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Overland Sauna Stove


Introducing the game-changer in outdoor sauna experiences – the all-new USA Made Overland Superlite Sauna Stove. Our dedicated team has poured their expertise into engineering a superior sauna stove. This remarkable stove weighs in at a mere 29 pounds, making it the lightest sauna tent stove available. And yes, you heard it right – it’s proudly handmade in the USA. Fueled by wood and designed for performance, this stove can bring your sauna to an impressive 200°F in just 10-15 minutes.

Overland Thermal Sauna Stones


20 lbs of Sauna Stones from Overland Sauna.  Shipped from Portland, OR.  Sauna stones allow you to laddle water on the rocks to create steam, and mellow out the harshness of the direct heat.  More rocks on a sauna stove take longer to heat up, but provide a more comfortable, enjoyable experience even at hotter temperatures.  Overland recommends 20 lbs of rocks with their Superlite Sauna Tent Stove.

Overland Sauna Tent


Easily set up at your preferred riverside spot or in your own backyard. The Overland Tent, constructed with premium nylon fabric and strengthened with fiberglass rods and hubs, provides a genuine sauna experience that can be assembled in mere minutes. When paired with their wood-burning stoves, the Overland Tent delivers a portable and cost-effective sauna session wherever you may be. The tent’s breathable materials and zippered vents ensure superb ventilation while preserving heat, mirroring the experience of traditional saunas.

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