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Best Wood Burning Sauna Stove – Updated 2020

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The wood burning sauna stove is the heart of the traditional sauna – and perhaps the most important decision you’ll make designing yours. There are many strong opinions, and a lot to consider when choosing the best wood burning sauna stove.

The perfect burn requires the right amount of air flow and proper draft control for the different stages of the fire. 

The stove and chimney must be designed with high quality metals that can withstand years of heat and moisture.  Very heavy, thick metal stoves provide the most consistent heat and will last longer, but light weight will heat up faster and is better for mobile saunas.

The size and design of the sauna stove will determine the quality of the burn.  Companies like Lamppa Kuuma have made an art out of it.

An inefficient burn will cost you money and time, it can take twice as much wood to heat up to your desired sauna temperature.

The quality of your wood burning sauna stove also impacts your neighbors and the environment.  An efficient burn causes more fine particulate emissions and black smoke from the chimney stack.  A quality stove with an efficient burn will have clear smoke that your neighbors won’t even notice.

Here are the best wood burning sauna heaters that will give you the most efficient burn, quality of heat, and value.

First, Here’s a Quick View of the Market…

Wood sauna heater prices will range from $120 USD for a small sauna tent heater to $2,000+ for premium outside-feed stoves.  For the most part, you get what you pay for:

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Best Wood Burning Sauna Stove - Updated 2020 2
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Best Wood Burning Sauna Stove - Updated 2020 2
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Best Wood Burning Sauna Stove - Updated 2020 2


Top Choice: Harvia M3

AKA: Finlandia M3, Catalina M3, Hanko Premium M-3

For Saunas 65-460 Cubic Ft

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The Harvia M3 is the most popular wood burning sauna heater in Finland, where they are made.  It’s also the most widely available wood burning sauna heaters in the world, by a company with a 60+ year track record.

Does that make it the best wood burning sauna heater?

Maybe not, but that makes it a contender on anyones list of best wood sauna stoves.  

The M3 is also the most imitated sauna stove on the market, with the Polar KS20 and Nature NTSW-CYA (both listed below) bearing a striking resemblance.   

Wood burning stoves can be dangerous, and many people just want the most popular heater because they understandably think its the safest.  

Note: the Harvia M3 is often sold as the Catalina M3 in North America.  Just like electric sauna heaters, this is mostly a case of a couple dominant brands (Harvia and TyloHelo) selling their products to other sauna companies to sell as their own.  

The Harvia M3 has an optional water heating tank that fits between the woodstove and the chimney pipe.  This heats up water very quickly as the pipe goes straight through the tank.

You can check that out here.

This is the easiest way to heat water for showers while adding thermal mass to your sauna.  You can buy it here:

The extra thermal mass is recommended for the M3 because it is relatively lightweight.  The benefit is that is heats up faster, but most people prefer the heat when there’s more thermal mass.

The M3 also has a glass door, which lets the glow from the fire set the ambiance in the room.  

In short, the Harvia M3 is great for small to medium saunas 6-13 cubic meters.  It’s very popular in small outdoor saunas and barrel saunas including Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas that were sold at Costco.  

The compact, relatively lightweight M3 is also a popular choice for mobile saunas.

Here’s What Some People Don’t Like About The M3:

  • Not enough room for sauna rocks
  • Takes a maximum length of 15.25″ firewood, when standard is often 16″
  • 5/32″ steel thickness, many prefer up to 1/4″
  • Looks too modern-looking

Here’s What’s Reviews Say About The Harvia M3:

  • Great airflow through the rock tray
  • Easy to light and maintain fire
  • Clean and efficient
  • Löyly is great, especially with large stones

Additional Specs

  • UL and CE Approved
  • Width: 390mm
  • Height: 710mm
  • Depth 430mm
  • Weight: 45 KG
  • 30 KG Stone Capacity
  • Heater Output: 16.5 kW
  • Sauna Wood Stove Clearance here.

Other Harvia Models

Harvia has a very large range (20+) of wood sauna heaters of all practical size for both home and commercial use.  There are eight Harvia Wood Burning Stove models that are readily available in the US, they can be found here.  The M3 is the smaller of the models, and the Harvia 36 (AKA Catalina 36) is the largest for big saunas up to 120 square feet

Aggregated Reviews (40+)
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Small: Up to 512 cubic feet
Medium: Up to 800 cubic feet
Large: Big saunas over 800 cubic feet

Kuuma Wood Fired Sauna Stove Glass WindowKuuma wood burning stoves are built like bank bank vaults and have a cult-like following.  They have 1/4″ reinforced steel and probably the best welding on the market.    

The Kuuma wood stoves have a precise air control system that gives the operator complete control of the burn.

