Harvia Paraffin Oil For Sauna

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Harvia’s Paraffin Oil is a versatile treatment for wood surfaces that aids in reducing moisture and dirt absorption, enhancing their lifespan. Ideal for use on new benches and for annual maintenance, it’s especially effective on heat-treated wood and alder surfaces. Although colorless, it subtly highlights the natural wood tones.  Harvia recommends you protect the benches and other frequently contacted surfaces with paraffin oil. It reduces the absorption of moisture and dirt into the wood and extends the benches’ life. Repeat the treatment 1–3 times a year, depending on how often the sauna is used.


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In a family sauna, it is not necessary to protect wall surfaces with any substances. If you want to ease cleaning, treatment should be done with substances which are recommended and suitable for the sauna.
Paraffin oil treatment also highlights different tones of wood. Harvia provides a Harvia Sauna Care Set which is designed for taking care of the wood surfaces in your sauna.
Can I use laquer in the sauna?

Do not use lacquer inside the sauna. Source: Harvia

How can I treat the sauna door and handle?

A door frame and wooden handle can be treated with moisture and heat-tolerant special sauna protection coat like paraffin oil, or a water-dilutable lacquer.

I used Paraffin oil and my sauna still shows marks, what gives?

Harvia paraffin oil will help protect your sauna, but should be a part of a larger picture.  Here are some additional sauna rules to help protect your sauna, provided by Harvia:

  • Wash yourself before using the sauna.
  • Always use a bench towel to protect the benches.
  • Wooden surfaces can effectively tolerate moisture which drains from clean skin and usually this does not leave any marks.
  • Try to avoid watering wooden surfaces besides when cleaning the sauna.
  • Be careful not to smear wooden surfaces when using sauna scents, sauna honey or other body care products. Also remove leaves from sauna whisks from wooden surfaces as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Paraffin Oil for Wood Surface Treatment

When it comes to treating wooden surfaces, paraffin oil has emerged as a popular choice among enthusiasts. Its unique properties make it an effective and affordable option for protecting and enhancing the appearance of various wooden elements, including sauna benches, panels, and corner moldings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using paraffin oil as a surface treatment for wood.

  1. Easy Application and Excellent Results: One of the key advantages of paraffin oil is its ease of application. It can be easily applied to wooden surfaces using a brush or cloth, ensuring a smooth and even coverage. The oil penetrates the wood, providing a protective layer that helps prevent moisture absorption and damage. Additionally, paraffin oil leaves a beautiful finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

  2. Minimal Impact on Gloss: Unlike some other surface treatments, paraffin oil has an insignificant effect on the gloss of the wood. This means that after treatment, the wood retains its original appearance, with only a subtle darkening effect. This is particularly important for sauna benches, as a glossy surface may become slippery when exposed to moisture.

  3. Improved Cleanability: Paraffin oil treatment significantly improves the cleanability of wooden surfaces. It forms a protective barrier that prevents dirt, grime, and stains from penetrating the wood. As a result, regular cleaning becomes easier and more effective, ensuring that your sauna remains hygienic and inviting.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Another advantage of paraffin oil is its affordability. Compared to other surface treatments, paraffin oil is readily available and can be purchased at reasonable prices from various retailers, including pharmacies and hardware stores. This makes it an accessible option for those looking to protect and enhance their wooden surfaces without breaking the bank.

Paraffin oil has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for treating wooden surfaces, including sauna benches, panels, and corner moldings.

Its easy application, minimal impact on gloss, improved cleanability, and affordability make it a popular choice among enthusiasts.

By using paraffin oil, you can ensure that your wooden surfaces not only look beautiful but also remain protected from moisture and dirt.

So, consider giving paraffin oil a try and enjoy the benefits it brings to your sauna experience.


