    When investing in a barrel sauna, availability, and customer support are crucial considerations. Thermory and SaunaLife outperform Costco in this regard, with the best sauna experts in the business and thoughtful design from the source.

    Even though the wood comes from Northern Europe, SaunaLife and Thermory barrel sauna kits ship conveniently from Chicago and are usually in stock.

    Making the Right Choice: Thermory and SaunaLife vs. Costco 

    In conclusion, while Costco may be a popular choice for many, the superior wood type, unique features, customization options, and excellent customer support offered by Sauna Marketplace, Thermory, SaunaLife make them the clear winners in barrel saunas. When investing in your wellness and relaxation, choosing a Thermory, SaunaLife sauna is a decision you won’t regret.

    Remember, at Sauna Marketplace, we’re here to help you navigate the world of saunas and make the best choice for your home spa experience. Let’s continue to explore the wonderful world of saunas together!

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