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The most trusted sauna door in Europe is now available in North America! Thermory is the global leader in sustainable wood products, and known for sauna material and products. Their glass doors are beautifully framed in by some of their most popular sauna woods: alder, thermo-aspen, and aspen. The choice is yours.

It’s also available in with a wood handle or ‘premium’ hardware kit but we think the basic wood option is just as nice. With either option, the hinges are commercial grade to European standards and adjustable to get a perfect seal. These doors promote an inviting welcome to your sauna.

Contact Sauna Marketplace for additional finishes and custom options, including Thermory’s new black trendline, premium, and classic black sauna doors.


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Both the Thermory Classic and Premium Sauna Doors offer versatile size options to suit various sauna room dimensions. Three sizes are available: 24×73, 24×77, and 24×81. For all these sizes, the actual door dimensions with the jamb are 27.2″ wide by 3.62″ deep. The heights vary with each size, being 74.4″, 78.3″, and 82.3″ respectively. The rough-in dimensions for installation are also consistent across each size category at 28″ in width, but the height varies similarly to the actual door height: 75″, 79″, and 83″. This range of sizes allows customers to choose the perfect door for their specific sauna setup, regardless of whether they opt for the Classic or Premium model.

The Thermory Classic and Premium Sauna Doors are each available with a selection of distinct wood finishes. Alder, a lightweight and durable wood with water-repellant qualities, is an option for both Classic and Premium models. The Classic model has an additional finish option, Aspen, which is known for its smooth texture, light tone, and excellent heat-resistance; it doesn’t secrete resin nor splinter, making it ideal for sauna environments. Thermo-Aspen, a specially processed Aspen wood that has had its moisture removed, offers lightness, durability, and warping resistance, as well as being non-toxic and eco-friendly. This finish is accessible for both the Classic and Premium models. Therefore, while both models share Alder and Thermo-Aspen finishes, only the Classic offers the Aspen finish as an alternative.

None Aspen Alder Thermo-Aspen (Backordered)

Choose clear glass for a better view and more modern look. Choose a bronze-tinted door for privacy and a classier look.

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The Best in Sauna Materials

Thermory’s top quality wood products have been on the market for 25 years. In addition to sauna materials, prefabricated elements and accessories, our product range includes a reputable selection of sauna doors.

  • Both simple, classic solutions and more modern styles are available as standard.
  • You can find the perfect solution for your sauna room by combining various quality handles, door hinges and locks which can only be combined on Trendline doors.

In Stock Options

The Thermory Classic Sauna Door and the Thermory Premium Sauna Door are both pre-hung sauna doors, featuring 8mm tempered, clear glass that compliments any sauna room’s theme. They allow natural light to flow into the sauna space and can be installed with the hinge on the right or the left. Both doors come in multiple sizes and have similar dimensions.

The key differences between the two models involve the finishes and materials available, as well as the types of hinges and locks used. The Classic Sauna Door offers more variety in wood finishes (Alder, Aspen, Thermo-Aspen), while the Premium Sauna Door only offers Alder and Thermo-Aspen. Additionally, the Premium Sauna Door comes with a more premium handle made from natural oak and metal.

Let’s Compare

Category Thermory Classic Sauna Door Thermory Premium Sauna Door
Model Classic Sauna Door Premium Sauna Door
SKU SU0015 SU2974
Available Jamb Finishes Alder, Aspen, Thermo-Aspen Alder, Thermo-Aspen
Handle Material Wood species mirrors jamb species Premium Natural Oak-Premium Metal
Handle Dimensions 7″ W x 2.2″ D x 3.4″ H 1 1/2″ D x 20′ H
Hinges/Lock Abloy Bronze Hinges/Abloy Bronze Roller Lock Abloy Gray Hinges/ Roller Lock OR Stainless Steel Hinges/Roller Lock

Common Features

  1. Both doors are pre-hung and reversible.
  2. Both doors feature 8mm tempered, clear glass.
  3. Both doors allow natural light to flow into the sauna space.
  4. The door may be installed with the hinge on the right or the left.
  5. Both doors come in multiple sizes with similar dimensions.
  6. Both doors include Abloy hinges and locks.
  7. Both doors include jamb thickness of 1.65″.
  8. Both doors include an installation manual.

Please note that you should also consider your personal preferences and needs when choosing between the two models.

Thermory Sauna Door Maintenance

  1. Before using the sauna, we recommend treating the wooden surfaces of the door with a treatment product
    meant for protecting wooden surfaces in a sauna.
  2. Regularly check the condition of the hinges and magnetic lock fastenings. If necessary, tighten the hinge bolts or adjust the lock.
  3. Avoid water constantly running on the door frame and excessive moisture.
  4. Clean the door glass regularly using a glass cleaner.
  5. Avoid abrasive cleaning products that could damage the glass surface.


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About Thermory
Sauna Marketplace couldn't be prouder to feature Thermory, a global leader in sustainable wood sourcing and thermal modification, in our catalog of sauna products. As an industry innovator, Thermory has advanced the sauna landscape by harnessing the natural beauty of responsibly sourced woods such as Aspen, Alder, and Nordic Spruce, while championing chemical-free processes to make saunas more durable and beautiful. In addition to bringing European sauna woods to America (no, they don't use Cedar in Finland), Thermory has shown that thermally modified wood can be naturally more rot resistant and sustainable than other options. Using heat and steam naturally enhances the wood's properties, creating products that set the rot resistance and longevity standard. With a team of expert wood scientists and advanced technology, Thermory achieves precision in every batch processed in their 20,000 square ft. chambers. This meticulous control over the modification process results in remarkable product durability and stability, offering significant resistance to moisture. It also means you can order a sauna kit from Thermory in Northern Europe and know exactly what it's going to be when it reaches you. That's why Thermory sauna kits fit together every time, while cheap Chinese sauna kits will never come together. Thermory is unique in how every fiber of the wood is altered, right down to its core, through its innovative thermal modification process. The company's Smooth-Kissed Milling technique also ensures that each board is consistently smooth, straight, and reliable - a testament to Thermory's refusal to compromise on excellence. At Sauna Marketplace, we offer a wide range of Thermory products that have consistently proven their quality through third-party testing, including rot resistance, stability, fire safety, strength, and termite resistance. These products include world-renowned thermally treated sauna wood, barrel saunas, doors, and vents. Each of these products showcases the blend of natural beauty and enhanced function that Thermory is famous for. We are very excited about the new Thermory Squares, aka No 40 and 41 with an awesome layout and tiered L Benches. And it doesn't stop there.  Thermory is behind Auroom, the best sauna kits and outdoor preassembled saunas which are now available in North America on When you choose Thermory products from Sauna Marketplace, you're investing in more than just a product. You're choosing a piece of expertly crafted, responsibly sourced wood that balances natural aesthetics with outstanding performance, longevity, and rich color. Trust in Thermory to deliver a sauna experience that is as durable as satisfying. Contact us today to see how Thermory products can work for you.
Brand Catalog: Thermory