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About Harvia
Harvia PLC is a globally recognized company renowned for its top-tier sauna heaters and accessories. Established in 1950 in Finland, Harvia is a true testament to Finnish sauna culture, being a part of many homes and wellness spaces worldwide. The company has steadily evolved, emerging as a market leader in the sauna and spa industry. Harvia boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products that cater to a diverse range of preferences and requirements. The company has gained significant traction in the United States (with the help of Costco) with its unique offering of sauna heaters and barrel saunas under the Almost Heaven brand. Harvia's barrel saunas are a highlight in the American market, providing an authentic and immersive sauna experience. These saunas, known for their distinct cylindrical design and excellent heat circulation, are an ideal addition to any home, gym, or wellness center. Furthermore, Harvia's wide range of heater models in the U.S. contributes to its strong market presence. Their heaters are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety. The Harvia Forte, for instance, is an always-ready ready electric sauna heater that stores enough heat for spontaneous and frequent home use. The Harvia KIP heater, on the other hand, is the most copied heater in history. The Harvia Cilindro heater stands out for its unique design, which allows many stones to be placed in close contact with the heating elements. For those who prefer a classic, wood-burning sauna, the Harvia Legend series provides an exceptional choice. The wood used in these heaters gives the sauna an enchanting, traditional feel, and provides soft, relaxing heat. As we've seen firsthand at Sauna Marketplace - Harvia's business performance in North America has shown robust growth in recent years. In the first quarter of 2023, the company's revenue from North America saw a substantial increase of 15.8%, a clear testament to Harvia's growing popularity and acceptance among American sauna enthusiasts. Through its relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and the authentic Finnish sauna experience, Harvia continues to strengthen its leading position in the global sauna and spa market. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your wellness journey, or a business seeking the best in sauna solutions, Harvia has established itself as a reliable and superior choice.
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Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove


Experience the gold standard in sauna performance with the Harvia M3 Wood Fired Sauna Stove. This stove is designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and reliable, with a sleek and modern look that adds to the beauty of your sauna.  It won’t take long to see why the M3 is the best selling sauna stove in the world.

Harvia M3s are in stock and shipping out daily.  Order yours today.

Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 60 Series

Thermory No 60 W/ PORCH AND WINDOW
Thermory No 61 W/ PORCH
Thermory No 62 W/ WINDOW
Thermory No 63

Thermory barrel sauna kits are the most durable and consistent on the market, using thermally treated wood that outperforms cedar in ways we’re still wrapping our heads around.  In our tests, they don’t leak, warp, and develop cracks from expansion & contraction common with cedar.

The thermal modification process, refined and improved since the time of the Vikings, results in a more stable, rot-resistant, and attractive wood ideal for saunas.  But there’s no better application than the Thermory Barrel Sauna, where these qualities will make or break your long term satisfaction.  Thermory is the global leader in sustainable wood sourcing and modification, and their eye for design second to none.

Thermory 60 Series Barrel Saunas benefit from fast, affordable shipping from Chicago.

Looking for a smaller footprint?  Try the Thermory 50 Series.
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Saunum AirSolo

AirSolo 70
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The Saunum AirSolo series enhances your sauna experience by offering a balanced, consistent heat and steam from head to toe, eliminating cold spots, with the help of its patented air blending system. Whether you opt for the Wall, 70, or 80 model, each is equipped with Himalayan salt spheres that infuse the air with beneficial ions, promoting skin health and respiratory relief. These sleek, Scandinavian-designed devices, available in Wall-Mounted or In-Wall installations, are compatible with any electric sauna heater and fit seamlessly into large and small spaces.

Note: This is NOT a heater, but is designed to improve any sauna.  Check out The Saunum Air for the complete package.

Thermory Thermo-Aspen 2×3


Thermory Thermo-Aspen 2×3 SHP Bench material is the perfect smooth, cool timber to feel against bare skin.  Because it doesn’t secrete resin, splinter, or overheat, aspen makes for an ideal sauna material. The color of thermally modified aspen is an attractive golden brown.

SaunaLife Ergo Barrel Sauna Kit

E6 3-Person Barrel
E6W 3-Person Barrel w/ Window
E7 4-Person Barrel
E7G 4-Person Barrel w/ Glass Front
E7W 4 Person Barrel w/ Window
E8 6-Person Barrel
E8G 6-Person Barrel w/ Glass Front
E8W 6-Person Barrel w/ Window

SaunaLife Ergo Series Barrel Saunas: expertly engineered for lasting performance, aesthetics, and comfort.  With three sizes and window options that include a full glass front wall – you can optimize for privacy and views.

Each model in this series incorporates ergonomically designed seating with curved Thermo-Aspen benches and backrests, almost 50% thicker than the industry standard, providing an enhanced and comfortable sauna experience.

One of the Ergo Series’s defining features is Thermo-Spruce, a thermally modified Nordic Spruce that lasts up to two times longer than traditional Cedar wood, providing outstanding durability. These saunas are constructed using this robust wood’s 1.65” thick, full-length staves, which encapsulate the sauna, offering superior insulation. The use of this eco-friendly and chemical-free wood not only makes these saunas ideally suited for outdoor use but also contributes to their overall sustainability and longevity.

NOTE:  91″ Diameter EE6G and EE8G with Upper Benches are now available!

Harvia Legend 150


A truly legendary wood burning sauna, that sets the global standard for smaller saunas.  The Legend 150 is equipped with a cast iron glass door, adjustable legs, and an innovative structure that separates the combustion air creating a more efficient burn.

Brand Catalog: Harvia

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