The most impressive thing about the Kuuma is how little fuel it consumes and how quickly it heats up a sauna.  It takes one load of wood as little as 30 minutes to reach sauna temperatures.  

Additional options available include a hot water coil, hot water tank (12 or 16 gallons), integrated heat shields, glass window, optional ash pan, and a through wall throat extension for outside feed sauna stove.  

Feeding wood from the outside will reduce ash inside the sauna and may be better if you want to build a more air-tight sauna.  It also allows you to keep wood outside the sauna room.

The small and medium models accept standard 16″ logs while the large model can handle 24″ stock.

The optional hot water tanks will allow you to heat water for bathing, and provide additional thermal mass.  The attach to either side of the stove.

Speaking of thermal mass, the Kumma stoves alone weigh in between 375-455 pounds before placing rocks.  These stoves are so powerful they’ll keep your sauna hot for hours after the fire is out. 

Kuuma has a long history and many users boasting 20+ years of reliable use.

If you’ve ever listened to the podcast Sauna Talk or read Sauna Times, you know Glen over there is a big fan of Kuuma stoves.  You can listen to his interview with Daryl Lamppa here.  Daryl is a third generation stove builder and currently runs the business.  

Lamppa Kuuma sells directly to customers from their website, they run between $1000 and $1500 without add-ons.  .

Here’s What Some People Don’t Like About The Kuuma:

  •  Slightly more complicated than the M3, geared towards advanced sauna users who like to have full control of fire.
  • All parts get extremely hot, fire gloves are recommended.  
  • These stoves get so hot, even pouring water on the rocks should be done carefully to avoid scalding.  
  • You may want to repaint the door with high temperature paint to keep it looking great.

Here’s What’s Reviews Say About The Kuuma:

  • “It’s like loading wood into a tank”
  • Incredibly efficient burn – starts with little smoke and turns into no smoke at all.
  • “You’ll be amazed how little wood you need with a Kuuma”
  • Requires half the wood that other stoves need for the same heat.
  • Great design, “in 3 years I’ve never seen a spark come out of the chimney”.
  • “Love the front to back burn, keep hot coals towards the door and put new wood in back.”
  • Looks incredible, well worth the money.
  • “Excellent customer service and sauna stove”

Additional Specs

  • UL #1482 Approved
  • Air Tight
  • Manual here.
  • Baffled and Brick-Lined Combustion Chamber
  • Unique Front-To-Back Burn

Nippa WB-18

Other models: WB-22, WB-24
w/ tank = WC-18, WC-22, WC-24

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Nippa is a classic sauna heater company that’s been building almost the same heaters since 1930 in Beulah, Michigan.  

Like the Kuuma, this Nippa Sauna Stove has an armored feel and looks like they will outlast humans on this planet.  

The base model has a base price around $1000 with optional heat shields, rocks, and an integrated hot water tank that holds 6 gallons of water on the side or rear of the stove.

You can also order any Nippa stove with outside-fire extensions if you want to feed your stove from outside the steam room.  

The WB-18 weighs 230 pounds and can fit 17″ logs.  

Like Harvia and Kuuma stoves, Nippa has users brag of using their stoves for 20+ years.

Nippa Sauna Stoves can be purchased at Superior Saunas.  They can often be found on craigslist or Facebook marketplace as well.

Here’s the only Nippa Stove review you need:

  • Gets the job done in righteous fashion.

Best Under $500 Stove: Stoveman 13R

An affordable Estonian wood burning stove comparable to the Huum Hive series sauna stoves.

AKA Stoveman s-l500

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It’s hard to find an affordable wood stove with plenty of rock space and a glass door to the interior of the sauna.  Look no further.

This inexpensive wood burning sauna stove is well-built and shipped from Estonia (2-4 week delivery).

It’s recommended for 6-13 cubic meter hot rooms, and does not come with rocks.  The Saunaman stoves have excellent airflow with six ventilation paths through the bottom of the heater.

Sauna Wood Stove Clearances and Considerations

Your wood stove and exhaust system need regular maintenance, depending on how often you use it, and the quality of wood.  Read instructions for your stove for manufacturers recommendations.

Sauna builders should also follow local code and installation instructions for all clearances between stove and combustable materials.  Not following these guidelines is dangerous and can result in a dangerous fire.

Sizing your wood burning sauna is also a tricky matter that involves climate, sauna insulation, sauna air tightness, and user preferences.

Oversizing your sauna heater is not necessarily an issue if you have plenty of thermal mass and sauna rocks to spread the heat.  More thermal mass will result in a more consistent sauna session that maintains heat long after the last log is fed.

Weight is a big consideration for mobile saunas, which need to have enough thermal mass for a traditional sauna but still be mobile and fit under weight restrictions.  Mobile sauna stoves should be located in the center of the trailer whenever possible.