Sauna enthusiasts are hard to shop for, so we compiled a list of our favorite Nordic Life products and sauna accessories.

Nordic living goes beyond the sauna. Sauna accessories like the Borsch Sauna Hat are comfortable, unique, and very warm. And nothing says Nordic Living like an open flame. Our list of sauna gifts and accessories includes 3 ways to keep that fire burning wherever you.

Follow a few of our suggestions below and we promise you'll be surrounded by coziness, Hygge, and Nordic style wherever you are.

Best Sauna Accessories Inside The Sauna

hese are the best sauna accessories for an awesome experience.

They include some things that may have come with your sauna, but probably a few accessories you haven’t though of yet.

We are big believers in making the sauna experience easier and more consistent. Technology such as wifi enabled sauna thermostats and thermometers can make sauna life a lot safer and easier.

Here are the essentials that we think every sauna should have.

Sauna Hat

Take the sauna spirit with you throughout the day.

100% Wool, 7 Colors, Made in Poland

These are the best. A must have sauna accessory.

100% Wool Sauna Hat

Sauna hats are fashionable, unique, and super practical during sauna sessions. Have you ever walked out of the sauna in the winter and had your hair freeze? Sauna hats keep the moisture in your hair and prevent a multitude of sauna problems.

Relaxing outdoors (comfortably) in nature is an important part of the sauna practice. The first two items on our list will make that part of the experience more enjoyable. If you haven't enjoyed the hot/cold cycle of a traditional sauna practice, you probably didn't have a sauna hat.

Sauna Portable Backrest

A good sauna backrest is a must have for serious sauna users.

A cedar sauna backrest is the best, but aspen, and Canadian Hemlock work well too.

Even when there are nice cedar backrests built into the sauna bench, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of a backrest you can move around, or use as a pillow.

Sauna Backrest

A sauna without a backrest may expose you to metal screws, and will wear down the sauna leaving marks where people most frequently sit (gross). A sauna backrest also makes cleaning easier.

There are two types of sauna backrest, one is a curved design that most people prefer for sitting.

The other type can besed as a sitting backrest or a pillow. It’s really nice to find a kit that has both.

Check out the kits that come with both types of backrest as well as matching sauna accessories (cupholders, magazine holders, etc).

If you plan on having several traditional sauna accessories, it definitely is nice to have them match.

Rento Sauna Aromatherapy Scents

Add 2-4 caps of any Rento Aromatherapy Scent to your sauna bucket and thank us later. Authentic Finnish Aromatherapy.

Rento birch sauna aromatherapy fragrance

Wifi Enabled Sauna Thermometer and Humidity Meter

If you have an outdoor sauna in the winter, you probably fire it up and come back 90 minutes later. You are wasting time and money.

Grab a wifi thermometer and get an alert when your sauna hits your desired temperature.

And while you’re at it, upgrade your boring, inaccurate sauna thermometer with this authentic Finnish thermometer from Rento. WIFI control is great but you’ll always want an analog sauna thermometer in the hot room.

The Sauna Sausage Soapstone Cooker

This gift is as ridiculous as it useful (very).

Why not heat up a sausage on the sauna rocks so you’re ready for an after sauna snack?

It’s a match made in sauna heaven. They are made with soapstone for perfect heat that’s hard to screw up. Just don’t cook and eat your hot dogs in the public sauna!


It’s difficult to buy these in the US, but you can get them through an Etsy seller.


The following are the best sauna gift ideas, accessories, and novelties to keep the sauna spirit alive. Some of these will be a part of your sauna routine but you'll find yourself using them everywhere.

Kota Grill

Kota Grill

Finish Wood Fired Grills Now Available in America

Standing outside between sauna sessions is one of the best parts of the sauna experience.

You're going to be wet, and sweaty, but you have a massive sauna high. A Kota Grill from Finland makes standing outside in the snow as enjoyable as the sauna itself.

These grills were traditionally used inside winter cooking huts in Nothern Finland. They would have meats hanging from the hooks, soups in pots, and fish over the flame.

Absolute magic.

Now available on Sauna Marketplace!

The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition

Opposite of Cold

A must have coffee table book for sauna people.

This sauna books is a must have for any sauna enthusiast, sauna builder, or anyone looking to learn about true Finnish sauna culture in America. The pictures are breathtaking and it's full of inspiration for building indoor and outdoor saunas.

This book has helped many readers decide where to put their sauna and helped inspire them to get it done.

Ice Barrel For Cold Exposure

Cold therapy and cycling between sauna and ice baths have some extraordinary research behind it.

The logistics of having an ice bath outside during all seasons is actually a lot harder than you’d think (we used to have a broken chest freezer filled with ice water).

Ice Barrel For Cold Immersion Cold therapy can help with reducing stress, improving mood and brain function, healing the body, strengthening the immune system, and alleviating depression and anxiety.

Learn more about the benefits of cold therapy here.

The ice barrel makes it fun and easy to cycle cold baths between sauna sessions.

The Ice Barrel is the first product on the market built for ice baths between sauna sessions. It only sucks for the first week, then it’s amazing!

Check out the Wim Hof Method for tactics, science, and more information.